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Murphy Bed Styles

Click or tap on a Wallbed below to learn more about that style including prices, dimensions, handles, options, shipping and setup. You can also see this list sorted by category or by price by clicking on the links above. This page is sorted by our most popular models. Over the years Wilding Wallbeds has expanded it's line due to the increasing interest in space saving furniture and by fulfilling customer requests. We hope that you will find the perfect style that looks great and meets your space saving need.

Quality Murphy Beds

When it comes to quality in a Murphy bed look no further. Wilding Wallbeds prides itself on industry leading quality and design. The quality starts in the material. The furniture grade plywood gives your Wall Bed the beauty of the all-wood finished product while offering you the strength and durability to last a lifetime. A Murphy bed is large, heavy piece of furniture that cantilevers a large portion of its weight almost 7 feet into a room making a great guest bed possible for the consumer, but in so doing creates tremendous torque and lifting force on the bed’s components. We believe that in order to build a long lasting high quality Murphy bed, the materials that go into the bed must be of the highest quality in order for this type of product to last the test of time. Wilding Wallbeds works directly with the manufacturers to develop this material to hold up against the stress. Couple that tailored material with the amazing craftsman on the wilding wallbeds team and you have, truely, a one of a kind product. So if you were asking yourself, “what the difference?”, then I hope that answers your question. Furthermore, Wilding Wallbeds backs every bed with its customer service guarantee. Built into every Wallbed purchase is the guarantee that you won’t be left at the checkout page. Wilding's customer service goes beyond compare to make sure that you receive your bed and it services you for a lifetime.