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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Have more questions?

Give us a call, we are happy to help. Always speak directly with a human being.

  • What do you build your Murphy Beds and Wall Beds out of?

    Every product we build is built from all wood materials. These materials include solid wood and furniture grade plywood. We use solid wood for raised panels, trim, doors, drawer fronts, crown, and base moldings. We use furniture grade plywood for most structural components of our products, including sideboards, headboards, face panels, etc.

    Furniture Grade Plywood

    Wilding Wallbed’s has worked directly with our mill to create a seven layered plywood designed to work specifically in Murphy Bed construction. Murphy Beds function differently from most household furniture. Most parts have to span longer distances and be able to stay straight and support significant weight. Just inside the outside layers of hardwood veneer are 2 layers of medium-density fibreboard (MDF) stabilizers that keep the boards straight and reduce telescoping of grain patterns from internal layers. The internal 3 layers are plywood with criss-crossed grain direction for better strength and stability. This combination of MDF and plywood improves support and protects against warping with changes in humidity.

      Which Wood to Choose?

  • How will my order ship?

    We box and palletize every order and ship via a network of LTL carriers and final mile agents. Depending on which shipping option you select, your order will be delivered to either the curb (or driveway), garage, or into the room of your choosing*. Our side cabinets, nightstands, and desk components all ship fully assembled. Murphy Beds, Wall Beds, Murphy Desk Beds, Bunk Beds, and Bookcase Beds are too large to ship assembled and will ship disassembled.

    The trickiest part of our business is getting your order to your home in the same condition it left the factory in. We go to great lengths to package all of our products very carefully and we are extremely picky when it comes to the freight carriers and delivery agents. However, while freight damage is rare, it is impossible to prevent 100% of the time. If your order arrives damaged, don’t panic! Simply indicate on the shipper’s paperwork that it is damaged, snap some photos, and give us a call at 866-725-6401.

      How does a Murphy Bed Ship?

    If you order just a Murphy Bed Mechanism or a Murphy Frame your order will not ship palletized and will ship via common carrier such as FedEx or UPS.

    *Only applies to white glove shipping, certain restrictions apply, call for more information.

  • Is assembly required?

    We want to ensure that your experience with a Wilding Wallbed is excellent in every way. Because of this, we strive to ensure all setup and installation is as easy as possible. Put simply, every order will require some level of setup or assembly. All side cabinets, nightstands, and desk components are shipped fully assembled. All Murphy beds, wall beds, Murphy desk beds, bookcase wall beds and Murphy bunk beds are shipped ready to assemble.

    To make the setup process as easy as possible, we offer written instructions and/or video setup instructions for every product. We also go to great lengths to ensure easy alignment and installation by using methods such as dowels, cam fittings, pre-drilled holes, etc.

    Depending on the order, you should plan on a minimum of 2-4 hrs for assembly. If you are uncomfortable with setting up your Murphy bed, give us a call at 866-877-7803 to see if you are in one of our installation zones.

      Installation Instructions

  • Can you customize my order?

    Something that makes Wilding Wallbeds unique in the marketplace is our ability to customize orders. We are anything but a cookie-cutter operation and regularly offer customizations such as color matches, custom home office layouts, custom cabinetry, etc. While we cannot accommodate every custom design, we do our very best to meet the requirements of each customer–within reason. If you are interested in a custom solution, call us at (866) 877-7803 and we can review your designs and give you an idea of what is possible and what the customization fee would be.

  • Can I use my own mattress?

    The short answer is yes, you can use a regular mattress in a Murphy bed. However, it’s not recommended. Mattresses are not designed to stand on-end for long periods, and over time, they can become damaged, worn out, and uncomfortable. Regular mattresses are designed to be used on a flat surface, such as a box spring or a platform bed. When a mattress is stored vertically, the weight of the mattress and the force of gravity can cause the coils and padding to shift and slump in a way that manufacturers don’t intend.

    Because of mattresses being ruined in a Murphy bed, Wilding Wallbeds has gone to great lengths in partnership with Serta Mattresses to develop a line of specially-designed Murphy Bed Mattresses. These mattresses are specially engineered to stand on-end indefinitely without slumping or shifting. In fact, while most mattress manufacturers refuse to warranty a mattress that is used in a Murphy bed, this line of Murphy bed mattresses are actually warrantied for use in a Murphy bed.

      Can I use a regular mattress in a Murphy Bed?

  • How do I place an order?

    There are 3 simple options to place an order:

    1. Call us. Call in at (866) 877-7803 and speak with one of our dedicated sales representatives.
    2. Come visit us at a showroom. We have showrooms in California, Utah, and Arizona. We also offer a nationwide virtual showroom where you can experience a physical showroom via a video call with a sales representative.
    3. Order online. Most of our products have the option to be customized and ordered online through our custom bed builder tool. To use this tool, visit the product’s page you are interested in and click “DESIGN AND ADD TO CART”. This will launch the bed builder for that product to enable you to customize it and checkout online.
      • Note: Not all products have a custom bed builder and not all options are available through the bed builder.
  • What is the lead time?

    The current lead time for a standard order is 5 weeks plus 2-3 weeks in shipping. However, if you need something sooner than that, we have a few options for you to consider.

    1. Expedited orders: We occasionally have the ability to produce a job earlier than normal production time. To check whether expediting your order is an option and what the expedite fee would be, give us a call at (866) 877-7803.
    2. In-stock specials: For a variety of reasons, we end up having a few odds and ends in-stock. These stock items are usually from orders that were built for photography, cancelled, built as stock for anticipated demand, etc. Take a look at what we have in stock to see if there’s something that works for you.
    3. Murphy Cabinet Beds: Murphy Cabinet Beds are the only beds we do not build. Because of this, we are able to stock the most popular options and ship them out within 2-3 weeks.

Additional Questions

  • 1. Why Buy a Wilding Wallbed?

    To put it very simply, price, quality, selection and a tradition of reliability. We have been building and shipping Wallbeds across the United States and internationally for more than 20 years. You can simply count on us. We are the manufacturer, so pricing is direct, saving you thousands of dollars on comparable products. We offer a greater selection of styleswood types, color choices, cabinet selections and Home Office options than any other Wallbed or Murphy bed manufacturer or retailer. If innovation is of value to you, we are and have been the industry leader in every major measurable way. We drive the industry in style, design and functional innovation. We are the innovators of the popular Murphy Bunk Bed. We were the first to design and build the “Hidden Locking Leg”, the Solid wood bed face, and the drop down table just to mention a few. We offer both Vertical and Side Mount Wallbeds in nearly every style we build. We are frequently imitated (copied) but we are never duplicated. We also have the ability to custom size our cabinetry to fit your available space. For home office purchases we design the room and function for you according to your specific needs, and communicate the design to you in the form of written quotes as well as PDF drawings for you to review. I am absolutely confident that there is not a better value available for your hard earned dollar. Our construction techniques and hardware insure you’ll own your Wilding Wallbed for a life time. Our company Vision Statement is: Saving space…beautifully, with quality and innovation, one customer at a time. You are certainly not a number to us, and your experience from order through setup will be a pleasant, helpful and informative experience. We look forward to working with you!

  • 2. What’s furniture grade plywood?

    Furniture Grade plywood is actually seven layers of wood combined to make an extremely durable product. During the production of Furniture Grade Plywood, the center piece of solid wood is laid in place with the grain running vertical, a layer is then added to the top and bottom of this center layer, but the grain runs side to side. These three layers of solid wood are constructed in this “cross graining” procedure to eliminate bowing or warping problems that can occur when wood is exposed to dry or humid conditions. The next two layers are thin pieces of MDF placed, one on top and one on the bottom. This cross-band is there to stabilize the ply structure, giving a strong and flat piece for the final solid wood veneer layers to attach to. The last two layers are the Oak, Alder, Cherry or Mahogany wood that is the actual surface of your product. The glue used to bond these seven layers together is a formaldehyde free product. Formaldehyde is a known cancer causer. We don’t want to expose either our customers or our employees to an inferior product using formaldehyde-based glues. Just try and find that level of concern for quality and health with any of our competitors. Furniture Grade Plywood is more expensive and well worth the investment. I think it’s important to know that the furniture grade plywood that we use is actually engineered specifically for Wilding Wallbeds. We’ve found, over the years of constructing Wallbeds, it is critical for quality and durability to have this furniture grade plywood built to our specifications. When other companies don’t make a big deal about telling you that they use Furniture Grade plywood, it’s because they are trying to cut corners and cost.

  • 3. Do you build your own product?

    We actually build nearly every wood product that we sell. Raw materials arrive to us as sticks and boards, and we build it from the ground up. This gives us the ability to control every detail and every aspect of the design and quality of our products. We use computer precision combined with old world wood joinery to create the finest value in Wallbed, Entertainment Center and Home office products in the market…anywhere!…Plus, because we build it specifically for you. You get to choose, style, color, wood type and size. You simply can’t beat our pricing, value and service! The only items that we don’t build are our Murphy Cabinet Bed selections, which are manufactured in Indonesia. We have gone to great lengths to source a Murphy Cabinet bed line that shares our same commitment to all wood construction, attention to detail, quality and durability.

  • 4. What if I leave my lights on when the bed is closed?

    Safety is always a major concern as we build any product. Our goal is produce a product that is enjoyed for a lifetime and longer. Our Safety Cut Off Device is a patented “Mercury switch device” that when set up according to our instructions creates a “Positive Off” situation as the bed is raised. I’m sure it’s not any secret to you that wood and heat can equal fire. Our Safety Cut off Device guaranties, when properly set up, that the lights will shut off before the bed fully closes. This ensures that the lights can not be left on when the bed is closed. We are certain that you will appreciate that additional safety and security in the home of the Wilding Wallbed Safety Cut Off Device. It’s what we use in our homes we think you ought to have the same opportunity. Our competitors use a Pressure Switch device. During our early years in business we used the same device they use now. We’ve learned that this pressure switch fails occasionally, and occasionally is certainly enough for us to search out a better solution. Our Safety Cut Off Device is the better solution. When our competitors don’t talk about a “Dual Mercury Switch” it’s because they don’t have it.

  • 5. Why Dual Locking Legs?

    Safety in the home is always a major concern as we build any product. The Dual Locking Leg system is available on the HomeFront series and does just what it sounds like. Both legs physically lock the Wall Bed into the upright position. This provides an added measure of safety in the home. Children have a tendency to climb and hang on things. If they try to climb or hang on the face of the bed, it’s locked in the upright position and can not come down on them. If you live in an area more prone to earth quakes, the locking legs provide greater security as well. Some of our competitors use this product but the bulk of them use a “static” system meaning the Wallbed is held in place using static pressure from the spring or piston system. The safest in the industry is without question the Dual Locking Leg system.

  • 6. Do you offer only one type of lifting Mechanism?

    No, We actually offer three types of lifting mechanisms, Spring Lift, Piston Lift, and the Murphy Frame. We are not aware of any other company that offers even two types of lift mechanisms. We don’t have to “sell” you on a specific thing. You can choose the mechanism that you like best and go with that one. If you want our opinion, we’ll give it to you…but you have to ask. The reality is that each of our mechanisms have been chosen to fill specific needs. If you have an exceptionally tight area, then we’d guide you toward one vs. the others. If you have to carry it into a back bedroom which is down a tight hallway or down stairs, then we’ll guide you toward another mechanism. Each of our mechanisms is built to last a lifetime…but you can still ask our opinion.

  • 7. What about your Cabinet construction?

    Just like the “uni-body” construction that the car industry uses for automobile frames, we use this same concept in our cabinetry. What I mean by that is that we fully insert the cabinet back into the cabinet. By fully inserting the cabinet back, it significantly decreases the “Racking” problem so common with cabinets. Racking occurs when your floor is not perfectly level, as you place a large piece of wood furniture on your floor you will notice that the drawers or doors are crooked in the hole they were meant to fit in. The fully inserted cabinet back produces significant strength to help reduce or eliminate entirely the problem with “Racking”. In our HomeFront series cabinets we dado all of the permanent shelves. In each of these cabinets, we have three permanent shelves one at the top, one at the bottom and one in the center of the cabinet. This, again, produces greater strength in the cabinet. We also use solid wood trim on all of our wood products. This allows detail on the face of the cabinet that the European style cabinets don’t have. The solid wood trim also strengthens the cabinet. If there is a shortcut to take, we will avoid it. What we are concerned with is building a product that will stand the day to day use for as long as you want to keep it.

  • 8. Tell me about your door hardware.

    We use the 110 degree European hinges on all of our doors. If you happen to choose it, we add the Blum soft close glides and soft close hinges so that the door can’t slam shut. We like the looks of the cabinet better when you can’t see the door hinges. The European hinges provide a tremendous ability to adjust the door in the space it was intended to fit. If you have a floor that is unlevel and the cabinet racks, this allows you to adjust the fit of the door on the cabinet so that everything hangs straight. This is a little detail that many companies miss. We want you to love the look and love the function of our products this just helps us accomplish that.

  • 9. What is your warranty?

    Our mechanism is warranted for life to the original purchaser. This means from the day you purchase it for as long as you own it, if you experience any type of mechanism failure, excluding abuse, we will replace the parts for you. We also guaranty your satisfaction with a 30 day money back offer. No other company is so confident in their product to offer these warrantees and guaranties. Please see our triple guarantee of reliability for additional information.

  • 10. What if I need a Wallbed right away?

    We do have several pre-built Wallbed / cabinet combinations. Please visit our Specials page. Most of these beds will ship out between 3 and 10 business days (Monday-Friday).

  • 11. What if I don’t want to set up the Wallbed myself?

    In the Southern Utah, Southern Nevada and Southern California areas, we nearly always deliver to the home and set up the unit for you. If you live outside of these areas we have designed the beds to be simple to install, and have created detailed written instructions as well as videos showing step-by-step the process. If you still don’t feel comfortable doing the installation yourself, we recommend that you find a local handyman to carry out the installation for you.

  • 12. Is everything made in America?

    Wilding Wallbeds builds all of our Murphy Beds, Wall Beds, Murphy Desk Beds, Bookcase Wallbeds, Bunk Beds, and all other cabinetry in St. George, UT. Our lumber is grown, harvested, and milled in Washington state. Other items such as Murphy Cabinet Beds, lifting mechanism, screws, pivot hardware, etc. are sourced from all over the globe and include countries such as Denmark, Germany, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Uruguay, China, among others.

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