The Sofa Murphy Bed


A Murphy Bed That Converts To A Couch!

Transform your TV room into a comfortable guest room in just seconds.
That sounds like a dream come true…Yes it is.

Wilding Wallbeds has developed a wonderful new Sofa Murphy Bed that you’ve just got to see. The Sofa Murphy Bed is just one more way Wilding Wallbeds has married both space-saving with functionality. This is a perfect solution for those who have an entertainment room or living room and don’t want to lose any of your seating space. We imagine that your home is similar to ours. We use it all. Real estate is expensive and we don’t have money lying around for a “museum” type room…you know the kind of room that you look at and very rarely use. In our homes, it’s all used for day to day living. Like many others, occasionally we have guests that come to visit. The Sofa Murphy Bed solution allows the use of a Murphy Bed in a living room or entertainment room without compromising valuable space for seating. It folds down over the Sofa allowing one to take advantage of a true Premium Mattress. This new furniture line represents a departure from Wilding Wallbeds previous collections by adding a seating option that contributes to a common-sense solution that is uniquely a Wilding trait. The Sofa Murphy Beds are available in Oak, Maple, Alder, Cherry, and Mahogany Wood as well as a full palette of finish colors. The Wilding’s unparalleled craftsmanship and finishes combined with the soft and easy colors and textures of the custom upholstery allow for a simplistic design that pairs with both modern and traditional pieces.

Guest on Couch

We love guests but it also presents a degree of difficulty when we need to figure out where to sleep them for the night. Putting them up in a hotel is out of the question…they came to see us and we want them around. Our guest’s comfort is also a major focus for us. We want our guests to feel welcome and comfortable; after all, they are friends and family. We’ve experienced, explored, and tried all sorts of solutions for our guests. Some of those attempts include things like sleeper sofas or the blow-up airbeds, etc. The ultimate test, is how do your guests feel about the comfort of these solutions in the morning? We’ve found that our guests simply sleep better on the Sofa Murphy Bed and no other solution has been as convenient or as comfortable. We know this too because they voluntarily express it in the morning. Our guests will happily and enthusiastically agree that they too, sleep better on the Sofa Murphy Bed.

Murphy Bed vs. Sleeper Sofa

Cat on Sofa

Our experience with sofa sleepers has never been a good one. Some of us have found relief by taking the skinny little excuse for a mattress off the torture-chamber-type-spring-system in the middle of the night and elected to sleep on the floor instead of the sleeper sofa. That is not the experience that we want for our guests. Wilding’s vision of a guestroom is one where the guests actually sleep…and we should add that you too, sleep comfortably in your own mattress, knowing perfectly well that your guests are comfortably counting sheep, in their sleep, on the mattress of Wilding Wallbed’s Sofa Murphy Bed. You’ve got to try one out for yourself. We’re quite confident that you will agree with us and our guests. There is simply no contest in the comparison between the old sleeper sofa mattress and Wilding’s Sofa Murphy Bed.

Collaboration Of Industry Leaders

The Sofa Murphy Bed was part of a collaboration between Wilding Wallbeds, Serta Mattresses, and Intermountain Furniture. Wilding Wallbeds is a company that has been making premium Murphy Style Wallbeds for over two decades. Serta is one of the most recognized names in the mattress business and would provide a line of mattresses specifically for Wilding Wallbed’s line of Murphy style Wallbeds. Intermountain Furniture has been in the business of making quality upholstery and case good furniture since its inception in 1928. This collaboration of industry leaders allowed the Sofa Murphy Bed by Wilding Wallbeds to become a reality.


Mattress Options (i.e. comfort options)

Comfortable Bed

Wilding offers a dozen options in varying styles and qualities of Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattresses as an option for their Sofa Murphy Bed. For those of you in “the city”, this Sofa Murphy Bed may not be the guest room but may actually be your master bedroom and living room too. Wilding Wallbed’s selection of mattresses also includes the newest iComfort Mattresses by Serta. These compete head to head with other, master bedroom quality, memory foam mattresses and they come off conqueror every time. Serta’s iComfort mattresses use specially formulated gel-infused memory foams with the dual-action “PCM” beads to help you sleep cooler in the summer and comfortable all winter too, all the while reducing the pressure points for “weightless” sleep. If your room is an occasional guest room instead, no problem, Wilding has a series of Serta mattresses built specifically for the occasional guest room too. Additionally, if you’d like a mattress which is designed for kids, we’ve got those too. All you need to do is explain the way your room will be used and one of our sales representatives can guide you to a wonderful choice for your mattress, one that you’ll have confidence in too.

Is The Sofa Comfortable? Is It Going To Last?


Yes, and yes. Wilding Wallbeds has teamed up with Intermountain Furniture in the creation of the sofa component of the Sofa Murphy Bed product. Intermountain is a quality upholstery company that has been in business since 1928. They definitely know what they are doing. Seat and back cushions employ wonderfully comfortable and durable, high-density foams with Hollow Polyester Fiber wrapping to add depth of comfort and aesthetic appeal. The all-wood frame and springs are guaranteed for life. Additional quality techniques such as wrap around self-healing zippers and fully reversible cushions are also found in the sofa. Lastly, a patented and unique coupling clip system has been employed that attaches the arms of the sofa to the body. The major benefit here is that the sofa can be separated into smaller pieces, making it easier to move to another home or room if needed. These patented clips have a lifetime guaranty as well. You have to know, if Wilding offers the product, it is built “bullet-proof”. For convenience and selection, Wilding Wallbeds offers this wonderful little sofa in five color choices.

Gray Fabric


Sky Mist Fabric

Sky Mist

Pecan Fabric


Linen Fabric


Mango Fabric


Can I Use The Sofa Murphy Bed As My Master Bedroom Bed?

Sofa Murphy Bed

Absolutely! This is built for everyday use. Just leave your sheets and blankets on your bed. There is no need to strip the bedding to store the mattress in the up position. Sheets and blankets will comfortably fold up, out of the way for the day. When you’re ready to slip off to slumber-land, simply lower the Murphy Bed and all is ready for use. The Murphy Bed mechanism is commercially rated and has a lifetime guarantee.

What Color And Wood Choices Do I Have?

Seven standard, real wood varieties, plus 20 standard finishes give you more options than you’ll find anywhere else. Additionally, if you need to match the paint color in your room, or match a piece of existing furniture, it is not a problem for Wilding Wallbeds. You simply mail us a sample and we will custom match it for you. Painted finishes have risen dramatically in popularity in the current furniture climate. Wilding uses Sherwin Williams products and has access to their entire paint deck of selections, so you nearly have an endless supply of choices and colors.

What Is The Process Of Ordering The Sofa Murphy Bed?

Wilding Wallbeds is available by phone and online chat or you can order directly online. The most common is to call us directly at 866-877-7803. One of our friendly and capable Wilding Wallbeds team members will help you get exactly what you need. We will present you with the questions to help clarify and guide you through getting what you want and need. We are confident that you will enjoy the entire process of exploration, ordering, shipping, and installation. Wilding goes the extra mile, over and over again to make this process simple and joyful.

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