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Wallbeds, sometimes referred to as Murphy beds, are a convenient way of saving space in your home, which means less clutter and more room for family activities. If you have family or friends coming to visit, you will be able to give them a great night’s sleep with our cozy and stylish products. At Wilding Wallbeds, you will find beautiful and easy-to-use wallbeds, and we have plenty of different features, sizes, and styles for you to choose from in our unique furniture store near your location. We offer wallbeds that can be installed in all kinds of inconspicuous places, as well as other multi-functional furniture that can give you extra storage space and security.Choose Wilding Wallbeds for Unique Furniture Store Near You

Wilding Wallbeds also offers showrooms of all of our unique furniture store products in:


  • San Diego: 7944 Miramar Road, 92126 | (858) 578-0627

  • El Segundo: 446 Main Street, 90245 | (424) 277-0063

  • Chino Hills: 4200 Chino Hills Parkway Suite 600, 91709 | (909) 680-4141

Walk-ins are always welcome. This way, you can come in and see, feel, and assess our products for yourself, before you decide on purchasing them. It’s always good to be able to try your products out before buying them, so you know exactly what you’re getting from our unique furniture store in Southern California.

Wilding Wallbeds guarantees aesthetic and functional products, some of which include:


  • Remington Wallbeds

  • Dual Function Desk Beds

  • Bunk Wall Beds

  • Home Office Furniture

  • Clinical Pro Series Furniture


One of our most popular products is our Remington wall bed model, which has a classic shaker style four-panel face with beautiful solid wood trim, as well as ogee style crown molding. This product has a standard depth of 16” when not in use, which makes it great for increasing that valuable living space and provides a comfortable bed for the occasional overnight guest. The Remington’s spring lift mechanism makes it very light and easy to use, while also remaining durable, and comes with a lifetime warranty. This product has a high ISO rating of 9,000, meaning it can be used in commercial settings such as hotels, hospitals, and sleep clinics. This product is available in:


  • King: Oak, Alder – $2599 | Cherry, Maple, Mahogany – $2999

  • Queen: Oak, Alder – $2099 | Cherry, Maple, Mahogany – $2309

  • Full: Oak, Alder – $2099 | Cherry, Maple, Mahogany – $2309

  • Twin: Oak, Alder $1839 | Cherry, Maple, Mahogany – $2049


Side Mount

  • Queen: Oak, Alder – $2259 | Cherry, Maple, Mahogany – $2469

  • Full: Oak, Alder – $2259 | Cherry, Maple, Mahogany – $2469

  • Twin: Oak, Alder $1999 | Cherry, Maple, Mahogany – $2209


Our Dual Function Desk Beds are a great idea for people with home offices who are looking for an innovative way of conserving their living space, and Wilding Wallbeds has a few different options available in this particular line. The Disappearing Desk Bed is a 25” deep desk which allows you to lower your bed while keeping your desktop perfectly parallel to the floor, so none of your items are displaced in the process, making it an efficient and time-saving choice for your office. It is available in Queen, Full, and Twin size. If you work from home, come into our unique furniture store near your location. You are guaranteed to find something that will improve your office.

Another option that can be added to many of our wallbeds is the Drop Down Desk Table. This is a desk that can be lowered and folded out while your wallbed is in the upright position. This simple and elegant device is great for people who need some extra workspace at home.

Our Bunk Wall Bed is an excellent product for people with young children who are looking to improve their living space. This product functions as a Murphy bed which includes an upper and a lower bunk. It comes with a guard rail for the top bunk in ensure safety, as well as a ladder and pillow guards, and its dimensions make it easy to install in virtually any room of your home:

  • Height: 89.5”

  • Width: 81.5”

  • Depth: 17”

  • Projection: 44”

At Wilding Wallbeds, we are happy to provide a safe way of maximizing your children’s playing area in their rooms. The Bunk Wall Bed features:

  • All wood construction (no particle board)

  • Solid Wood Ladder

  • Solid Wood Guard Rails

  • Strong Arm System

  • Solid Wood Moldings

  • Commercial Grade Mechanism

Prices include:

  • Oak: $3259

  • Maple, Alder: $3359

  • Cherry, Mahogany: $3889

Our Home Office furniture collection has everything you need if you work from home and want to maximize your valuable real estate space. These efficient products are functional office space equipment by day and a comfortable place to sleep at night. Some features available in this product line are:Unique Furniture Store Near You

  • Slideouts

  • Glass doors

  • Glass shelves

  • Cabinet lights

  • Locking file drawers

  • Various wood types and stain covers

Wilding Wallbeds has many different Home Office furniture styles to go with our various wallbed styles, and because everyone’s preferred design and layout are different, it is a good idea to order them at the same time to make sure you get the style of decor that is right for you.

We have so many unique furniture store products at Wilding Wallbeds, not all of which need to be confined to a private home or office use. Our products have been used in commercial areas such as hotels, hospitals, firehouses, timeshares, and shelters. Our Clinical Pro Series includes products that are both aesthetically appealing and efficient ways of helping companies with their various services. Some products available from this line in our unique furniture store near you include:

  • Exam Table

  • Work Station

  • Bookshelf

  • Wardrobe

Wilding Wallbeds is proud to offer some of the highest quality and most unique furniture store products in the US, and with our walk-in ready showrooms in San Diego, El Segundo, and Chino Hills, you are welcome to come in and see them for yourself. We guarantee customer satisfaction at our professional and unique furniture store in Southern California.