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Are Murphy Beds Safe?


In a word: YES.

Have you thought about installing Murphy Beds, but worried that it might be risky — especially with children around? Well, you can stop worrying. At least about the hazards of Murphy Beds. According to Jody Rosen, a contributing writer for The New York Times, statistically speaking you are probably as likely to die by tripping over an ottoman than being killed by a Murphy Bed. However, it is still necessary to use common sense and to follow essential safety precautions when setting up and using a Murphy Bed, also known as a wall bed or wallbed. Wilding wallbeds are safe when installed properly. Each wallbed model comes with an Installation Instruction booklet detailing step-by-step procedures for safe installation, and the first page contains the following warning:


So exactly what does safe mean? According to Miriam-Webster, being safe is being free from harm or risk. But in today’s complex world it’s actually pretty difficult to name anything we do on a given day that is totally free from harm or risk. For example, many people have a fear of flying and consider it to be extremely risky. But according to a 2016 article in ODYSSEY here are some things more likely to happen to you than dying in a plane crash:

  • Getting Poisoned - 1 in 1,400

  • Getting Murdered - 1 in 18,000

  • Dying in a Tornado - 1 in 60,000

  • Dying from a Bee Sting - 1 in 79,842

  • Drowning in your Bathtub - 1 in 840,000

So, when considering whether or not something is safe, we should also ask: Compared to what? According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the home is a particularly dangerous place, especially for children. CPSC lists several safety recommendations to protect children at home. These include:

  • Using Anchors to Prevent Furniture and Appliance Tip-Overs. Heavy furniture, televisions, and ranges can tip over and crush young children. For added security, these heavy products should be anchored to a wall or attached to the floor.

  • Using Safety Latches and Locks for cabinets and drawers in bathrooms, kitchens, and other potentially dangerous areas to help prevent poisoning and other injuries.

  • Using Safety Gates to help prevent falls down stairways and to keep children from going into rooms and other areas with possible dangers.

  • Using Anti-Scald Devices for sink faucets and showerheads and setting the temperature on the water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to help prevent burns from hot water.

  • Using Window Guards and Safety Netting to help prevent falls from windows, decks, balconies, and other elevated areas.

  • Using Outlet Covers and Outlet Plates to help prevent electric shock or electrocution.

  • Using Cordless Window Coverings in order to eliminate the potential for strangulation.

Is There A Chance My Wilding Wallbed Can Accidentally Close When In Use?

Wilding Wallbeds has been building and shipping Murphy Beds for more than two decades. Over that time, the company has built and delivered more than 25,000 units. When properly installed, there is no chance of a Wilding wallbed accidentally closing during normal use. As far as accidentally opening, this is also not possible when properly installed. The force of the pistons or springs, depending on the wallbed model, holds the wallbed in the closed position. The piston lift beds come with locking legs and locks can be added to the spring lift beds.

Can My Wilding Wallbed Fall On Someone If There Is An Earthquake?

When properly attached to wall studs, Wilding wallbeds will not accidentally fall. Not a single Wilding wallbed has ever become detached from the wall or fallen on someone due to an earthquake. Injuries are extremely rare and are always directly related to not following basic setup instructions or improperly attaching a unit to the wall.

Does Wilding Wallbeds Offer Installation Service?

Wilding Wallbeds offers delivery and complete local installation service, including built-in installations, in Southern Utah, Las Vegas, and throughout most of Southern California. In all other areas, customers can choose to do the setup themselves or can hire a local handyman. Any handyman worth his salt can easily install a Wilding wallbed.

Can My Wilding Wallbed Be Moved If We Move To Another House?

Yes. Wilding wallbeds are portable. If you need to move your Wilding wallbed to another room or house after you buy it, it is simple to do so. All Wilding wallbeds can easily be detached from the wall, disassembled, and moved to another location.


Can I Set Up The Bed Myself? How Difficult Is It?

Most Wilding customers either do the installation themselves or hire a local handyman to do the installation. Every Wilding model comes with detailed written and/or video instructions. In addition, customers needing telephone assistance with their setup can call Wilding Wallbeds for help during normal business hours. There are just a few basic tools needed to complete the installation: a cordless screwdriver, pliers, a tape measure, a 3/16” wood drill bit, a stud sensor, a regular screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, and a 6’ step ladder. All of the hardware required for the installation is included with each model. Wallbeds can be installed on virtually any wall that has studs – either wood studs or metal studs – and can even be installed on concrete and cinder block walls. But it is essential that the proper anchor system is used for the type of wall. This is to make certain that the Murphy Bed is securely attached to the wall. The following link is to a short segment from one of Wilding Wallbeds installation videos that shows the basic procedures for attaching the unit to a wall that has wood studs:

There Are Other Murphy Bed Companies. Why Buy A Wilding Murphy Bed?

There are multiple obvious reasons to purchase a Wilding wallbed, including lifetime warranty; unsurpassed quality; real wood; availability of both horizontal and vertical orientation of beds; a broad selection of styles; and availability of a variety of side cabinets and bedtop cabinets.

Wilding Murphy Beds take up as little as 16” of depth into the room when the bed is in the “up” position. They are available in twin size, full size, queen size or king size and are safe, easy-to-operate, and extremely beautiful pieces of furniture. There are also many options for style – traditional, elegant, and contemporary, etc. – and a choice of several types of hardwood and color. Sheets and other bedding can be left in place when storing the bed away, so the bed is ready to use whenever needed, adding to the convenience. Side cabinets, including wardrobes that function as mini-closets, are also available. The best Murphy Bed companies, like Wilding Wallbeds, have additional safety features added to their Murphy Beds. Here’s a couple that I really like.


Safety Locks For Murphy Beds

Wilding Wallbeds has introduced a Safety Lock system for all of the Studio Series Murphy Beds in addition to their HomeFront and Gallery Series Murphy Beds. It is a key-lock system that is positioned on each side of the bed and out of the reach of small children. This provides even more safety and security because it prevents the bed from opening — unless you mean for it to open. It is another reason you can trust Wilding Wallbeds.


Antimicrobial Protection For Murphy Beds

Here’s another way Murphy Beds can be safer. Wilding Wallbeds has started using Antimicrobial Protection option with Sherwin-Williams finishes with Microban Protection. This was initially designed for use in clinics and hospitals. This is antimicrobial technology that is infused in the finish during the manufacturing process of Murphy Beds. It is then a permanent part of your product. This technology protects against mold and mildew with any change to the durability or aesthetics of your order.

It is more than just an ordinary surface disinfectant that temporarily eliminates microbes. Antimicrobial protection works 24/7 to inhibit the growth of those pesky microbes. Your products, and therefore your home will be cleaner with more odor control because your problems will be prevented before they even start. The best part? It won’t wash off or wear away. You’ll never need to have it reapplied and it will provide protection for the life of the product.

Microban is commonly used in the sportswear industry to permanently get rid of odor, mold, and mildew. It is also popular with the producers of things like medical equipment, doors, exercise equipment, lockers, and infectious control departments in hospitals and clinics. After more than two decades of manufacturing handmade wallbeds, Murphy Beds, and custom furniture, Wilding Wallbeds is still finding new ways to improve the customer experience. This includes the safety of their products. Antimicrobial protection will give you greater confidence and peace of mind with your Murphy Bed!

In addition to its extensive Murphy Bed product line, made-for-Murphy Beds Serta mattresses, all-wood side and bed top cabinets, home offices, Do-It-Yourself kits, and easy-to-install Murphy Frames, Wilding Wallbeds offers several specialized space-saving solutions, including:

  • Disappearing Desk Bed

    The Disappearing Desk Bed allows a small room or area to be turned into both a bedroom and home office simultaneously. The Disappearing Desk Bed by Wilding Wallbeds can be purchased in twin, full, or queen size. It is a beautiful and exceptionally useful piece of furniture and is a fantastic, cost-effective solution to the problem of limited floor space. The ingenious design uses a hinging system that keeps the desk level to the floor as the mattress is opened or closed. The desktop sets at 31" from the floor and is a roomy 25" deep. There is no need to clear the spacious desktop of anything less than 17” high in order to convert it from a desk into a bed. To ensure safety, the Disappearing Desk Bed is secured in the upright position by use of locking pin hardware on both the left and right sides.

  • Sofa Murphy Bed

    Purchasing a beautiful and functional Sofa Murphy Bed by Wilding Wallbeds is another resourceful way to optimize limited floor space. The Sofa Murphy Bed is an exceptionally comfortable couch during the day and a cozy king or queen size bed at night. The Sofa Murphy Bed in effect creates extra space in the room by enabling the use of the unit as a bed without eliminating seating space when the bed is not needed. The unit lowers down over the sofa and, presto chango, turns the sofa into a cozy and comfortable queen or a king-size bed.

  • Bookcase Wallbed

    Purchasing a Wilding Wallbeds Bookcase Wallbed is another resourceful way to create additional floor space. Bookcase Murphy Beds provide the convenience of a Murphy Bed and the storage of an integral bookcase in a single unit. Pull latches lock the bookcase shelving in place when the bed is in the “up” position.

  • Bunk Bed Wallbed

    Wilding Bunk Beds are also a great space-saving solution. The Bunk Bed comes standard as twin-over-twin but is also available in twin extra long for taller guests. Not just for kids, Wilding Bunk Bed systems can accommodate adults in comfort while freeing up valuable space during the day. Bunk Beds are only 17" deep when in the “up” position. Like all Wilding products, real wood bunk bed frames are sturdily built and will last a lifetime.

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