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Welcome to Chino Hills California. We are next to Chino, Pomona and Rowland Heights California. Chino Hills has great shopping and great food. But it also has Chino Hills Wilding Wallbeds showroom. Here in our Chino Hills Wilding Wallbed store you will find helpful and courteous staff. And 18 different models of your wallbeds. There are four different models I would like to introduce you to.

Bookcase Wallbed

The Bookcase Wallbed would appeal to anyone that love a beautiful bookcase in their home that also could function as a bed. This bookcase comes in two different varieties. The standard bookcase and the bi-fold bookcase. Both are the same width but the bi-fold has four columns of shelving rather than two. The bookcase wallbed comes in a variety of woods, stains and finishes. Want to really set this bookcase off? Add lighting to your bookcase. By the time you finish picking out your bookcase it will be a piece of art that is fully tailored to your personality. And fully functional for your guests.

Newport Murphy Bed

The Newport Murphy Bed is part of our more economical line of beds. But don’t let that trick you into thinking that because it is economical it isn’t beautiful. It is both beautiful and stylish. It has beadboard which really brings out the beauty of this bed. What is beadboard you ask? Beadboard is solid wood panels evenly spaced with grooves. This gives the bed a texture that you wouldn’t see in one of our other models. This bed comes in a variety of woods and stains and finishes. Each stain and finish accentuate the beauty of the beadboard. And finally after picking out the perfect wood, stain and finish you will need to accent that bed with our beautiful cabinets that can be stained to perfectly match your bed.

Remington Murphy Bed

The Remington Murphy Bed is a beautiful wall bed that is a spring lift system. That means that this bed is easy to pull down at night for your guest and just as easy to put back the next day when your guest has left. It comes in your choice of solid Oak, Alder, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany. It can also be side mounted. Meaning that the bed would horizontal when put away rather than vertical when put away. This makes the Remington model look longer rather than taller. And of course with all of our models the choice to accent your wallbed with a cabinet is highly recommended.

Brittany Wallbed

The Brittany Wallbed is a part of our HomeFront Series Wallbeds. This beautiful bed comes with a choice of crown molding for a more elegant look or a square molding that gives a more modern look. This bed comes with a locking leg mechanism that locks the bed into the upright position. Unless both legs are moved the bed won’t pull down. This is a great idea if you have small children in the home. The great thing about this bed is that one of the options for this bed is a drop down table attached to the face of the bed. This table is durable and a beautiful add on. This bed comes in a variety of woods, stains and finishes. Once you are finished picking out your bed and the way you want your bed to look then it is time to decide what you want to accent that bed. We have a variety of cabinets to choose from. We also have lighting that you can add as well as power outlets.

I have now told you about just four of the different models of beds we have at the Chino Hills California Wilding Wallbeds showroom. Let us show you the many different models we have in the store. We also have many more beds online that you can choose from and that our fast, friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you with.

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