Can I use my mattress in a Wallbed?



This might be the single most common question concerning a Wallbed or Murphy bed. The quick answer is yes, as long as it’s the right height and weight, but that simple answer may not be what you really want to hear. As with most things, a little education can go a long way in helping you make a more intelligent decision. Let me explain some issues that you may experience when using your own mattress and some simple solutions. In the end, you’ll certainly be able to make a better decision about what you actually want.


Slumping Mattress When a mattress manufacturer builds a mattress, the mattress has been engineered to perform in the way that we sleep…horizontally. That is not the way a Wallbed is engineered to work. In a Wallbed the mattress stores in an upright or vertical fashion until the bed is lowered for sleep. Even if your Wallbed is used every day, the mattress is out of its designed position for two thirds of the day. This can cause bad things to happen to good mattresses. The major issue that arises is a problem called “Slumping”. This is where the coils inside the mattress or the foams inside the mattress slide toward the floor because of gravity. This causes a bell-shaped bump at the head of the bed. Once the problem exhibits itself the mattress is ruined. On our St. George showroom, we have a really nice Simmons Beautyrest mattress that we leave there specifically to show our customers what happens when the wrong mattress is used. I think we’d all agree that a Simmons Beautyrest mattress is a fabulous mattress, but it’s been engineered to lie flat, not to store on end. This floor sample exhibits a huge bump at the head of the mattress, in other words, Slumping.


Comfortable Bed A long time ago, we approached the Serta mattress company to design a mattress for use in a Wallbed or Murphy bed. We wanted our customers to enjoy the same Serta Manufactures Warranty that all other customers enjoy. Serta made two significant changes in the way the mattresses for Wallbed or Murphy beds are made.

Border Rod: Inside a mattress you will usually find some type of coils system. The coil system is designed for durability and back support. In our Serta mattresses, the coil system is entirely surrounded at the top of the coil and at the bottom of the coil with a border rod. This is kind of like a little racetrack that surrounds the entire coils system at the top and bottom of the mattress. Next, Serta fastens their coil system to this border rod at the top and bottom of every single edge coil. Fastening the coils in this fashion ensures that the coil system can’t slump. This border rod solves one of the major issues.

Foam: On top of the coil system in a mattress, you’ll usually find several layers of foam. Foam is designed to produce the comfort that we expect from a mattress. These layers of foam are broken into two packages of foam. The first is called the quilt package, which is made up of three or four layers of different types of foam. The quilt package is the top of the mattress that you’re used to seeing; it’s not the problem because it’s quilted or stitched together. The stitching holds each of the two or three layers of foam together so that they won’t move, even if the mattress is standing on its edge. The next package of foam is called the upholstery package. The upholstery package is also made up of three or four different types and qualities of foam. These foams are where the problem of slumping occurs. These layers are usually loose-laid on top of the coil system, without any form of attachment. As you stand a mattress on end these foams will slump, all it takes is time. Serta has taken these upholstery foams and quilted them together just like in the quilt package. Then they attached the upholstery layers to the border rod of the mattress. Lastly, Serta attached the quilt package of foams to the upholstery layers and the border rod of the mattress.

Comfortable Guest Room

Worry Free

Having made these two changes in our Serta Mattress selections ensures you will not have the slumping issues mentioned above. We have also worked directly with Serta to make sure that the height of the mattress is correct. This ensures that the mattress will not bind as you open and close the Wallbed. Additionally, we worked with Serta to ensure that the weight of the mattress is also correct. This ensures that the Wallbed will lift and lower easily and remain in the down position when open.

Customer & Guest Experience

At Wilding Wallbeds, our focus is on providing peace of mind and a wonderful night’s sleep for the guest; not on selling you a mattress. We’re not focused on the mattress as a profit center for the business. Our major focus is on the experience that our customers and their guests have with the Wallbed. First, we want our customers to enjoy the peace of mind of offering a wonderful, durable, comfortable and perfectly functioning guest bed to their friends and loved ones. We want our customers to know that when they open the Wallbed a year from now or two years from now or three years from now, that the mattress will be nice and flat just like the day the bought it. We don’t want our customers worried in the middle of the night, hoping their guest is resting comfortable and peaceful on the Wallbed. Secondly, when the guests wake up and yawn and stretch in the morning, we want them to exclaim, “I love your Wallbed!” Of course, what the guest has just experienced is a wonderfully comfortable mattress. Customer Service


To provide our customers and their guests with exactly what they want in a mattress, we offer several selections ranging from less expensive to more expensive, from firm to plush to pillow top. If you’re interested in the very best, we offer the newest iComfort products. If your focus is more of a guestroom experience, we offer the newest line of Serta Perfect Sleeper and Perfect Night products. If your focus is on the most economical, we offer a line of mattresses designed for children. In any case, we are convinced that you’ll have a better experience with your new Wallbed if you allow us to guide you a bit on your mattress selection. Doing it right is worth it. See our Mattress Selections

Dan Wilding Written by Dan Wilding Marketing Manager

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