Wondering Where to Buy Murphy Beds? Wilding Wallbeds Has You Covered


We Are the Largest Murphy Bed Manufacturer and Retailer In the US

Where To Buy A Wall BedIf you have friends or relatives visiting but don’t have enough room for a full-sized bed, wall beds (also known as Murphy beds) are a great way of giving them a place to stay as well as adding valuable storage space to your home. If you are wondering where to buy Murphy beds, Wilding Wallbeds has tons of great products.

Wallbeds are a great asset as they can be installed in virtually any room, and function in such a way as to give you more storage space, which means less overall clutter. Wallbeds are also easy to use and provide more floor space for family activities and for your children to play. Wilding Wallbeds is the largest wallbed manufacturing and retailer of wall beds in the US. If you are looking for a Murphy bed store near your location, choose Wilding Wallbeds. We have a wide variety of products to choose from, including:

One of our most popular products in any of our Murphy bed stores nearby is the Remington model, with a four-panel face and solid wood trim, it has a standard depth of 16” when it is put away, making it both a stylish and practical option for any style of home decor. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and is one of our most affordable models.

Our dual-functioning models function as both beds and another kind of important furniture. Our Disappearing Desk Bed can be used as a desk for your office by day, and a comfortable bed at night. It is designed with our high quality, furniture grade plywood and solid wood, and can hold plenty of weight. We also have the Studio Desk model, with which you can raise or lower your bed without altering the desk, meaning it remains parallel to the floor no matter what position the bed is in. This way you can leave items on your desk while lowering your bed, which is a great way of saving time. Finally, our Drop Down Desk Table models function as Murphy beds with an additional pull-out desk when the bed is in a vertical position, making it an elegant and practical option for your office.

Where to buy a wall bedAnother great way to maximize your real estate is with our Bookcase Wallbeds. This model functions as both a bookcase and as a Murphy bed. All you need to do is slide your shelves to the side, which remain vertical, and then pull down your mattress for a great night’s sleep. This model is available in the Standard Bookcase or the Bi-fold Bookcase. This is easily one of the classiest products you can find in our Murphy bed store near you.

If you are not necessarily looking for a wall bed, but still want to maximize the storage space in your home, then our Storage Bed model is the perfect product for you. Simply lift up your bed to reveal a large storage space within the frame. Here you can store plenty of objects, such as golf clubs, fishing rods, guns, sports gear, seasonal decorations, snowboards, and skis. This model is also available with additional storage mechanisms, such as:

If you need some extra room and sleeping space for your children, our Murphy Bunk Beds function as standard Murphy beds which fold out in both a top and bottom bunk. The top bunk comes with a guard rail for safety, as well as a ladder and pillow guards. This is a safe and efficient way of improving your children’s living space. If you need more space in your home for your children, come into our Murphy bed store near you and ask about our Bunk Beds.

For people who work from home, our Home Office furniture products are incredibly useful and efficient, giving you a place to both work in and live in. With this product you can have both a functional office and a bedroom at the same time, saving you a lot of space. The Home Office is also available with a variety of different features, such as:

  • Slideouts
  • Glass doors
  • Glass shelves
  • Cabinet lights
  • Locking file drawers
  • Various wood types and stain covers

Our Home Office furniture styles match our many wall bed styles, so ordering them together will help to ensure a uniform match in wood grain and stain color. This model is made with high-quality wood, meaning no particleboard, and is designed in such a way as to be efficient, stylish, and comfortable all at the same time. 

Where To Buy A Wall BedEveryone’s preferred design and layout are different, so we will work with you in order to provide you the perfect custom fit for your home’s unique layout. If you work from home and need some extra space, Wilding Wallbeds has some excellent products in our Murphy bed store near your location.

We don’t just design products for home use. Our wallbeds have been gaining popularity in professional fields as well. The combination of aesthetic appeal and functionality make our products ideal for environments like hospitals, firehouses, hotels and motels, timeshares, and shelters. During the day, our wallbeds create a setting of professionalism and style, and during the night function as comfortable places to get a good night’s sleep.

Some products available from this line in our Murphy bed stores include:

  • Exam Table
  • Work Station
  • Bookshelf
  • Wardrobe 

Remember to check out our blog for more information about our products and services. Wilding Wallbeds is proud to offer high quality, efficient, and stylish wallbeds. That is why we are the biggest wallbed manufacturing and retailer in the US. To find us, just search “where to buy Murphy beds” and you are guaranteed to find some amazing products from our company.