Bedroom Furniture And Wilding Wallbeds


When you think about bedroom furniture in St. George and southern Utah and California, one name comes to mind — Wilding Wallbeds. In the past few decades, members of the Wilding family have developed a tremendous reputation in the area. It all started in 1995. Bob Wilding was happily doing what he loved — working with wood and building custom furniture. He was doing it out of his small garage in St. George, Utah. It was through that reputation that led to a large part of Bob’s business — coming from happy repeat customers and word-of-mouth testimonials.

Bob WildingOne day, Bob got a request to build something different. It was a Murphy Bed. He did a bit of research and ordered a do-it-yourself-kit. This became the very first “Wilding Wallbed.” Once again, the customer was so pleased with the result that he began spreading the word about the beauty, functionality, fair price, and outstanding craftsmanship of this wall bed. Not long after that, having received a few more inquiries about the Murphy Bed, Wilding Wallbeds built a website. Within the first week, the company had three orders — including one from Louisiana. “We have such a rare product; it’s hard for furniture stores to handle,” Bob Wilding said during an interview with the local newspaper. More than 22 years later, that first wall bed was still in use! We have been building and shipping wall beds across the United States and internationally since 1997. 

Since then, Wilding Wallbeds has been at the forefront of innovation in the Murphy Bed and bedroom furniture industry. We designed the first Murphy Bunk Bed in the industry. Then there is the “Hidden Locking Leg”, solid wood bed face, a drop-down table, and other innovations that we have created.


A Quality Lifestyle

One of the many great benefits of our high-quality bedroom furniture — wall beds and Murphy Beds is what it adds to your lifestyle. Whether you are retired and looking to downsize, want extra sleeping options for family, or just enjoy the finer things in life. We believe that making quality bedroom furniture can and will improve and accentuate your life just as much as it does your bedroom. This starts with ensuring that our products are the highest quality possible. 

Dennis Wilding, President and CEO of Wilding Wallbeds explains, “A Murphy Bed is a large, heavy piece of furniture that cantilevers a large portion of its weight almost 7 feet into a room making a great guest bed possible for the consumer, but in so doing creates tremendous torque and lifting force on the bed’s components. We believe that in order to build a long-lasting high-quality Murphy Bed, the materials that go into the bed must be of the highest quality in order for this type of product to last the test of time. Many, and in fact, most furniture products designed for your home today are served quite well with inexpensive particle boards. Not so with a Murphy Bed, which needs to effortlessly lift and lower hundreds of pounds (including a mattress).”

How does this happen? Our furniture grade plywood is actually seven layers of solid wood that are combined to create an extremely durable product to produce bedroom furniture. During the production, the centerpiece of solid wood is put in place with the grain running vertically. Then a layer is added to the top and bottom of the center layer with the grain running side to side. Then two more layers are added — one on the top and one on the bottom where the wood grain is running vertically on both pieces. These five layers of solid wood work together by “cross-graining” to prevent bowing or warping problems.

The last two layers are the wood of your choice for the surface of your bedroom furniture. We use a formaldehyde-free product to bond all of these layers. We do this for the protection of our employees and customers — something that you won’t find with other bedroom furniture companies. This quality of wood is more costly — but well worth the investment for a quality lifestyle. You don’t want to cut corners in the quality of your lifestyle. Don’t settle for bedroom furniture from a company that tries to cut corners and cost just to make you another number. We don’t cut corners in the quality of your product so choose Wilding Wallbeds for your bedroom furniture needs.

Wilding Wallbeds offers beautiful and easy-to-use wall beds in addition to many other creative and multi-functional furniture designs that will help you maximize space in your estate. When you have friends or family over, our wall beds will give them a cozy place to spend the night. We guarantee the best custom furniture. We offer a greater selection of styles, wood types, color choices, cabinet selections, and home office options than any other wall bed or Murphy Bed manufacturer or retailer. We are the manufacturer, so pricing is direct. This can save you thousands of dollars on comparable products.


Why Choose Wilding Wallbeds

Our Murphy Beds and other custom-designed furniture are handmade by skilled craftsmen. We use only the finest solid hardwoods and top quality furniture grade plywoods available today. Our team has combined the high-tech, fast-paced manufacturing toolset with the artisan handcrafted techniques. This phenomenal space-saving furniture allows you to reclaim your valuable floor space. This furniture is designed to last. In fact, all of our wall bed and Murphy Bed options come with a Lifetime Guarantee. Plus, we will match or beat any competitor’s pricing or services. All of this is done in an effort to fulfill the Wilding Wallbeds promise. “Through team efforts, handcrafting the finest quality wall beds and innovative space-saving products that deliver superior value, and creating a positive customer experience through attention to detail and unsurpassed customer service.

Our Showrooms

Wilding Wallbeds has built and maintained its reputation — specifically in the St. George and Southern California areas because of the hard work our team has put in at each of our showrooms. We currently have four showrooms in operation.

  • St. George, UT — Wilding Wallbeds is the premier purveyor of wall beds and this showroom proves it. We have an impressive collection of both Murphy Beds and wall beds that you are going to want to see for yourself. Anytime you are in the St. George area, Apple Valley, Gunlock…wherever — stop in and see us!
  • Chino Hills, CA — This beautiful showroom is next to Chino, Pomona, and Rowland Heights California. It fits right in with the rest of the great shopping available in the area. This location features close to 20 different models of wall beds.
  • El Segundo, CA — We spent months searching for the perfect location for this showroom and we found it — this beautiful and historic seaside community. This is our largest showroom on the west coast and features more than 20 wall bed displays.
  • San Diego, CA — Stop by this showroom to see and feel for yourself the quality of our wall beds and Murphy Beds. This property is centrally located from anywhere in San Diego County and just a short freeway drive from Temecula and San Clemente.


Doing Our Part

In addition to producing the highest quality bedroom furniture that is guaranteed to last for a lifetime, Wilding Wallbeds is committed to doing its part to make sure that the earth and environment last as well. We are working hard in several areas to help save the forests, the air, and energy.

We are fully aware that our living depends on the forest. And healthy forests are a benefit to all people. Growing trees will eliminate poisonous carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This is used by the trees to grow roots, branches, and leaves and then returns oxygen into the atmosphere. Just one acre of trees can get rid of around 13 tons of dust and gasses from the environment. Our goal is to reduce our additions to landfill waste by recycling our hardwood and plywood waste. After taking what we need to build bedroom furniture, our hardwood off-cuts are salvaged and processed into mulch. We use our plywood off-cuts to build the pallets that we use to ship Murphy Beds.

Our policy is to avoid using wood coming from forest areas where high conservation values are threatened by management activities, wood harvested illegally, or wood harvested from areas converted into plantations or non-forest uses. The wood that we use is harvested from a sustainable forestry program called the Hardwood Forestry Fund.

We have also made efforts in the following areas to benefit the environment as we produce bedroom furniture.

  • Energy-saving lighting — We upgraded our production lighting to cutting edge energy-saving lighting. These high efficient bulbs have cut our production facility’s lighting power consumption in half.
  • Clean renewable energy — Our production facility has been retrofitted with solar panels that provide clean renewable energy to power our machines and lighting.
  • Filtered emissions — Our spray booth uses exhaust filters to decrease the emissions from the shop by scrubbing the air before it is released into the environment. These filters make the finishing process safer, cleaner, and more efficient.
  • Recycled solvents — During the furniture manufacturing process solvents, such as paint thinners, stains, and lacquers become contaminated and are considered to be hazardous waste. Wilding Wallbeds has invested in a solvent recycler that allows us to reclaim up to 95% of our solvents.


Call Us Today

We know that it is common for you, as the customer, to be treated like a number instead of a person. Not here. For example, we track our orders by the customer name instead of an invoice number like many of our competitors. We work hard to make sure that the quality of our customer service matches up to the quality of our bedroom furniture. Our sales associates strive to become familiar with your specific needs and desired design to create the perfect room in your home. Just as when Bob started the company all those years ago, our reputation and word-of-mouth testimonials are a huge part of how we provide the best customer service possible and make our customers feel listened to and appreciated.