Which Murphy Bed mechanism should I choose?


With so many options offered by Wilding Wallbeds, one of the most important decision to consider is which mechanism you should choose. The spring lift mechanism is used on all of the beds in the Studio Series. The piston lift mechanism is used on all of the beds in the Homefront Series and the Gallery Series. Take a moment to read through the ins and outs of both mechanisms.

The Spring Lift Mechanism

Spring Lift Mechanism

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a spring assisted bed is the 75 year-old, mousetrap of a murphy bed that was in your great-aunt’s upstairs closet. Well, technology has come a long ways since then. This mechanism offered by Wilding Wallbeds is state-of-the-art, the mechanism and swing arm mount directly into the all-wood sideboards of the beds. The bed frame is attached directly to the back of the face of the bed. All of this is bolted onto the swing arm ensuring that the frame is sturdy and stable. The steel leg uses a pivoting system that allows the user to pull out the leg as they lower their Wilding Wallbed for use.

This Murphybed mechanism is ISO 9001:2015 certification rated. In ISO’s own language this means, “The standards provide guidance and tools for companies and organizations who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.” In English this means that the production and use of this mechanism has been investigated by ISO and found to reflect their high standards. When you purchase a Wilding Wallbeds that uses the Spring Lift Mechanism you can rest assured that the quality of the mechanism is unbeatable and unmatched by any other company.

Spring Lift Features

Spring Lift Lock

This spring lift Murphybed mechanism is commercially rated, this means that it is a high enough quality to be used in hospitals, military bases, firehouses, police stations, hotels, and any other commercial use that you can imagine. The bed itself is tested up to 2000lbs, (So you are in luck, there is no way that your in-laws are that heavy!), and provides a spring assisted lift of as little as 5 lbs depending on the weight of the mattress and the number of springs you choose to use. This mechanism carries a lifetime warranty and is available in Twin, Full, Queen and Standard King.

Another benefit of the Murphybed is the adjustability. When purchased it comes with 18 springs (9 on each side), but our beds generally only require 7 springs on each side. If you choose a heavier mattress you are able to add additional springs to the mechanism. If you choose to use a lighter mattress you can take springs off. This kind of adjustability allows you to create a custom lift that is perfect for you, and for your wallbed.

This mechanism is at rest when the bed is in the up position so you don’t need to worry about the bed falling down on any children playing beneath it. The studio series wallbeds don’t come standard with a lock, but if you are concerned about children, or others pulling down the bed without your permission, you have the option to add Wallbed Locks to your Wilding Wallbed. These locks are placed at the top of each sideboard and use a key to unlock the bed.

Spring Lift Vertical Dimensions

  Height Width Depth Projection
King 87.25″ 81.5″ 16″ 90″
Queen 87.25″ 65.5″ 16″ 90″
Full 82.25″ 59.5″ 16″ 86″
Twin 82.25″ 44.5″ 16″ 86″

Spring Lift Side Mount Dimensions

  Height Width Depth Projection
Queen 68.625″ 86.5″ 16″ 70.5″
Full 62.625″ 81.5″ 16″ 65.5″
Twin 47.625″ 81.5″ 16″ 49″

The Piston Lift Mechanism

Piston Lift Mechanism

The first thing that comes to mind when you lift with a piston assisted lifting system is probably the hatch on the back of that 1995 Honda Odyssey. You know, the one that you had to hold up with your left hand while you fished the groceries out of the back with your right, because the pistons couldn’t even manage the weight of the hatch. The pistons that Wilding Wallbeds use are a different kind of quality. They are the kind of quality that comes with a lifetime warranty. Yep, you read that right, a lifetime warranty. So if in 25 years, one of your pistons doesn’t seem to be carrying its weight, just give them a call and they will get you replacement pistons free of charge!

The piston lift mechanism is Wilding Wallbeds’ “House Special”. The mechanism features two whisper-quiet charged pistons that counterbalance the weight of the face of the bed, and the mattress. The pistons are mounted to pivot point plates that mount to the sideboards, and the all-wood bed box. This mechanism also features hardwood legs that can carry the weight of a Volkswagen Jetta. If you don’t believe that, check out the Will it hold it video.

Piston Lift Features

Piston Lift Locking Leg

The piston lift mechanism is commercially rated and designed for everyday use. Wilding Wallbeds exclusively uses this system on its Clinical Pro Series. This means that Wilding Wallbeds trusts this mechanism enough to sell it into sleep centers where it is opened and closed multiple times every day! Because the mechanism is designed by Wilding Wallbeds, they have the ability to build the beds in almost any size you need, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, and Custom sizes. (Excluding King sizes)

The Homefront and Gallery Series come standard with Wilding Wallbeds convenient locking leg design. The bed cannot come down until both of the legs are lifted up. This ensures that the bed will be lowered properly and that the bed can only be lowered by someone who unlocks it first. This safety feature is one of the things that makes Wilding Wallbeds truly stand out in the industry.

Several style options are available for the piston lift system. Wilding Wallbeds uses an inner frame between the face of the bed, and the mattress deck. This ribcage of support allows the bed to carry over 4000 lbs of weight and allows for raised hardwood panels to be used for the face of the bed. Of course the construction of these beds are all-wood, but only with the piston lift system can you have raised panel doors.

The all-wood bed box creates a classy and finished look allowing the mattress be recessed by 4″. With this mechanism, you aren’t looking at a clunky metal frame, or flimsy slats. You see a fully finished all-wood murphy bed!

Piston Lift Vertical Dimensions

  Height Width Depth Projection
Queen 87.75″ 64″ 16″ 84″
Full 82.75″ 58″ 16″ 80″
Twin 82.75″ 43″ 16″ 80″

Spring Lift Side Mount Dimensions

  Height Width Depth Projection
Queen 67.25″ 85.5″ 16″ 64″
Full 61.25″ 80.5″ 16″ 48″
Twin 46.25″ 80.5″ 16″ 43″

Which mechanism do I choose?

To answer this question in simple terms, both mechanisms are the highest of quality available for murphy beds. Both of these mechanisms carry a lifetime warranty. Both of these mechanism create an easy lift for the user. The spring lift mechanism is the only one available in King size. The piston lift mechanism offers, locking legs, the fully wooden bed box, whisper quiet pistons, and is tested to 4000 lbs. The piston lift mechanism is 1.5″ narrower, and projects 6″ less into the room.

With all of this in mind, the decision is yours. Which will you choose, Spring lift or Piston lift?

Jeremy Andra Written by
Brandon Wilding
Team Leader
St. George Showroom