Wilding Wallbeds Sleep Clinic

Convert your space into a fully functional sleep lab

Use the exam table for day, and bed for night sleep study

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Required Wallspace

Bed all closed Desk open Bed open Exam open

Right and left cabinets may be reversed | Additional cabinets and configurations available | XL = Same length of Queen

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Wallbeds for Sleep Clinics

Wilding Wallbeds are certainly not just for home use. Wallbeds are gaining popularity by leaps and bounds for the professional setting too. Wilding Wallbeds add order, beauty and function to any commercial setting. Firehouses, Sleep Labs, Hotels & Motels, Time shares, Hospitals and Shelters are perfect examples of this. These beautiful Wallbeds and Murphy beds provide a wonderfully professional setting during the day and give a wonderfully comfortable night's sleep during the night.

The Wilding Quality

Wilding Wallbeds are designed to last. Wilding has combined the high-tech, fast-paced manufacturing toolset with the artisan handcrafted techniques. All this was done in an effort to consistently create a product that was intended to beautifully stand the test of time.

Living Green

We understand that the forest provides us our living. Wilding committed early on to refine its relationships and processes to minimize our impact on the environment.

How They are Shipped

Wilding Wallbeds builds the highest quality of Wallbeds on the market. Every finished job is a masterpiece and it is treated as such. Our customers appreciate the peace of mind that their furnishings will arrive in perfect condition.


Side Cabinetry Options

Sleep Clinic Exam Table

Exam Table

Fold down exam table for normal day-to-day exam room functions without compromise.

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Sleep Clinic Work Station Desk

Work Station

Practitioner and technician desk for daytime charting, medical reference, and other dailty duties.

Patient desk at night for sleep testing paperwork.

Work Station Video >
Sleep Clinic Bookshelf


Displays your reading material, decorations, or even medical equipment beautifully.

Bookshelf Video >
Sleep Clinic Wardrobe Storage


Great storage option for patient’s clothing during nighttime testing. The drawers below make a magnificent option for extra medical supplies.

Wardrobe Video >

News & Events

Antimicrobial Protection

Wilding Wallbeds is excited to announce the availability of our new Antimicrobial Protection option using Sherwin-Williams finishes with Microban® Protection. This product is added during the finishing process and inhibits the growth of microbes, keeps products cleaner and controls odors by preventing problems before they start.
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Furniture That Could Shape the Future of the Sleep Clinic

Over 40 million people aren't getting enough sleep

There has been an elevated awareness of sleep benefits and necessity among the general population. In the not so distant past the issue of sleep was treated as an afterthought or inconvenience. However, advances in the sleep sciences have uncovered its ties to everything from obesity to diabetes, heart and stroke risks, as well as auto accidents.
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Will It Hold It? Episode 01

To open the campaign, Wilding Wallbed decided to come out of the gates strong with their first video putting a Volkswagen Jetta on top of a Wilding Wallbed. Check out the video to see what happened.
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Will It Hold It? Episode 02

To follow up with the Jetta we placed a 3,700 pound Hot Tub with people on top of a Wilding Wallbed. Check out the video to see what happened.
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