Designing a Wallbed Home Office


Wallbeds are designed to go into rooms that are used daily for one purpose, but only slept in on occasion. We have found that fairly often these rooms are home offices. No one wants to work day after day in an office where the majority of the space is filled with a bed, this is why wallbeds are so popular. When designing a home office with a wallbed, the steps you need to take are as follows.

1. Measure the room
2. Tell us your preferences of Style, Wood, and Stain.
3. Give us an idea of the use of the office.
4. Let us build you a custom office to match your beautiful Wallbed giving you space and the freedom to work in a specially designed space specific for your needs.

When you realize the need for a home office give us a call and speak with any of our professional sales representatives. Tell your sales rep what you are thinking, or if you don’t quite know yet, just give them an idea. Your sales rep will then create a drawing with dimensions of the home office in your room. At this time you are the critic, take some time to review the drawings, tape off the room, do whatever it is that helps you visualize.

Once the design is finalized, it is sent over to the production center. From there it is discussed by our managers, then drawn in 3D and sent back to you to review and approve. If you see something you want to change, there is no problem, just give your sales rep a call and they will make the changes and send you an updated 3D drawing. Once this is approved we get to work. Our craftsmen build each piece individually to ensure that it is exactly as planned and that it meets our standards of the highest quality of full wood furniture.

In some areas in Southern California, Nevada and Utah we have set-up crews, in this case, you just sit back and watch as our set-up team assembles, and installs your home office. If you are out of our set-up area we will package it with in-house made boxes to ensure the protection of each piece. We then ship it right to your garage. You can set it up yourself following our video instructions or hire a local handyman to do the work for you.

Whatever your home office needs are know that Wilding Wallbeds can build it for you!

Written by Brandon Wilding
St. George Showroom Team Leader