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Creative & Elegant Wall Beds for Your New Mexico Home

With New Mexico’s climate, its long hot summers and short winters, it’s no wonder lifelong residents enjoy it so much. People who love the heat are naturally drawn here, making it a great place for vacationers and snowbirds to congregate. This is why Wilding Wallbeds, the leading New Mexico wall bed supplier, ships our long line of unique wall bed models to the residents of New Mexico. Our wall beds and other space-saving products are the perfect way of increasing the living space of any residence, especially one in which friends and family are regularly visiting.

When you shop from Wilding Wallbeds, your New Mexico wall bed supplier, you will find products comprised of some of the most leading technology available in the industry. By combining aesthetic appeal with functional efficiency, we’ve been able to provide our customers with products that are ideal for maximizing the space available in their homes, as well as making these homes feel even more cozy and inviting. Best of all, our customers will get to show off some really creative and unique products to their friends and family!

Wilding Wallbeds is New Mexico’s leading wall bed supplier because of the versatility of our product line. Our beds have been designed into furniture such as:

And more. Not to mention our wall bed models are available in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and styles, so you are sure to find something that works perfectly for your property’s unique design and layout. At Wilding Wallbeds, your New Mexico wall bed supplier, we guarantee products that will help make your house feel more like a home. Because we are a company based in the southwest United States, we are proud to be serving the residents of New Mexico. We are a confident New Mexico wall bed supplier because we know that our products make for such valuable assets to the properties of the residents of New Mexico. From our product line, you can find wall bed models that work for any property, including permanent residences, vacation homes, businesses, or universities.

Among the many places that our New Mexico wall beds would be great for include:

  • Albuquerque:

    With so many different destinations that are great for family trips, and so many different activities to enjoy in the warm climate of Albuquerque, this makes for an ideal place for summer and vacation homes. As a New Mexico wall bed supplier, we are sure that our wall bed models would only add to their beauty and character. Our Clinical Pro Series would be a great asset to the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, because it consists of a workstation wall bed, exam table, and other furniture that is applicable to medical schools. This product is a great way for professionals, especially sleep clinics, to transform their daytime workspace into a sleeping area for patients at night.

  • Santa Fe:

    Festivals, art galleries, and beautiful scenery are just some of the reasons why so many people are attracted to Santa Fe, and with such beautiful infrastructure and homes, we guarantee any property here would greatly benefit from any of the models you could find from Wilding Wallbeds, your New Mexico wall bed supplier. In fact, any of the student housing areas of the Santa Fe University of Art and Design would be complete with our Disappearing Desk Bed, which is a cozy bed that has been designed into a home office desk, which makes for an efficient place to study by day, and comfy place to sleep at night.

  • Las Cruces:

    With the fantastic outdoor activities available in Las Cruces like hiking and riding trails, desert plants and animals, the old mining ghost towns, and ancient Indian rock art, it’s no wonder this is such a popular spot for vacationers and snowbirds. Not only that, but this city also boasts plenty of diverse restaurants and markets, and an active night life. What better way to accommodate your vacation home or permanent residence here than with a stylish wall bed model from your New Mexico wall bed supplier? The Remington Model would be the ideal way to tie together any of the beautiful homes in the Las Cruces area. Imagine coming home from a fun night out on the town and relaxing in front of the TV with your partner on our Sofa Murphy Bed, which pulls down into a cozy place to catch a great night’s sleep.

Wilding Wallbeds, your New Mexico wall bed supplier, is all about combining comfort with character, and offering a diverse product line to meet a variety of different needs for our customers. Some of the many different versatile products you’ll find from us include:

The Remington Murphy Bed -

This is one of our most popular models because it is so simple and easy-to-use. This is one of our more traditional-style Murphy beds, with a few improvements., and in the center is comprised of classic shaker style four-panel face, a beautiful solid wood trim, and ogee style crown molding. Rather than swinging open like bi-fold doors, which would take up extra space, the Remington tilts down from the top. The mechanism involved with this model is an ISO 9,000 rated mechanism with a lifetime guarantee. The Remington Murphy Bed can hold over 2,000 lbs, and is available with different varieties of side cabinets.

The Edge Wall Bed -

This is one of our more affordable wall beds from our HomeFront Series. With a beautiful contemporary style, this model would make the perfect addition to your guest room, family room, or living room. Its Piston Lift mechanism makes this model a great choice for saving space, because it requires less space and width, and projects less into the room in which the Edge Wall Bed occupies. This unit can be designed in multiple depths to make room for Storage Headboard options or extra deep shelves. The Storage Headboard options allows you extra space to store extra pillows and blankets, and the deep shelf option is a great way of adding space for alarm clocks and cell phone or computer chargers.


The Tuscany Wall Bed -

Named after a beautiful region in Italy, this model certainly lives up to our motto: “Saving Space Beautifully.” With an elegant Tuscan style solid wood raised panel face, decorative fluted columns, French curves, gorgeous rosettes, and solid hardwood face that has been carefully selected for the perfect color uniformity, the Tuscany Wall Bed stands out as the most elegant model in our top-of-the-line Gallery Series. The Tuscany is also available with side cabinets for additional decor. Of all of the models available from Wilding Wallbeds, your New Mexico wall bed supplier, this is easily one of our most elegant. Consider the Tuscany for your guest room, living room, or family room.


The Brittany Wall Bed -

This is a beautiful wall bed complete with traditional crown molding and traditional routing on all of the solid hardwood trim pieces, as well as base molding covering the space between the face and the floor. The Brittany Wall Bed is also available with squared trim for a great shaker look, and would be ideal for your home office or guest room. The Brittany Wall Bed is available with a drop-down table, which folds down easily from its face. This model includes a Piston Lift System, an ISO 9,000 rated system which is great for saving space, as the wall bed doesn’t have to be projected as far into the room. The Brittany Wall Bed model has a seven inch shelf storage headboard for storing extra blankets and pillows, a place for electronics, and a beautiful lighting option.


The Newport Murphy Bed -

This model is an eight panel Murphy bed with a solid wood trimmed face, crown molding, and a stylish bead board. This contemporary style wall bed is easily accessible, inviting, and very affordable. The Newport Murphy Bed is also fantastic way of giving yourself some extra table space in your office or living room, because it is available with a lift-down table on its face, which can simply be dropped down for a place to work on projects. Then at night, when your work is done, simply put up the drop-down desk, lower the bed, and sleep on a cozy mattress. This model is 20 inches deep, making it a great place to store extra pillows and blankets, as well as giving you a place to set alarm clocks and other electronics.


The Disappearing Desk Bed -

This model brilliantly combines elegance and utility through quality engineering. The Disappearing Desk Bed is a fantastic choice for people who work from home in a home office. This is a fully functional desk by day, complete with a spacious work surface and beautiful lighting, as well as a cozy place to sleep at night. At the end of the day, when all of your work is finished, all you have to do is pull the pins, grab the handles, and pull the bed down from the back wall of the desk. As the bed lowers, the desktop naturally tucks itself underneath the mattress, remaining level with 17 1/2 inches of clearance, so that nothing on the desk is displaced.


The Bookcase Wall Bed -

Of all of the models you can find at Wilding Wallbeds, your New Mexico wall bed supplier, this is easily one of our most elegant. This model is a beautiful European style bookcase. At night, simply move the shelves to the side, which remain vertical, and pull down the bed. This is a fantastic piece of furniture to have in any home office or library. The mattress can hold plenty of weight, and when in use, has a lighting option available on the headboard. When put back in place, the light automatically shuts off, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally wasting electricity. This is an easy to use, simple yet elegant model.


The Murphy Bunk Bed -

While this isn’t a Murphy bed per se, it is still one of the most efficient space-saving products you can find from Wilding Wallbeds, your New Mexico wall bed supplier. This is the kind of bed that would go perfectly in your master bedroom. Simply lift up the bed to reveal a hidden storage space beneath the mattress. In this space you can store anything from camping and fishing equipment to guns, skis, snowboards, and seasonal decorations. Anything that might add to the clutter of your home can be stored under this bed. This model also comes with an optional storage headboard, in which you can store extra pillows and blankets, and inside it also has an additional power source where you can charge your cell phones and computers, or store an alarm clock. Another option available with this model are the storage nightstands, which are complete with extra storage compartments, one of which is specially secure, requiring a magnet to open, which is ideal for storing items such as guns, medicine, or anything else that you might want be maximally secured.


The Wilding Power Wall Bed -

This is one of the coolest products you can find from your New Mexico wall bed supplier. Not only is this a beautiful all-wood entertainment center complete with storage areas and adjustable shelves, it also has a comfortable mattress built into it which runs by remote. The mechanism involved is a German-engineered track system called the Zoom-Room, powered by Dual Motors, which has proven itself to be functional, reliable, and consistent over long periods of time. It is available with a five year warranty on all moving parts and a two year warranty on all electronic components. Because it extends outward from, or crawls back into, the entertainment center at the push of a button, this is easily our most accessible wall bed model. The Wilding Power Wall Bed does not actually need to be connected to the wall, so if you have a landlord who doesn’t want their walls to be tampered with, this model is the perfect one for you. This model is not recommended for deep pile carpets. Rather, it works best on hard floors such as wood, tile, marble, concrete, linoleum, or commercial carpet. This model also works well on low pile residential carpet.


The Studio Desk -

This is a fantastic option that, like the Disappearing Desk Bed, allows you to lower the wall bed while leaving all of the items on your desktop completely undisturbed, because the desk surface always remains parallel with the floor whether it is in use as a desk or as a bed. When in use, this model allows nine inches of clearance. This model also adds 2 inches of height to the bed. This model’s design gives it the ability to be altered in order to accommodate the specific operation of the desk hardware.


The Clinical Pro Series -

This is easily one of our most versatile wall bed models that you can find from Wilding Wallbeds, your New Mexico wall bed supplier, and is the ideal product for sleep clinics and other professional settings. The Clinical Pro Series consists of multiple different options that are ideal for many commercial facilities. The main wall bed lowers easily, revealing a headboard consisting of shadow boxes, in which you can store and operate equipment such as diagnostic amplifiers and other therapy devices. The top of the headboard contains a lid which opens up to reveal power and network connections for all of the various equipment to be used within the shadow boxes, and works to keep cabling out of sight. This model also contains our Piston Lift Mechanism for maximum space-saving ability. Another option includes the drop-down exam cabinet, which allows for a classic exam room setting during the day, and can be hidden back into the cabinet during the night. This product is also deal for firehouses, hospitals, hotels, motels, and shelters.


The reason Wilding Wallbeds is the leading New Mexico wall bed supplier is due to our unique combination of utility and elegance. Our products have been “Saving Space Beautifully” for our customers in many different locations throughout the southwest, and we’re happy to be carrying that tradition on to the residents of New Mexico.