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St. George Guest Room Furniture by Wilding Wallbeds

Nestled against the Pine Valley Mountains in the northeast corner of the Mojave desert lies the city of St. George, Utah. This fast growing little city is the home of outrageous outdoor adventures, dazzling desert landscapes, glorious golf courses, and Wilding Wallbeds. For over 20 years, Bob Wilding and his sons, Dennis and Dan, have been crafting durable, elegant guest room furniture right here in St. George. What started as a small side business running out of Bob’s little workshop has grown to include our current high capacity production facility and spacious showroom. We are St. George’s premier purveyor of strong, beautiful wall beds that must be seen to be believed. Each piece of furniture that we design and create has one, core purpose: to help you “save space beautifully.” Most homeowners have found that having a dedicated guest room in their home is a waste of useful space. Our top-quality St. George guest room furniture is specifically designed to eliminate that problem.

High Quality St. George Guest Room Furniture

You may be asking yourself, “How do they do it?” Well, the answer is simple. Here at Wilding Wallbeds, we specialize in designing and crafting heirloom quality furniture that can be used to turn real, functional living space into a guest room quickly and easily. We can help you create the functional space you need that can double as comfortable sleeping arrangements for your friends and family when they visit you here in Utah’s Dixie. Almost all of the furniture we make can be sorted into one of these two categories:

So, let’s take a look at some of the most versatile and durable St. George guest room furniture on the market.

Popular Murphy Bed Styles

At the very heart of our operation are more than 20 different styles of murphy beds. If you want St. George guest room furniture that allows your guest room to be used for other things, these murphy beds are a great place to start. Below you’ll find information about some of our most popular murphy bed styles. And remember, our sturdy, elegant furniture is designed to last for generations.

The Tuscany Wall Bed

Just as Tuscany is one of the most spectacularly scenic regions of Italy, our Tuscany wall bed is one of our most strikingly beautiful designs. In fact, we like to say that the Tuscany is the crown jewel of our Gallery Series and makes a magnificent addition to any home. If you’ve ever wondered why our motto is “Saving Space Beautifully,” you don’t have to look any further than the Tuscany for an answer. The Tuscany wall bed’s face is elegantly designed with solid wood raised paneling, carved rosettes, decorative fluted columns, and exquisite french curves. To complete the rich, elegant look of this bed, we’ve incorporated Tuscan style hardware and finished it off with classic base and crown molding. Like all our beds, the Tuscany’s solid wood construction and commercial grade mechanism ensure that your bed can last for decades or generations.

The Remington Murphy Bed

From the beginning, we’ve payed attention to our customers’ feedback and requests, and we found that certain design features just kept popping up. So, we armed ourselves with that information, and got to work designing. The result of this feedback fueled design was our Remington murphy bed. This bed’s simple, elegant design has helped it become one of our most popular murphy bed styles. As part of our Studio Series, the Remington is a perfect example of our high quality St. George guest room furniture. This wall bed design features all wood construction and a merging of different classical styles that allow it to pair with a wide range of styles and decor. The face of the Remington murphy bed is reminiscent of the shaker style with raised hardwood trim accentuating its four front panels. However, an ogee hardwood crown molding tops this bed, breaking away from the traditional shaker styling.

More Popular Murphy Beds

Murphy Bunk Beds
Over the years, many customers have asked us about high quality murphy bunk beds, and we’ve delivered. With strength and safety as our top priorities, we designed our murphy bunk beds with all wood construction and commercial grade mechanisms so that anyone — young or not so young — can rest comfortably.

The Hampton Wall Bed
If you want St. George guest room furniture that has a lot of character, the Hampton Wall Bed may be what you’re looking for. The Hampton’s face is specifically designed to resemble an old fashioned armoire. This casually elegant looks is achieved by coupling a beadboard face with false doors and drawer fronts.

The Plantation Wall Bed
Our Plantation wall bed is a prime example of our use of classic American styling. The bed’s face achieves a relatively rustic look with its detailed twelve panel design inspired by American Colonial furniture.

The Presidential II Wall Bed
The Presidential II wall bed is another handsome example of traditional American styling. Inspired by early American furniture, this bed features hand crafted solid wood panels and a distinct crown molding that create depth and dimension.

The Melamine Dakota Murphy Bed
The Melamine Dakota murphy bed is a great piece of St. George guest room furniture for those who love clean lines. Its contemporary design is the epitome of simple elegance and it perfectly combines beauty with practicality and affordability.

Dual Function Beds

Of course, If you’re looking for St. George guest room furniture to help you create usable space, you may want to look beyond simple murphy beds and consider some of our dual function beds. Each of these beds is specially designed to help you turn your guest room into real, usable space. Let’s take a brief look at some of our most popular dual function beds.

The Bookcase Wallbed
Each Bookcase Wallbed operates in a similar manner to a traditional murphy beds. In place of a simple front panel, however, you gain useful shelf space. The bookcases on the front of the cabinet easily fold away to reveal a comfortable, hidden bed.

The Studio Desk Wall Bed
To add additional functionality to most of our Studio Series murphy beds, you can request a studio desk add on. This functional option creates a small workspace that folds away neatly under the lowering bed while maintaining a perfectly level work space.

The Murphy Desk Bed
If you’re in need of a larger desk area in your extra bedroom but don’t want to lose sleeping area, the Murphy Desk Bed may be the solution for you. This unique piece of St. George guest room furniture, like the studio desk add-on, folds away beneath the lowered bed while maintaining a level surface.

Additional Dual Function Beds

Our top of the line dual function beds don’t stop there. We have also created:

Visit the Wilding Wallbeds St. George, Utah Showroom
We invite you to visit us at our spacious St. George showroom today. When you do, you can see for yourself that our St. George guest room furniture can help you create beautiful, useful space in your home without losing your guest bedroom.

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