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There is something about a Murphy Bed that people like, maybe nostalgia for an earlier time or the allure of the unexpected. You don't expect a gorgeous queen size bed to elegantly descend out of a artful's a bit magical! Wilding Wallbeds is the premier purveyor of St. George wall beds and you have to see these beautiful beds to believe them! We have a beautiful store in St. George Utah, but we can also ship any of our wall beds across the US. They are easy to setup and install, all come with detailed instructions and a tutorial video, so you really can do it yourself! We have an impressive collection of Murphy Beds and Wall Beds for every kind of space and taste. We have full size wall beds set in Cabinets, Bunk Beds Wallbeds, beds with desks, Hidden Storage Beds and more.


Murphy Beds & Wall Beds - These are the kind of traditional murphy bed style people think of first...a bed that comes down from a wall or cabinet. Ours descend on quiet and strong lift mechanisms that are easy to operate, always smooth, never “jerky”. We have 4 different kinds of lifting mechanisms so one will be perfect for your bed and needs. Our wall beds are made from premium plywoods and solid woods and come in a vast selection of colors, finishes and styles. We also can customize many beds for size and style, so if you have a special space or idea in mind, we can build a bed to fit it.

Bunk Bed

We make bunk beds! - Our bunk beds are made in our HomeFront and Gallery designs, both are stylish and fit into any decor style. They are sturdy enough to provide years of comfort for kids and adults. These are perfect for kids rooms, and also for other areas you might not think of right away, such as cabins, vacation homes, fire stations, and dormitory situations. They operate on a very quiet piston system and are so easy to bring down and back up.

Desk Bed

Desk beds - Desk beds? Yes! These are so cool! They are a murphy bed that has a desk mounted to the cabinet that you can work on during the day (or whatever your waking hours are) and then when you are ready to sleep, the desk folds up underneath the bed when it is lowered. Imagine the space you can save by having a desk and a bed in the same space. Imagine you're struggling to meet a deadline at your work in St. George and you have to work late. Instead of driving home to Hurricane and back to work in a few hours, install a Desk Bed in your office and you can eliminate those late night commutes and still sleep in style and comfort. We make two very unique styles of a desk bed, the Disappearing Desk Bed and the Studio Desk Bed. Both are excellent investments if you work a lot of late hours. They are also ideal for your Home Office! The desks are fully functional by day and then your brother in law plays golf late in Bloomington he can just pop in for a nights sleep on his way through and won’t have to sleep on the couch. Perfect for turning work space into guest space in an instant.

Storage Bed

Hiddden Storage Beds - These are beds that don’t come down from a wall, but lift up to reveal a large storage space underneath them… great for families or apartments or homes that don’t have a lot of built in storage.

Bookcase Bed

Bookcase Wallbeds - These look like dignified bookshelves, but pivot open to reveal a bed that pulls down. A great addition to a home office or even a family room for guest sleeping… or an indulgence for lazy weekends spent lounging in bed, reading all day!

Anytime you are in the St. George area, Apple Valley, Gunlock...wherever, you are close to beautiful attractions and that brings guests to your home. Spoil them (or yourself!) with a wallbed. Come into our gorgeous St. George Showroom to see our wall beds in person or to get a Free Quote for what you might be interested in! We'd love to get you sleeping on one of our exquisite and convenient wall beds right away!

St. George, Utah Showroom