Wilding Wallbeds Green Statement

Energy-Saving Lighting

Low efficient, high power consumption lighting Energy-saving shop lighting

Wilding Wallbeds has upgraded our production lighting to cutting edge energy-saving lighting. These high efficient bulbs have cut our Production Facility's lighting power consumption in half.

Clean Renewable Energy

Wilding Wallbed's Solar Panels

Our production facility has been retrofitted with solar panels that provide clean renewable energy to power our machines and lighting.

Filtered Emissions

Wilding Wallbed Emisssions

Our spray booth uses exhaust filters to decrease the emissions from the shop by scrubbing the air before it is released into the environment. These filters make the finishing process safer, cleaner and more efficient. The image to the right portrays Wilding Wallbed's filtered emissions during regular production hours.

Recycled Solvents

Solvent Recycler

During the furniture manufacturing process solvents, such as paint thinners, stains and lacquers become contaminated and are considered to be hazardous waste. Wilding Wallbeds has invested in a solvent recycler that allows us to reclaim up to 95% of our solvents.

Plywoods & Hardwoods

Hardwood to Recycle We save our hardwood off cuts to be turned into mulch. Plywood Pallet

At Wilding Wallbeds, we are aware that the forest offers us our living. We feel an obligation to manage and protect that resource. Our Murphy Beds, Side Cabinets and Home Office units are All Wood Products. It is our goal to reduce our contribution to landfill waste by recycling our hardwood and plywood waste. Our hardwood off cuts are salvaged and processed into mulch. We use our plywood off cuts to create the pallets that we ship our Murphy Beds on.

The wood we use is harvested from a sustainable forestry program, the Hardwood Forestry Fund. "Through tree planting and implementation of forest management techniques on public land, the Hardwood Forestry Fund promotes hardwood timber growth, management, environmental education, and wise use of our nation's renewable forest resources" (http://www.hardwoodforestryfund.org).

Wilding Wallbeds is compliant with the Zero Emissions standard issued by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). This association regulates formaldehyde emissions in composite wood products, such as hardwood plywoods, sold in the state of California. 100% of our plywood panels are CARB compliant.

We are also compliant with the standards created by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc. (SFI). "SFI works with conservation, community, government and industry partners to improve sustainable forest management in North America" (http://www.sfiprogram.org/).

Your Home

The comfort and safety of your home is a paramount concern of Wilding. To ensure the very best for you and your family Wilding has taken a number of steps to ensure that our products emit no harmful amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) such as Formaldehyde into the air that you and your family breathe. Domestically grown woods or domestically manufactured materials are certified to meet the most stringent air standards in the world. These world leading standards were established and now rigorously enforced by the California Air Resources Board or CARB. Wilding uses only CARB approved wood and wood composite cores. Wilding finishes comply with the CARB Coatings Program which addresses airborne toxic control measures to reduce the negative public health impacts from toxics in coatings. Organic coatings are materials that are applied to protect or beautify a surface. When applied, the solvents in organic coatings can evaporate into the atmosphere and contribute to volatile organic compound and airborne toxic emissions that can negatively affect the health of sensitive individuals. Wilding finishes all its hardware with low VOC coatings to provide you with more than just an attractive finish. These finishes also provide corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and functional capabilities such as ease of movement.

Our Forests

Healthy forests are important for all Americans. Growing trees remove poisonous carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to grow the roots, trunk branches and leaves and then returns oxygen to the air. An acre of trees can remove about 13 tons of dust and gases from the atmosphere! According to the National Hardwood Lumber Association the volume of hardwood in American forests has nearly doubled in the past 50 years! It is the policy of Wilding to avoid using wood from forest areas where high conservation values are threatened by management activities, wood that has been harvested illegally or wood harvested from areas which have been converted from natural forest to plantations or non-forest uses. Wilding is committed to establish the origin of materials used in the products affected with sufficient geographical resolution to ensure compliance with the policy. If it proves impossible to identify the origin of some of these raw materials, we are committed to replacing them with materials which can be sourced with confidence. Our sourcing policy requires us to verify and monitor our sources, the proportions of raw materials which have not yet been verified, and the steps being taken to replace materials of unknown origin. Our suppliers Forest Stewardship practices ensure that there is a sustainable supply and have aggressive replenishment practices in place.