The Hidden Storage Bed

Price as shown $3322. Price includes Queen size Hampton style Storage Bed in Alder wood / Mocha Nut finish, one 24" Left Door & Drawer Hidden Storage Nightstand, one 24" Right Three Drawer Hidden Storage Nightstand and Shipping within the Contiguous U.S. Buy As Shown

What is the Hidden Storage Bed?

Wilding Wallbeds is thrilled to announce the addition of a very exciting, space saving item…our new Storage Bed. If your home is like mine, your beds take up the bulk of the space in all of your bedrooms. This new storage bed allows you to capture a huge amount of storage space that is usually an entire waste. We are certain that you’ll be absolutely amazed at the amount of items you can store in this wonderful Storage Bed. Just think of having 13.5" of storage space below every bed in your home! You now have convenient access to difficult storage items like seasonal decorations, golf clubs, suit cases, fishing rods, sports gear, guns, etc. This is also a great place to store your seasonal clothing, camping gear and food storage. All of the items listed and more, easily fit under one queen size Storage Bed. We offer this new product in all of our wood selections and stain color selections in Twin, Full and Queen size. You may purchase the storage bed by itself, add the functional storage headboard and or add the Hidden Storage Nightstands too!

Hidden Storage Bed Hidden Storage Bed Hidden Storage Bed Hidden Storage Cabinet Hidden Storage Cabinet
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Hidden Storage Bed

This fabulous Storage Bed is available for every room in your home, even if you have existing furniture. As with all Wilding Wallbeds products, we can customize this product to fit your needs. As you provide us a color sample, we can custom match these items to existing furniture in your room. You could also simply bolt your existing headboard directly to this Storage bed if you’d prefer that. When using our Storage Bed, there is no need for your box spring, the lifting deck replaces the box spring in your current set. This lifting deck employs a European slat system. This slat system makes your current mattress feel just as though you had your box spring under it, so you won’t sacrifice any comfort. The Storage Bed will hold thousands of pounds so it’s extremely durable. There is a convenient strap positioned at the foot of the Storage Bed that is used to lift the bed deck which allows you access to your stored items. Your mattress bedding and comforter or bedspread and pillows can remain right on the bed while you open it. As you lower the bed deck all of your bedding just drops back into place.

Bed Only Hidden Storage Bed

King $1285 $1535
Queen $1115 $1365
Full $1115 $1365
Twin $835 $935
Height Width Projection
King 15" + mattress 79" 81.75"
Queen 15" + mattress 62" 81.75"
Full 15" + mattress 56" 76.75"
Twin 15" + mattress 41" 76.75"
Mechanism Only
King $739
Queen $575
Full $575
Twin $569

Hidden Storage Bed Storage Headboard

Storage Bed Storage Headboard

Our optional Storage Headboard has convenient lifting tops to allow access to a large storage space below the top surface of the headboard. This is a wonderful place to store extra blankets and pillows, or any other item you’d like close to the bed. This lift top has three sections, so you can access the storage items through the right or left sides just as easily. There is also a center lift section, just in case you need full access to the entire storage at the same time. We include a convenient power supply inside the storage area of the headboard for your alarm clock, phone charges and any other power item that you’d like. The top center sections has a grommet, just like a desk top through which your cords can pass.

Bead & Headboard Hidden Storage Bed with Storage Headboard

King $2185 $2735
Queen $1465 $1815
Full $1465 $1815
Twin $1335 $1585
Height Width Projection
King 45.75" 83" 90.75"
Queen 45.75" 67" 90.75"
Full 45.75" 61" 85.75"
Twin 45.75" 46" 85.75"
Headboard Only Storage Headboard Only

King $1099 $1249
Queen $699 $849
Full $649 $799
Twin $599 $699

Hidden Storage Door & Drawer Nightstand

Storage Bed Storage Headboard

We also have available for your convenience, Hidden Storage Nightstands. These night stands are available as a door and drawer or three drawer design, depending on your needs. They are also available in several widths to fit your space requirements. Now comes the really fun part, there are two large hidden storage areas in each of these nightstands. The first is a hidden drawer which looks like the base molding of the cabinet. This is an easy access drawer. You simply pull at the edges of the base molding and the drawer opens on ball bearing, full extension glides. What a great place to store items that you’d simply like out of view. Next is the most exciting hidden compartment. The entire top of the night stand is securely locked…but as you place the magnetic latch release in the secret spot, it releases the lock and allows the entire top to roll forward on ball bearing, full extension glides.

Door & Drawer Hidden Storage Nightstand

18" $719 $799
24" $739 $819
30" $789 $869

Hidden Storage Three Drawer Nightstand

Storage Bed Storage Headboard

This is the perfect spot to hide those items that you’d not only like out of site, but you’d also like a bit of security in storing them. Sometimes you hear a bump in the night and want to explore….this hidden storage is the perfect place to secure a flashlight, or a gun for security and safety. It's the perfect place to store medications that you need right at bed time. It's also a great place to secure your “stash” of candy and a book. The items you can store here are numerous, and you have the peace of mind to know that no one can gain access to this hiding spot without the magnetic key and knowledge of where the secret magnetic latch placement is. These night stands can also be conveniently used as end tables next to your sofa or chair in your living room or family room too. Just think of all the possibilities.

Three Drawer Hidden Storage Nightstand

18" $779 $859
24" $799 $879
30" $849 $919

What Options are Available?

The Hiddden Storage Bed is available in Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes. These units are constructed in any of our seven wood species including Knotty Alder and Rustic Cherry. Each of these wood type with thier own unique characteristics and traits. To get the most out of your space consider one of Wilding's side cabinet or home office options. The size, style, and layout of these units allows you to create something truly unique and also allows you the versatility to utilize your guest bedroom for any number of new uses. To top it off, all of these options can be finished in any one of 27 hand applied finish colors. Truly giving you the ability to create a one of a kind piece.

Benefits of a Wilding Wallbed

  • All-wood materials means no particle board. The construction of Wilding Wallbeds are solid. The lack of particle board and the addition of a reinforced metal frame means this bed will be with you for a lifetime.
  • Handpicked Hardwood panels and trim. These beds represent the best in skill and craftsmanship that Wilding Wallbeds has to offer. Accented details bring these beds to life.
  • Easy to assemble and Install. Every Wilding Wallbed comes with detailed step by step instructions, and is backed with first class customer service. The ease of installation makes this a product you can either build into your accommodation or if needed can be disassembled and taken with you.

Focus on Quality

Piston Lift Bed Quality

When it comes to quality in a Murphy bed look no further. Wilding Wallbeds prides itself on industry leading quality and design. The real value in a Wilding Wallbed starts from its all-wood construction. This feature alone sets a Wilding Wallbed out from 90 percent of its competitors. The finish grade ply-core material gives your wallbed the beauty of the all-wood finished product while offering you the strength and durability to last a lifetime. Each and every Wilding Wallbed is entirely manufactured right here in the USA at the production facility in St. George Utah. This means no third party assembly or pricing. They are handmade by skilled furniture makers using some of the finest materials available. The design and engineering of these beds have been time tested and proven. Since 1997 Wilding has been shipping nationwide with tens of thousands of beds in use today.

How is my bed shipped?

Tractor Trailer

Wilding Wallbeds is constantly looking for shipping options that provides customers with the best prices and services on the market. Some customers prefer picking up their product at a local freight terminal while others prefer a team of drivers to unload the product into a room inside the home. The most popular shipping method is Lift Gate Shipping which consists of moving your product into the first dry area (usually a garage or carport). Wilding Wallbeds has years of experience shipping wall beds all over the world. They meticulously package each order to ensure shipping damage does not occur during normal transit conditions.

How do I set up my bed?


Wilding Wallbeds provides professional setup for customers who live in the Southern Utah, Nevada and California areas that are in proximity to Wilding's showrooms. That being said, most orders are shipped directly to the customer's residence. Detailed written and video instructions are available to assist the customer or a local handyman every step of the way. If for any reason a question or concern arises, Wilding Wallbeds has a toll free Customer Service Hotline available during regular office hours.

Toll Free - (866) 877-7803