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Why Buy Custom Furniture From Wilding Wallbeds?

Why Buy Custom Furniture From Wilding Wallbeds?

Wilding Wallbeds are made to last. Our high quality wall beds combine high-tech and a fast-paced manufacturing tool set with handcrafted artisan techniques. Our products are designed to stand the test of time beautifully. We partner with quality suppliers that support our goal of building superior products.
When you are choosing from our vast array of available products, you will consistently be reminded of the top-notch quality in Wilding Wallbeds. Our quality measures above all others and our level of excellence speaks for itself.
We carry more than just wall beds and all of our products are built with the quality that you can count on at Wilding Wallbeds. Some of our other great products include:

  • Bookcase Wallbeds

  • Hidden Storage Bed

  • Bunk Wall Bed

  • Dual Function Desk Beds

  • Home Office Cabinets

  • Power Wallbeds

All of our products are customizable from sizes, to hardware, to wood stain! Head into one of our showrooms today, located in Chino Hills, El Segundo and San Diego to see what we have to offer.

Buying Custom Furniture for a Bookcase Wallbed

Why Buy Custom Furniture From Wilding WallbedsIs the bed in your guest room taking up all the space you would like to use for your personal library? Our bookcase wallbeds combine guest comfort and convenient bookcase storage. Ordering custom furniture has never been more accommodating! Our bookcase wallbeds come in twin, full and queen sizes. Available in Oak, Alder, Maple, Cherry and Mahogany you’ll have your pick of the perfect finish to compliment your room. With bi-fold or standard open options you will be able to find the style that fits your space. Our great customizable options don’t end there! We also offer options for:

  • Lighting

  • Power Outlets

  • Finishes

  • Mattresses

  • Side Cabinets

  • And More!

Why Buy Custom Furniture? Storage!

What does everyone always seem to need more of in their home? Storage! There never seems to be enough room for all of our stuff. This problem always seems exceptionally clear in bedrooms. With clothes, shoes and all sorts of other items that need to be stowed in a room that is mostly taken up with a huge bed, where else does the stuff have to go? Often the floor, or on the bed itself! Get organized with Wilding Wallbeds Hidden Storage Bed! This is the space saving solution you’ve been looking for!
There is no need for a box spring with our storage bed, the lifting deck replaces the box spring. The lifting deck uses a slat system that makes your mattress feel just as though you had your box spring. You will not be sacrificing any comfort! With a convenient strap at the foot of the storage bed you will easily be able to lift the mattress all while the bedding and pillows stay in place. The space where you previously had a box spring and bed frame will now be a huge storage space! The bed deck and all of your bedding just drop back into place when you are done!
Available in twin, full, queen and king sizes starting at $1335. You’ll have options for headboard storage, hidden nightstand drawers and storage, wood finishes and more.

Fun Meets Functional: The Bunk Wall Bed

Our Bunk Wallbeds are perfect for the kid’s room. These great beds help save valuable space for playing. These bed can fold up to the wall during the day for unobstructed playtime. At night they can fold down for a fun place for two to sleep. Available in twin and extra long twin with a selection of beautiful styles and finishes. To check out these fun and functional beds stop into our nearest showroom.

Dual Function Desk Beds and Home Office Storage

Turn your office into the guest bedroom with a touch of the hand! We have several great options for your home office desk. Our disappearing desk beds, the sleek and simple studio desk and easy drop down tables will help you make the most of your space. Why Buy Custom Furniture From Wilding Wallbeds

Put together the perfect office with our home office cabinets. Pick and choose from our custom pieces. You’ll be able to select from upper and lower cabinets to truly make your home office a custom space with the greatest functionality. Buying custom furniture is a breeze with our helpful staff. A phone call is usually the easiest way to help us determine your space constraints and allow us to design an office that is exactly what you’ve been hoping for. 

Why Buy Custom Furniture? The Power of Wilding Wallbeds

At a touch of a button your bed will automatically appear. You’ll no longer have to worry about lifting your bed yourself. Our power wallbed is remote operated and has adjustable power settings. This amazing wall bed does not need to be attached to the wall, it literally stands by itself! Our power wallbeds can hide a mattress in plain sight. Our beautiful pieces can function as an entertainment center or a shelving unit. Only available in a queen size, this amazing wall bed come in a variety of finishes and styles. With options for additional bookcases and storage you will be able to create a truly stunning and functional piece for your home!

The tried and true Zoom-Room mechanism will reliably stow your bed with our five-year warranty on all moving parts. Unlike other wallbeds, you will need to remove bedding before closing to ensure that blankets and sheets do not become entangled in the mechanism.

Buying Custom Furniture From One of Wilding Wallbeds’ Fabulous Showrooms

You’ll be able to see our great furniture in person in one of our three beautiful show rooms. Walk in anytime to see all of the great options that await you. A sales associate will be happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for and make buying custom furniture a breeze. Looking for a place to buy custom furniture?

Why Buy Custom Furniture From Wilding Wallbeds

Our showrooms are located in:

Chino Hills Showroom

4200 Chino Hills Parkway Suite 660

Chino Hills, CA 91709

El Segundo Showroom

446 Main Street

El Segundo, CA 90245

San Diego Showroom

7944 Miramar Road

San Diego, CA 92126

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Why buy custom furniture from Wilding Wallbeds? We believe in quality, functionality and beauty. At Wilding Wallbeds we know how to deliver! All of our products are made with craftsmanship quality out of the best materials. Our pieces are designed with you in mind. Every piece takes full advantage of storage potential and functionality. Even with our top-notch quality and superior design, you are also getting a piece for your home that has artisan craftsmanship that will beautifully compliment your home for years to come! Stop into a showroom today!