Serving the needs of the VA with the Clinical Pro Series



Robert A. McDonald left his position as CEO of Proctor and Gamble (the largest consumer products company in the world) to take on the biggest challenge of his life; cleaning up the Veterans Administration as the appointed Secretary of Veterans Affairs. This would be a huge task. One of the biggest challenges was the size.

  • The VA is the 2nd largest government agency behind the DOD.
  • Over 9 million patients
  • 150 hospitals and 850 clinics
  • Over 300,000 employees

Secretary McDonald realized to better treat veterans the VA needed to properly screen patients to decide which would benefit by services provided by the private sector and which would be better served through services provided in-house.

Medical Research


The VA medical researchers have led the world in developing:

  • New treatments for patients suffering the wounds of war, including PTSD and concussions
  • World-class reputation for its breakthroughs in post-stroke care and rehabilitation
  • Design of artificial limbs and other prosthetics making horribly wounded service vets nearly whole again.

“A trimmer VA, undistracted by other demands, can better treat war veterans. The private sector, where quality is more effectively monitored, is better equipped to treat the rest” [1]

Meeting the Military’s Furnishing Needs

Exam Table Cabinet

The Director of Business Development for Wilding Wallbeds was keenly aware of the challenges the VA was facing with the scope of this project. His previous work duties had him designing medical equipment that was more portable and able to reach more patients. Screening more patients within the current infrastructure required strategy. It became clear that Wilding Wallbeds had the opportunity to design a better Wallbed that would allow a clinic to be multifunctional. This concept would allow more testing and screening without the need to build out new clinical space. It would allow the hospitals to use the space for exam rooms and/or EEG studies during the day, and could convert to fully functional sleep clinics by night.

Wilding’s design of the Clinical Pro Series was a home run. This bed allowed all of the diagnostic equipment to fit into the headboard area of their Wallbed. It allowed options of side cabinets, including the Exam Table Cabinet. This cabinet allowed an exam table to fold up and out of the way during night testing and return in the daytime when bed was folded away.

Veteran's Clinical Pro Series bed

Knowing that the government had strict guidelines for products that would be approved for its hospitals and clinics, Wilding Wallbeds designed their beds with the highest quality materials and made them durable beyond expectations.

The Clinical Pro Wallbed is capable of holding 4,000 lbs. of weight and Exam Table is capable of holding 2,500 lbs. For those of you that just rolled your eyes in disbelief, we hope you check out our, “Will it Hold it” campaign with our first video featuring a Volkswagen vs Wallbed.

Wilding Wallbeds is proud that their beds have been approved for the VA facilities and have already taken orders for multiple locations. Duns #034556144.

Whether it’s a local, state, or federal facility, governmental offices across the country. There is now an approved option that brings solutions with furnishings that are both beautiful and functional, made by the master craftsmen at Wilding Wallbeds.

Jeremy Andra Written by
Jeremy Andra
Director of Business Development

  1. “VA scandal: How to fix a broken system”. Editorial board, The Republic. Retrieved 25 October 2016.