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So you’re looking to save some space? Maybe reclaim that old guest room? Or maybe you’re just trying to make your life more efficient. Obviously you’re on the right track because you’ve chosen to look into a murphy bed as a solution. Now, out of all the choices available, the murphy bed definitely gives you the widest range of space saving options. Potentially giving you back 42.5 square feet (the size of a king sized bed) of space probably sounds amazing. But will a murphy bed work for you? What are the dimensions? Will it fit? Well questions like this have a way of leading to more questions. So, in this article I wanted to go over some of these details and hopefully get you the information you’re looking for.

Step 1: Measure

Measuring Tape

The first step is to measure the space you’re working with. Left to right then bottom to top. These measurements will more or less dictate what murphy bed options are available to you. In the majority of cases, if your current bed setup fits, then so will a standard murphy bed unit. In some of the more uniques cases, modifications can be made in order to ensure a good fit and function. During this process be aware of obstacle and obstructions. Anything from vents, power outlets, switches and fans. Working with or around these obstacle needs to be taken into consideration.

Finding Accurate Murphy Bed Dimensions

Ceiling Fan

With your measurements handy you are free to browse the beautiful selection at at your leisure. Once you have found a style that best suits what you’re looking for, all you have to do is click on the image. You’ll be taken directly to that product’s page. On the product page you’ll find everything you need to know about your chosen bed unit. On the right hand side of the page you can find dimensions, specifications and pricing. Note that many of the murphy bed styles have two configurations; Vertical and Side Mount. If you click on either tab the image will change to show you a visual representation of each of these murphy bed layouts. As well as changing the dimensions to correspond. If you scroll down under the Vertical tab you’ll notice that there is a section specifically calculated for rooms with ceiling fans for ease of reference. Which will definitely come in handy if you should decide to add any extra depth options to your bed. The standard murphy bed depth is 16″ but there are both 20″ and 23″ depth options available. This will change the beds projection dimension so be sure to take the extra depth into consideration while laying out your space. Its also important to note that not all units have a King size mattress option. The king size option is exclusive to the Studio Series Murphy Beds. When you visit anyone of the Studio series product pages you’ll notice the added dimension information provided. This is also the case with some of the varying specialty beds such as the Murphy Bunk Bed.

Side Cabinet Dimensions

Side Cabinet

While you were browsing through all the different styles of Wilding’s beds you may have noticed the huge selection of options that are available with your murphy bed. Wilding offers some of the largest selections of side cabinets around. When saving space is a priority it might be a good idea to check out some of these option and see which ones best suit your space. At the bottom of any of the product pages you’ll find a series of information tabs. If you click on the tab labeled options you’ll see several images illustrating the variety of options available with your wallbed. Each one of these images have information about the bed you have selected and the options that are designed to pair the best with that bed. For example, when you select the side cabinet image at the bottom of the Remington Murphy Bed page it will show you all the information about standard sizes and construction quality. In the case of the Remington Murphy Bed, which is part of the Studio Series the standard side cabinet sizes are 16″ and 20″ wide. It’s important to note that not all sizes of cabinets are standard with all styles, but if you are interested in a more specific or custom sizes for your cabinetry, it’s best to contact and consult with one of Wilding’s sales representatives for availability.

Home Office Dimensions

Home Office

Last but not least is the home office. Adding a Murphy Bed Home Office is an amazing way to maximize the usefulness of a space. Essentially combining two spaces into one. Similar to the side and Bed Top Cabinet option. All you need to do is click on the “Home Office” image on the murphy bed product page of your choosing. You may notice that whatever the style of bed you have selected becomes the corresponding style of cabinets available. On the Wilding Murphy Bed Home Office page you’ll notice 16 individual standardized cabinet options. Under each option are a variety of sizes that correspond to specific cabinet functions. It’s because of the degree of complexity and options available that the home office is truly custom. There are many combinations of both upper and pedestal cabinets available, allowing you to create the functionality you desire. It is usually a much simpler process to have a conversation with one of Wilding sales representatives (Toll Free 866-780-8527).They can quickly determine your space constraints and help design an office that is tailored for your needs. As a courtesy, part of the home office program includes your personalized home office drawing. The file is sent to you in .PDF form, ensuring that your home office is visibly correct. Any modifications that are done to the drawing will be sent to you. Allowing you to verify the final arrangement before construction begins.

It’s important to keep in mind that the good folks at Wilding Wallbeds are available to help guide you through this whole process. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to give them a call at the number above or drop by anyone of their showrooms.

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