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Murphybed Drop Down Desk Table

This is the most functional and beautiful drop down table in the industry. This unique drop down table is designed to attach to the face of most vertical Wilding Wallbeds, and produces a table that is 36-48 inches long and 30 inches wide (actual sizes vary depending on model). Recognizing that each of the Wallbed styles has a unique face design, the table leg is designed to match the style of bed you choose. A Presidential bed will have a table with a raised panel leg. A Brittany will have a table that has a flat panel leg. An American Craftsman will have a mission-style leg and the other models will have equally matching legs.

In a spare room or home office, this table functions like a desk giving ample space for craft work, bill-paying, letter writing, lap top use and more. In an apartment where floor space is a challenge, this can be used as a dining table too. Unlike other bed tables in the industry, this drop down table can lock in the up position when your bed is up or you can lower the table into the working position. This gives you the ability to get the table out of your way when you want it gone and lower it when you need the work-space. Other bed tables must be in the down position when the bed is up.

The drop down table is held securely in place by two “thumb-slide” locks positioned in the center of the table, one at the top and one at the bottom. These thumb-slides move just like they sound, just slide them up or down with your thumb. Because of the location of the upper lock (over six feet high) it is out of reach of small children, so there’s no chance of accidentally opening the table.

*Tables are not available on King size beds or Tuscany and Harmony II models. Drop down tables are not available on Bookcase Wallbeds, Murphy Frames or Power Wallbeds. Tables are not available on Side Mount Full and Side Mount Twin models due to size restrictions.


& Mahogany
Park City$465$529
Avery Park$445$504
Brittany II$476$528
Mission Street$528$610
Cape Cod$528$610
*** Not Available on Harmony II or Tuscany ***

Slide Locks