Can guests “Get Busy” on my wallbed?


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A question that Wilding Wall Beds is asked almost every day is whether or not their murphy beds are tough enough for guests to have sex on. This question is asked in many different ways, ( i.e “Doing the Deed”, “The “Horizontal Mambo”, “Gland to Gland combat”) and generally in hushed tones by slightly embarrassed customers. Obviously talking about this in a professional setting can be awkward, but it is a fair question. No one wants to have a bed that breaks in the middle of a romantic encounter. The answer to this question is YES! Wilding Wallbeds have the highest quality in the industry and are tested to hold 4000 lbs (Piston Lift models), and 2000 lbs (Spring Lift models and Murphy Frame). This durability is mirrored in Wilding Wallbed’s Lifetime Warranty.

The Piston Lift System

Piston Lift Leg

When looking at a bed in the HomeFront or Gallery Series, people often ask if the wooden legs are strong enough. Wilding Wallbeds wanted to show the strength of their bed by doing some fun, unique weight tests in a YouTube series called Will it Hold?. The most notable of these is when they parked a Volkswagen Jetta weighing over 3000 lbs on their Brittany model murphy bed. The bed is able to support the weight because of the way that the solid wood leg is attached to the plywood core face and hardwood inner frame. This inner frame is essentially a ribcage between the face of the bed and the mattresses decking. When the bed is in the down position there is 9.5” of solid wood supporting the mattress and your guests.

Car on Wallbed

Another question that is often asked about the piston lift leg system is, “What keeps the legs from closing when the bed is down?”. The legs use a patented hinge that allows the legs to rest directly on the face of the bed rather than the hinge. This traps all of the weight on the wood rather than putting stress on the hinge. The bed is attached to the wall on the top of the bridge board. This limits the motion on the bed; in other words, the bed cannot move side to side, or front to back (even if your guests are moving front to back and side to side). Since the leg is resting directly on the face there is no motion allowed by the wall mount. The legs are only able to close if weight is taken off of the bed by lifting it up to put it away.

Spring Lift Leg

The Spring Lift System

The Studio Series beds use a metal frame. The leg is on a pivot that allows the leg to fold inside the bed on top of the mattress when it is closed. When the bed is open the leg is angled beneath the face of the bed, the more weight that is added, the more pressure there is forcing the leg under the bed. This engineering makes it impossible for the leg to slip out, even in the most passionate of moments.

As stated earlier, the spring lift mechanism is tested to 2000 lbs. It is supported by the metal leg, the plywood core face of the bed and metal supports that run side to side under the mattress. These supports are strong enough to hold thousands of pounds and thin enough that they cannot be felt through the mattress. All of this support is in place to ensure that your Wilding Wallbed lasts a lifetime and that your guests are not interrupted during intimacy. The Studio Series beds are mounted to the wall the same way that the Homefront and Gallery series beds are, as discussed earlier. The benefits are the same; the mount on the wall restricts the motion of the bed platform from side to side and front to back. Your guests will not be able move the bed away from the wall or make the bed legs collapse.

Murphy Frame Mechanism

The Murphy Frame

The Murphy Frame is made almost entirely out of steel with the exception of the wooden European slats supporting the mattress. The leg support is self-deploying as the bed is raised or lowered. The only way to close the leg is for the mattress to be lifted back to its vertical position in your closet or Bookcase Wallbed. Once again, this makes it impossible for the leg to slip out regardless of the activities of its occupants. The wooden slats are bowed up towards the mattress to create support and comfort. These slats are tested up to 2000 lbs, and are definitely strong enough to support your guests.

The Murphy Frame also mounts to the wall; just a little lower. It mounts to the stud plate through the baseboard. You also have to option of mounting the frame to the floor if you prefer. Attaching the frame to the wall or the floor makes it impossible for it to be moved unless it is unscrewed, so no movements of your guests can make this bed fall.

Disappearing Desk Bed

The Disappearing Desk Bed

The Disappearing Desk Bed uses a piston lift mechanism with a unique leg design. When the bed is down, the weight of the bed is resting on the desk which is made out of plywood core. It is tested to 2000 lbs, has a lifetime warranty and is built to Wilding Wallbed’s standard of quality. This bed is easily capable to hold a couple of lovebirds.

In Conclusion

The question can be awkward or embarrassing to ask, but it is important to know that your Wilding Wallbed is definitely tough enough for any “aggressive cuddling”, “afternoon delight” or “getting busy” sessions that someone might throw at it. All three of the mechanism that Wilding Wallbeds carry are tested and warrantied. They are manufactured with the goal of creating a quality product that lasts a lifetime. Knowing that your guests may have a hard time keeping their hands off of each other, you can rest assured that your bed is designed to take an immense amount of weight and stress, and that you have nothing to worry about.

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