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Meet the Team


Dennis Wilding Founder

Dennis Wilding

President, Co-founder & Co-Owner

Dennis has been with Wilding Wallbeds since day one. He is one of the original founders and still stands at the helm, guiding and directing our company through good times and bad. He has over 40 years of experience in the home furnishing business, including more than 20 years of building Wilding Wallbeds into the first rate organization that it is today. He has carefully guided our business through the last two decades, including the onset of the internet and selling furniture online, overcoming the financial crash of the great recession, and more recently, surviving the unprecedented economic downturn of COVID-19.

Dan Wilding Co-Owner

Dan Wilding

Co-Owner & Head of Sales and Marketing

If revenue is the lifeblood of the business, Dan would essentially be the heart. He left a successful career in business-to-business mattress sales nearly 20 years ago to take over our sales and marketing, and transformed a small business–freshly out of the garage–into a titan of the Murphy bed industry. His fingerprints are all over the business, in fact, nearly 100% of customer-facing information originates from Dan and his principles. A man with strong values and an impeccable moral compass, Dan is a leader the entire organization rallies behind during smooth sailing or choppy seas.

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Management Team

Steve Parkinson

Director of Operations

Steve has been with Wilding Wallbeds longer than anybody other than Dennis. From the very early days, Steve gambled on the success of the business and dove in to help build it. He has a very strong background in woodworking and is responsible for overseeing every operational aspect of the business. This includes manufacturing, purchasing, customer service, and facilities management. Steve ensures that your Murphy bed and accessories are built with high-quality materials and durable techniques so they will stand anything you can throw at them.

Molly Dennison

Office Manager

Molly has been the glue holding the whole operation together for nearly a decade, and in total she’s worked here since 2009. Motivated by her love of the people she works with and the product we build, she has helped create every organizational process and procedure we rely on to keep orders moving. She is aided in no small part by her extensive experience in multiple areas of the business, including customer service, shipping, and bookkeeping. When she’s not keeping all of us on the rails, she spends her time traveling, going to concerts, and taking care of her black lab “fur babies.”

Brandon Wilding

Director of Corporate Sales

Armed with his education and expertise in business and marketing, Brandon is a crucial member of our management team. He is passionate about finding creative solutions to complex problems, and connecting with our customers. In particular, he loves finding ways to communicate the quality and craftsmanship of our Murphy beds through our photos and videos. If he’s not at work, there are a few places you should check for him: at home spending time with his wife and three kids, out in his garage building cabinets, or playing his guitar. He’s also a connoisseur of thriller novels and always has a few recommendations, just in case you’re looking for a good page-turner.

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Caden Wilding

Director of Digital Marketing

Caden is in charge of our entire online presence. If it was easy for you to find us online, you have Caden to thank for that. He works closely with the members of our marketing team to coordinate our online marketing and branding efforts. He enjoys both the creativity and analytics involved in digital marketing, in fact it’s common for Caden to lose track of time for hours while he is elbow-deep in marketing reports and data. At home, he is just as creative as he is at work and can be found, say, tinkering with several variations of a pizza crust recipe until it’s just perfect.

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Braxten Wilding

VP of Finance

Braxten is the one that keeps us all on track financially. He is a CPA, has a Master’s Degree in accounting, and over 10 years experience in accounting and finance. He knows more about Excel spreadsheets than the folks at Microsoft. Braxten is all about goals and accountability driving us to push ourselves and find success. From production and staffing, to sales and customer service, Braxten is in it all helping us to be the best we can. If he isn’t at the office, then he is probably out camping with his wife and 3 kids, or in the hills mountain biking.

National Sales Team

Penny Jensen

National Sales Manager

Penny brings an enormous amount of experience to her role as our sales manager. Aside from being the top sales person at any organization she has ever worked at, she has also owned 2 businesses. She loves working with customers and helping them meet their design and space needs with a Wilding Wallbed. In fact, she cares so much about her customers that it’s not uncommon for them to stay friends for years to come. Aside from sales, Penny loves spending time with her family, including all of her dogs. She’s an avid reader, researcher, and HGTV-watcher.

Trent Alldredge

Sales Team LeadSt. George

Trent loves using his 10+ years of experience at Wilding Wallbeds to help customers redefine their space with unique solutions. He is passionate about using his drafting and design skills to turn concepts into a visual model for customers to review. Because of his proficiency in this area, Trent is the go-to when a customer wants something out of the ordinary. When he’s off the clock, Trent enjoys spending time with his kids, gaming, or going “full geek” to play some Dungeons and Dragons with a group of friends.

Dave Phillips

Sales Representative

Dave has had enough experience to know that he only wants to sell the best. He has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and has had 15 years of experience on sales floors. The lesson that all of those years of sales have taught him is that you can’t sell a product that you don’t believe in. That’s why he loves Wilding Wallbeds. He feels like he is given the opportunity to connect with his co-workers and customers at a company that truly cares about him, while selling a product that he has full faith in. When he’s not at work, chances are that Dave is juggling his kids and working around the house. But, when he really wants to let his hair down, he enjoys singing and playing word games (but not at the same time).

Samuel Sylvester

Sales Rep. / Fulfillment Manager

Armed with a degree in psychology, Sam wears a couple of hats at Wilding Wallbeds. He is a valuable member of our sales team in addition to being the go-to guy when it comes to the fulfillment of our online mechanism and frame sales. He enjoys solving problems, and while his beat up chevy gives him plenty to solve, his attitude of finding solutions carries into everything he does. When he’s not at work you can find him chasing his four kids around or going for a nice long run. He has multiple marathons, half marathons, and other endurance races under his belt.

Production Team

Andrew Stringham

Production Manager

Andrew is an absolutely crucial member of our team. He is responsible for your Murphy bed from the time the raw lumber is delivered to our wood shop to the time that it is placed on a truck and shipped to you. All along the way, Andrew ensures that every component built measures up to Wilding Wallbeds’ high standards. He is motivated by a deep sense of loyalty and camaraderie which he feels for the members of our team, and is the most dedicated and hard-working person you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. Typically, by the time we realize we need something done, Andrew took care of it yesterday. When it’s time to blow off steam, Andrew loves playing with his kids, building computers, and playing board games with his family.

Kim Bogue

Logistics Coordinator

Kim is our logistics guru. When your wall bed arrives at your home on-time and in one piece, you have Kim to thank. She has over 30 years of experience in the transportation industry, handling every logistical problem that arises along the path from point-of-sale to final delivery. Kim is passionate about problem-solving, so coordinating multiple shipping and receiving parties to hit a moving target is her bread and butter. But, when she isn’t in the office handling all of our logistics, you’ll find her spending time with her grandsons. Don’t tell her kids this, but she thinks that grandkids are the best part of being a parent.

Mitch Hobson

Facilities and Maintenance

In a wood shop of our size, keeping machines running smoothly is a big undertaking. Luckily, we have the right guy for the job. Mitch has been a valuable member of our production team since the moment he stepped on the job back in 2009. He quickly became a team lead and then unofficially became the resident “fix-it” guy. In recent years, he passed the torch of team lead to another and we’ve made his position as facilities and maintenance manager official. He uses his skills as an analytical thinker alongside his proficiency with a welder to build, fix, and maintain everything we need from saw blades and CNCs to parking spaces and light fixtures.

Theo Brady

Purchasing and Inventory

Part of what makes Wilding Wallbeds unique in the industry is the level of customization we offer to our customers; we are anything but cookie-cutter. The challenge this creates is keeping inventory of every screw, hinge, handle, mechanism, etc. etc. stocked. This is where Theo comes in. He handles purchasing, organizing, and inventory management of all inputs we use in our manufacturing. He is a close friend to many team members here, and, while he is an incredibly dedicated member of our team, there are 3 teams he cares about even more: his wonderful wife and “kiddos,” Chelsea F.C., and the England National Football Team. Where in England is he from, you ask? Utah. Yeah, we’re still trying to figure it out, too.