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Was $4750, Now only $3899! 

WOW! This one is gorgeous and it’s so functional! There is hidden storage in every piece of this special….The special includes our queen size, Hampton Style, Hidden Storage Bed in Oak wood / Antique White Finish, Hidden Storage Headboard and one 24” Three Drawer, Hidden Storage Night Stand, one 24” Door & Drawer, Hidden Storage Night Stand and shipping to your home…ask for details. The Hidden Storage bed deck, easily lifts, by the aid of hidden pistons, and reveals all of the space under your mattress for extra storage. The headboard top lifts to reveal hidden storage the entire width of your mattress 16” H x 9” D. The night stands shown here are a wonderful surprise and contain two hidden storage compartments each. First the base molding, in each unit, is actually a functional, shallow, drawer that no one expects, additionally, the night stand top is secured with a hidden magnetic lock. When you place the, magnetic key in the correct, hidden spot, the magnetic lock releases and allows you to roll the entire top forward revealing a hidden storage space right under the top. This is a fun, secure, hidden spot to store items near the bed that you don’t want found….medications, candy, flashlight, gun, your newest novel and many other items will fit in this space. Don’t miss out on this one.

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