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Have you heard of the huge Tiny house movement across the nation? Tiny homes are showing up in all areas of the US and internationally as people are downsizing their lives. The idea behind the Tiny home is to leave behind the mortgage and other things that tie you down without sacrificing life’s experiences like travel and recreation. In adopting the Tiny home lifestyle, homeowners find that minimalism leads to a simpler yet fuller life. It’s easier to connect with the outdoors when you can pull your home there in an hour or two.

Short Term or Long Term Residences Are Your Choice.

Since Tiny homes are growing in popularity, Tiny Home villages and communities are springing up here and there around the country. Many Tiny Homes remain mobile so home owners can connect with new found friends in the mountains for a time, then as adventure calls, Tiny Home owners can relocate to the beach or the desert for more fun and exploration. Tiny Homes are tiny, yes, but they also come with all the comforts that you need. Though most Tiny Homes are less than 200 square feet, they will feature a Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, TV, AC/Heat.

Creature Comforts

Tiny mobile homes

Comfort is critically important even in a Tiny Home. If you don’t sleep well, instead of spending your days in adventure, activities and exploration, the days could be tortuous with stiff and sore muscles. A simple and wonderful way to increase comfort in a Tiny Home is by the addition of a Wilding Wallbed or Murphy Bed. There is simply not a better fit for a Tiny Home than a Wallbed or Murphy bed.

Did you know that a Queen size Wallbed or Murphy Bed will store itself in the closed position in less than eight square feet? This is one of the keys to Tiny Home Lifestyle. Functional furnishings like your dining room and your bed need to be able to get out of your way during the day. With a Wallbed you simply lift it out of the way for your daytime activities. Wallbeds and Murphy beds can also feature the very best in modern sleep comfort. Wilding Wallbeds offers a full line up of specially crafted Serta Perfect Sleepers and Serta iComfort mattresses, which produce all the comfort that you’re used to in your master bedroom. Each of the mattresses are designed specifically for use in a Wilding Wallbed.

Bad Things Can Happen to Good Mattresses

Slumping Mattress

When a mattress company builds a mattress, it has been engineered to perform that way that we sleep, horizontally. When standard mattresses sit on their end all day long they will “slump”. A slump is where gravity pulls the coil and or the foam down toward the floor and creates an unsightly and uncomfortable bump toward the head of the bed. When this slump appears, the mattress is ruined. You can’t simply rotate the mattress and have the slump straighten out. To fix a slump, you have to buy a new mattress. Wilding Wallbeds has gone the extra mile in partnering with Serta Mattress to develop a line of mattresses that are built specifically for use in a Wallbed. The changes in design allow the mattress to sand on its end without slumping. Step one is the reconfiguration of the spring system or foam core of the mattress. In a spring core mattress, Serta surrounds the top and bottom edge of the coil system with a border rod. The border rod is positioned like a race track that surrounds the upper and lower side of the coil system. Every coil around the entire perimeter of the coil system is attached at both the top and bottom of the coil to this border rod. This process secures the coil so that it can’t slump. This reengineering makes it possible for the mattress to stand on end with no negative repercussions.

Next, Serta addresses the foam issue. In the production of a mattresses there are traditionally two packages of foam. First is the quilt package, which consists of three or four layers of padding. As the name indicates, these layers are quilted together, so this is not the problem package. Because of the quilting it ensures that the padding won’t slump. The problem layers are called the upholstery package. In nearly all cases this upholstery package, with consists of three or four layers of foam are just loose laid in on top of the coil system. As you position a mattress on it’s end, these are the foams that will slump. Serta’s fix for this problem is to quilt this upholstery package. They then connect the upholstery package with the quilt package and attach these both to the border rod. In the end, you have a mattress that has been engineered for use in a Wallbed. This ensures that you will maintain the comfort and durability of your mattress selection in your Wallbed. You rest peacefully all night and spend your days in adventure without worry about damaging your mattress.

Recent Tiny Home Giveaway

The giveaway was held in St. George, Utah, at the Red Cliffs Mall, one of the event’s co-sponsors, before a huge crowd hosted by KONY personalities Amy Chesley and Marty Lane. Teena Cowan drew the winning key for the 16-foot long home on wheels built by Zion’s Tiny Homes that sleeps two and is equipped with a storage loft, kitchen, bathroom with waterfall sink, queen-sized Wilding Wallbeds Sofa Wallbed and much more. “I am so happy, I am just thrilled,” Cowan said after winning, noting that she was still shaking with excitement. Cowan was presented with the keys to the tiny home by Zion’s Tiny Homes owner Autumn McGregor.

Tiny Home Giveaway Tiny Home Giveaway Tiny Home Giveaway

“When I first decided to give a tiny home away, I said to myself, ‘We’re doing this for people in need, and I’m praying and hoping that someone gets it who really needs it,” McGregor said, “and I’m really glad that happened.” Cowan works at Southern Utah Animal Hospital and is married to a police officer of over 45 years. She is the grandmother of 11 children. “And this is just in time because Teena is getting ready to retire,” Chesley said. “Perfect timing,” Cowan said, adding that she is excited to go on outings with her grandchildren and husband in her new tiny home. The home is equipped with various items from giveaway co-sponsors, including a queen-sized Murphy bed by Wilding Wallbeds, furnishings from Passport Home Furnishings, a 32-inch flat-screen TV from Bruce’s Rent To Own, towels and accessories from Dillard’s and other products from the Lifetime Store in St. George.

Zion’s Tiny Homes specializes in tiny home recreational vehicles with the motto of “live free, live happy, live tiny.” The homes are all custom built and are fully outfitted with a kitchen, bathroom, shower and a mini split system for cooling and heating. St. George News videographer Michael Egbert contributed to this story.

Wilding Wallbeds was a perfect fit for this Tiny Home Give away project. “We were able to contribute our, very popular, Park City style Sofa Wallbed in White. The light color helped maximize the tiny space available,” Said Dan Wilding. The sofa portion gives this unit a dual function as an indoor sitting area and as a comfortable bedroom. This entire unit, sofa included, fits comfortably into only 22 square feet while in the stored position. To convert this sofa Wallbed from bedroom to sitting area takes just a few seconds. The sofa seat and back cushions are loose and simply slide off the sofa body allowing the Wallbed portion to deploy directly over the seat of the Sofa.

RV, Cabin, Or Home

It’s all your choice, and the wonderful thing about a Tiny Home is it can function with the mobility of an RV, moving from location to location as needed or as a permanently fixed Cabin on a beautifully wooded mountain lot positioned next to the calm clear mountain lake of your choice or in a Tiny Home Village of your choice. Another use that home owners are finding, Tiny Homes are perfect for use as a guest house on your current property. This creative owner included a minimalist greenhouse as an add-on to their Tiny “mountain” Home.

Living off the grid

Many of us dream of living “off the grid”. With battery, propane and solar options available. Living off the grid has never been so easy. Thinking of it sounds like a dream come true, no gas bill, electric bill or mortgage.

A tiny home may not be perfect for everyone, but the rising numbers of Tiny Home sales show that there is a growing segment of society that finds the Tiny Home lifestyle perfect for them. If this freedom appeals to you, contact Zion’s Tiny Home, or search the internet for the nearest Tiny Home manufacturer and see what they have to offer. I think you will be pleasantly surprised as you realize how easily you can enjoy Tiny Home lifestyle.

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