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Trust: The reputation of a thousand years may be undermined by the conduct of one hour. Japanese Proverb

Woman talking on telephone It’s been said that “customer service is the new marketing.” That makes perfect sense. After all when you consider that the vast majority of people shopping these days have access to that massive database known as the internet. The internet gives us the ability to search a number of comparable products, read reviews and view demonstrations even before we visit a homepage. In some cases it wouldn’t be unusual these days to make a major purchase without ever having to talk to another human being. Alas, even with all this technology and convenience, what happens when there’s a problem? What happens when, after all your internet research you receive your anticipated product and it’s faulty? What do you do? You go right back to that web page. The one you ordered from. Hopefully they have an easy to find customer service number. Hopefully someone is there to address your concerns? Hopefully they are able to speak your language? God willing, they might even be helpful! It’s in that moment when it’s invaluable to us as consumers to have someone there, available and ready, to help us solve our problem.
Trust drawn in sand

Building Trust Through Customer Service

It goes without saying that customer service is vital to any company that wants to last, let alone flourish. To understand how Wilding Wallbeds does customer service, and what to expect, it might help to know where they came from. In the early days when Bob and Dennis Wilding were making murphy beds out of their garage, there was a large learning curve. They developed many of their early methods and techniques in response to their customers feedback (who were mainly locals and neighbors). It was because of the success of this close interaction with people that the early customer service mentality was solidified. The response to those early problems were met with an attitude of improvement and a focus on the customer satisfaction. The Wilding’s agreed that the key to their success would be through customer referrals. Customers don’t refer you when they aren’t completely satisfied. Then came the internet, and with it a whole new set of customer service challenges. The biggest of which was being able to keep that close interaction with the customer even though they might be thousands of miles away. Dennis Wilding, President of Wilding Wallbeds was somehow able to mesh his small town, hand shake style of business with the fast paced internet expanse. Even today Dennis will be frequently found talking on his cellphone personally with customers, addressing their concerns.

It’s not enough to just answer the phone, you need to be helpful

Telephone Hotline When you call Wilding Wallbeds with a problem or concern it goes directly to one of the sales associates or office managers. It’s not forwarded to a call handler or outsourced to another country. These are people who work hand in hand with the management and craftsmen that produce your wallbed. They take down information and address your concerns and search for preliminary solutions to your issues. If at this time there is something they can’t help you with then they will forward you to someone who can. This is either Dennis Wilding himself or one of the customer service team. Dennis is quoted saying, “I’ve found that I gain a lot of insight into what a customer is dealing with when I make myself accessible.” The accessibility of Dennis and his team is one of the key elements to how Wilding Wallbeds has managed to stay so successful while growing nationally online. Secondly, the primary focus is on solving the customer’s dilemma. There is no matrix for cost or loss, just the questions, “How can we fix this situation?” Every call is unique so each is handled with honest and courteous communication to derive the root of the concern and work toward a solution. Dennis went on to say, “I believe in really taking care of the customer. If we can respond quickly to their concerns and go above and beyond, I really feel like the customer notices that.” With this mentality it isn’t surprising when you walk by Dennis’s office and hear him laughing out loud with a customer on a customer service call.
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Don’t be left alone after the checkout

A lot can be said for “doing it right the first time”, but built into your purchase should be the assurance that you aren’t left alone after the checkout page. You should expect that after you make a purchase, you will be taken care of. There needs to be a greater demand on the provider to guarantee and follow that product through to satisfaction. Dennis Wilding further explained, “I recognize that buying a wallbed is a huge purchase. That customers are taking a leap of faith, when they order one of our beds. That’s why the customer service has to be built into that purchase.” Even though that customer service is only used by a fraction of Wilding Wallbeds purchasers. It’s apparent that many thoughtful hours have gone into how Wilding Wallbeds can better service their customers.

Small Town Ways

There’s not a lot of frill to this approach of customer service. It goes right to the heart of what Wilding Wallbeds is about. Quality at the source and over deliver. Wilding obsesses over the quality of their product and it shows in how they back it with their customer service. With a large mechanised real wood product there’s bound to be some hiccups, but at Wilding Wallbeds they bend over backwards to make sure that product is up to your standards. If you’re considering making a purchase of any kind. Make sure the company you chose to purchase from will be there for you every step of the way, not just until they have your money. There is a great quote, “Quality will remain long after the price is forgotten.” If this is something you can relate to give us call today at (866) 877-7803.

Tyson Jones Written by Tyson Jones Team Leader Finishing Department


I really pride myself in the customer experience. I’m on the phone a lot on customer service. I as the owner of the company have found that I gain a lot of insight to what customers are dealing with. If I take a call from a customer and they’re having some trouble with something or other I’ll give out my cellphone number. The thing is we recognize this is a large purchase. When we do bump into trouble, bottom line is I know what’s going on and if they need to get a hold of me, I am accessible. You know the other day I had a customer that had purchased a bed, he misread our website where his ceiling in his home was lower than the bed. We custom made a set of drawings for him to show him how to alter it to make it work. Now, who else does that kind of stuff?

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