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Quality is not an act, it is a habit.

Henry Ford

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.
-Henry Ford

Quality Defined

Two brilliant men of history, separated by over 2000 years, are quoted saying essentially the same thing. There is something fundamental about quality that needs to be recognized. It goes deeper than just pleasing your employer or pandering to the customer. It goes deeper than the quality of the raw material. It’s something internal. It’s something with intent. Something that began before the first build and continues today. This latest video really embodies Wilding Wallbed’s intention to make amazing pieces of furniture.



  1. The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.
  2. A distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone or something. (Google)

Put simply, it is the thing that sets someone or something out from the pack. We all know that not all wallbeds/murphy beds are created equal. If you don’t know this, then consider this a friendly public service announcement. In a world of turning profits, there are many ways to shave costs if you don’t have the intent to make the best product you can. This is not the case with Wilding Wallbeds. When you consider the size, use and the life of this product, Wilding Wallbeds didn’t even consider cutting cost at the expense of quality.

Quality is just paramount to us!
-Dennis Wilding

Hampton style Wallbed

The Wilding Quality

Dennis Wilding, President and CEO of Wilding Wallbeds explains, “A Murphy bed is a large, heavy piece of furniture that cantilevers a large portion of its weight almost 7 feet into a room making a great guest bed possible for the consumer, but in so doing creates tremendous torque and lifting force on the bed’s components. We believe that in order to build a long lasting high-quality Murphy bed, the materials that go into the bed must be of the highest quality in order for this type of product to last the test of time.” Dennis went on to say, “Many, and in fact, most furniture products designed for your home today are served quite well with inexpensive particle board. Not so with a Murphy bed, which needs to effortlessly lift and lower hundreds of pounds (including a mattress).”

Hand Planer and wood shavings

Quality Comes From Intention

The design of Wilding Wallbeds is structured to last. They set out to partner with quality suppliers that could support the goal of building a superior product. They brought on highly skilled craftsmen with a desire to do fine work. They married the high-tech, fast-paced manufacturing toolset with the artisan handcrafted techniques. All this was done in an effort to consistently create a product that was intended to beautifully stand the test of time.

When it comes down to choosing your wallbed, remember the importance of quality and measure a Wilding Wallbed against all others. The degree of excellence will speak for itself.

Tyson Jones Written by
Tyson Jones
Team Leader
Finishing Department


Here at Wilding Wallbeds quality is just paramount to us. And really that quality for us, it starts with the lumber that we use. It’s a natural product and oftentimes you get panels that bow. We needed them to stay straight. The lumber that we use is sourced out of a mill up in the Northwestern United States. We’ve worked directly with them. We knew that we wanted great integrity. We knew we wanted it to be a little lighter weight. They designed that Northwestern White Wood Core for us. I’m just really happy we were able to come up with a product that is truly just ours, and it works fantastic.

Quality products in any industry are more expensive. When you buy quality products you expect more and you’ll get more. You can’t put inferior materials into the final product and have it high quality. We haven’t skimped and they cost a little more. But I’ll tell you what, our customers appreciate the quality. They appreciate the fact that it’s made in America. They appreciate the fact that it’s going to last, that it’s durable. These beds that we make are really heirloom quality. Really, almost every job that goes through here has some customization. Maybe the cabinets are a little narrower, maybe they are wider, maybe there’s a desk component. Customization is unique to the level that we do it and very unique to the level we do it so successfully. A lot of the processes we employ here are very modern and yet there’s a lot of hands on too. And the combination of the two brings together that human element, the style and the feel of it and the hand-rubbed finishes with the precision of the CNC machinery. And so, I think we’ve married those two things together really well.

Aesthetically, we’ve worked really hard to strike a balance. We’re not only trying to create something that is very functional, but it also looks beautiful. Because we control every process from crown molds to doors, we can control the quality of it. We have some great people. They’re masters in their craft. And that’s evident in the product that we put out.

One thing I think you have to consider when you’re purchasing a Murphy Bed is this is a big piece of furniture that doesn’t just sit there. You need a panel and you need materials that’s strong enough to support that for a lifetime. The weight and the energy that’s stored in these Murphy Beds, it requires better quality, and we do it.

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