Wallbed and Cabinet Lights


Black Murphy Bed Light


Standard Light Bulb

Standard Bulb

LED Light Bulb

LED Bulb

Desk Light

Desktop Light

Wallbed Lighting System

Side Cabinet Lights

Finish off your Wilding Wallbed by adding a beautiful, functional and safe touch light system. This system includes dual canister style lights, touch switch, control box and safety cut-off. The canister fixtures fit into the bridge board of the Wallbed. All power cords are concealed within the cabinetry so there are no unsightly cords showing. This light system simply plugs into any standard plug outlet, and is simple to set up. The system is designed so that the first time you touch the "touch switch," the lights go to a low, medium or high setting.

If you inadvertently leave the lights on, and go to close the bed, the lights will automatically shut off before the bed even fully closes, so you can not accidentally leave the lights on. The next time you open the bed the lights will remain off until you touch the "touch switch." Our light fixtures are available in Black.

Cabinet Lights

Vertical Beds$169
Side Mount Beds$289
Side Cabinets$89

Vertical Beds LED$224
Side Mount Beds LED$340
Side Cabinets LED$119

Desktop Lights$79

Cabinet Lights are an option that may be added to any of our vertical bed side cabinet selections or upper cabinets. The cabinet light can plug into any standard 110-volt power outlet. The light is activated by a push-button switch, which is located in the top of the side cabinet. These cabinet lights are a great addition and add ambient warmth and beauty to your cabinet selection. It is recommended to purchase the glass shelves in connection to the side cabinet light option for displaying your precious keepsakes. Bed Top Cabinets are not available with lights.

Desktop Lights

Desktop Lights attach to the bottom of Upper Cabinets and illuminate the Desktop below.