Ordering a Wilding Wallbed: Easy as 1, 2, 3


What Is The Process Of Ordering A Wilding Wallbed?

The process is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. The customer selects the style, color, wood type, and other options.
  2. The order is created at our Production Facility.
  3. The order is either shipped via Common Carrier or delivered and set up by Wilding Wallbed’s professional team.

1. Starting with a Blank Canvas

Disappearing Desk Bed Wilding Wallbeds builds each and every order according to the customer’s desired selection. Have fun with this part. Think of this process as a blank canvas. Pick the style, color, wood type, and any accessory that can accent the Wallbed, including lights, tables, cabinets, office pieces, and much much more. Start by calling or visiting one of the beautiful Wilding Wallbeds showrooms. The majority of Wilding Wallbed’s orders are taken over the phone. However, if one of Wilding’s showrooms is near, come in and see, touch, feel and experience the beauty and quality in person. Wilding Wallbed’s sales representatives are exceptionally helpful and knowledgable. They are available in person, over the phone, or online to help the customer choose the perfect space-saving solution that will beautifully accent their home.

  • Order in person — Wilding Wallbeds currently has showrooms in Chino Hills, CA; El Segundo, CA; Scottsdale, AZ; and St. George, UT. Residents in these cities and the surrounding areas have the opportunity to visit one of these showrooms and see several different Wilding Wallbed models in action. Friendly sales associates are available to demonstrate the many options Wilding Wallbeds has to offer. Nearly all available Murphy Bed styles are set up on the showroom floors. They are constructed in various wood species in several of our most popular finishes. Customers are encouraged to test these beds out and see how smoothly they open and close. Feel free to lay down, get comfortable, and enjoy choosing between 13 different models of mattresses specifically designed for use in a Murphy Bed.
  • Order by phone — Wilding Wallbed’s has always prided itself on answering all questions and helping customers find the perfect space-saving solution over the phone. Give Wilding Wallbeds a call today by calling toll free 866-330-1656 and get the order process started. Wilding’s sales associates will help the customer navigate the website in what they like to call a “Virtual Tour”. They direct the caller to different web pages that show different beds as if they were in the showroom in person. Most of Wilding Wallbed’s customers reside outside of the Southern California and Southern Utah areas. Wilding Wallbeds have been sold on every continent except Antarctica. For a limited time, shipping is free within the contiguous United States. Please call for a shipping quote if you live outside this area.
  • Order online — Wilding Wallbeds understands that there are some late night shoppers out there that might want to make a purchase after business hours. No need to be concerned. Wilding Wallbeds has planned for every situation. Several Murphy Bed units are pre-built and ready for quick shipping. These can be purchased right from an online shopping cart using PayPal’s secure checkout. The items you find on our In-Stock Specials page are one of a kind. Nearly all items on this page will leave the Wilding Wallbeds factory within 3 business days (Monday-Friday). If you’d like to customize your Wallbed, please see Wilding Wallbeds Murphy Beds page for a full range of features and options. There are multiple reasons why a Wallbed will be found on the In-Stock Specials page. It may have served as one of our floor samples. It may have minor damage. It may be a brand new bed that was built as a prototype or finished in the wrong color. It may simply be a bed that is available for quick shipping. In any case, you’ll be able to get these beds quicker than any other product we build. Two other options available in our shopping cart are our popular Murphy Frame and Do-It-Yourself Wallbed. Lastly, the newest feature to arrive on Wilding Wallbed’s website is the Bed Builder. This page allows the user to customize select models with various wood species, finishes and cabinets and make the purchase right from the online shopping cart.

St. George Utah ShowroomWilding Wallbed’s main showroom and call center is located in sunny, St. George, Utah. Wilding Wallbeds also has two convenient locations in Southern California. The Los Angeles showroom is located in beautiful El Segundo and the Chino Hills showroom is located on Chino Hills Parkway.

St. George Showroom 1509 S 270 E STE 3 St. George, UT 84790 Toll-Free (866) 877-7803 Chino Hills Showroom 4200 Chino Hills Parkway STE 660 Chino Hills, CA 91709 Toll-Free (866) 797-7110 Scottsdale Showroom 14870 N Northsight Blvd #104 Scottsdale, AZ (480) 847-3335 El Segundo Showroom 446 Main Street El Segundo, CA 90245 (424) 277-0063

2. The Order Hits the Shop Floor

As the order is taken, a computer drawing is produced. This drawing communicates all of the specifics of the customer’s room and order. This drawing and order are sent to Wilding Wallbeds production facility located in St. George Utah. Because each order is unique, each order is looked over and drawn up virtually in a computer-aided design program, called Cabinet Vision, before any part is cut. Each order goes through a production meeting, where the room drawing goes in front of the Production Team, which includes sales, and production management.

Line Drawing Line Drawing Line Drawing Cabinet Vision Drawing

Here the management team goes over the dimensions, style, wood selection, color selection, and any additional cabinetry and options that apply to each specific order. Wilding Wallbeds blends old world wood artisanry and new world computer precision. Our CAD drawings are converted to machine instruction code sent to our state of the art CNC which cuts out all of our plywood parts precisely as we designed them.

Assembly Parts When all of the parts for a specific order are cut to size, the order moves to the assembly area. This is where Wilding Wallbed’s talented and experienced woodworking team builds each order individually. After this assembly process, the order then progresses to the finish shop. Finishing is a critical part of the process as this is where the finish is applied. Lastly, any hardware is applied to the bed and cabinets and the order moves into the shipping department.

3. Boxed Up and Out the Door

Pallet As each job completes, it is prepared for shipping or delivery, depending on the needs and the final destination of each job. Over the years, Wilding Wallbeds has developed unique pallet and packaging techniques to ensure the shipping is worry-free.

Each order must ship damage-free to any destination in the U.S., Canada, and around the world. Since each order is unique, Wilding has a highly trained, talented, and experienced team who build a shipping pallet for each job and package each of the pieces so that it will ship or deliver damage-free. It is key that the product arrives damage free. Wilding Wallbeds has been shipping Wallbeds for nearly 20 years now and the successful shipping percentage is remarkably higher than industry averages. Customers can sleep peacefully knowing that their Wallbed will arrive at their home in excellent condition. They’ll also experience great communication about the Wallbed shipment too. Just prior to shipment, customers will be contacted by email. This email will have all of the important shipping information; the estimated arrival date, the tracking number, as well as the customer service phone number. Rest assured that when the Wallbed package arrives at the freight terminal nearest its destination, the freight company will call and arrange a date and time for the package to be delivered. Each and every Wallbed order is sent with the hardware and instructions needed to assemble the Wallbed in the home. Additionally, there are installations videos on our website with step by step instructions that the customer can watch at any time. Wilding Wallbeds has received very positive feedback from customers about these videos. Wilding’s customers absolutely love them and find them instructive and easy to follow.

Customers Matter

Customer Service It’s rare in today’s world to get treated like a person instead of a number. Wilding Wallbeds keeps track of Wallbed orders by the customer’s name, not by an invoice number. Customers are much more than an invoice number to Wilding Wallbeds. During the process of ordering the bed, Wilding’s sales associates become familiar with their customer’s specific needs and the desired design and function of their room. Wilding Wallbeds wants each of its customers to feel listened to and appreciated.

So there it is — the process. Order, Production, and Shipping or Delivery. 1, 2, 3. Wilding Wallbeds is there with the customer every step of the way.

Written by Dan Wilding Marketing Manager