white Murphy bed open in a room

Safety: What are the safety features of a Murphy bed?

Chapter 06 – The Total Murphy Bed Buying Guide

By Brandon

white Murphy bed open in a room

Safety: What are the safety features of a Murphy bed?

Chapter 06 – The Total Murphy Bed Buying Guide

By Brandon

Murphy beds, also known as wall beds, have been around for over a century. They are popular for their space-saving benefits and versatility, allowing homeowners to transform a small room into a multi-functional space. But as with any furniture, safety is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to something as heavy and potentially dangerous as a Murphy bed. Few items in your home will have the size and stored energy of a Murphy bed. In this blog post, we’ll explore the safety features of Murphy beds and what you should look for when purchasing one.

Murphy beds should be designed with safety in mind, installed correctly and maintained properly. At Wilding Wallbeds we have always had a major emphasis on safety. Designing our beds to be attractive, durable, easy to use, and safe for your family and guests.

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1. Install and mount the Murphy bed correctly.

The first and most important safety feature of a Murphy bed is proper installation. When a Murphy bed is installed correctly, it can safely support the weight of a person and their mattress without the risk of falling or collapsing. Murphy beds are designed to be secured to the wall, and the hardware used to mount the bed should be strong and sturdy. At Wilding Wallbeds we have designed our beds for ease of install. The components are designed to only fit together the correct way making it easy for you to assemble properly. We provide written and video instructions that take you step by step through the process demonstrating exactly what you need to do. Many people carryout the set up themselves, others simply hire a local handyman to do the job for them.

The most important step of installation is attaching the unit to the wall. This is completed by locating the studs in the wall and securely mounting the provided brackets to the wall and the top of the bed. When done correctly your bed will be totally safe and stable.

Murphy bed installation instructions
Always follow instructions carefully

2. Ensure that the materials are high quality.

Another important safety consideration when it comes to Murphy beds is the quality of the materials used in their construction. High-quality materials, such as solid wood, furniture-grade plywood, and metals will be more durable and less likely to break or warp over time. The quality of the mechanism is particularly important as well. Cheaper materials may not hold up as well over time and could pose a safety risk if they fail. You can determine the quality of the mechanism by looking into the provided warranties, as well as the recommended weight limits.

Wilding Wallbeds offers a lifetime warranty on all mechanism, rates their Murphy beds to 2000 lbs, and only uses solid woods, and furniture plywoods.

3. Don’t overload the mechanism.

A common way to overload the mechanism is the build the face too heavy. This is something that cabinet shops tend to do accidentally, as they may not be as familiar with the unique requirements of Murphy bed. It is wise to purchase from a a dedicated Murphy bed builder. Buying from a reputable Murphy bed builder can ensure that you’re getting a safe and reliable product. It’s also important to check the recommended mattress weight for your Murphy bed and avoid overloading the mechanism. You don’t want to put too heavy of a mattress because it can impede the bed from closing and can put undue strain on the mechanism and bed frame.

Wilding Wallbeds has a line of mattresses in varying weights and thicknesses that not only hold up in a Murphy bed but are generally within the weight requirements for Murphy beds. You can see the whole Murphy bed mattress selection here.

woman opening wall bed
Be careful not to overload the lifting mechanism

4. Investigate if Murphy bed lock options are right for you.

Optional locks are also a great safety feature for Murphy beds. These locks can be installed to prevent the bed from accidentally opening, which can be particularly important if you have children or pets in the home. Some Murphy beds also come automatically with locking mechanisms that prevent the bed from being lowered unless the lock is released. Other beds can have these locks added to them. 

A quality Murphy bed will be made in a way that it doesn’t want to just fall open. Instead, it takes a little bit of force to open and close the bed. At Wilding Wallbeds about half of our beds come automatically with the locks. The other half only have locks added if the Murphy bed is going into a kid’s room, or another scenario where a little extra security would be nice.

Keep in Mind

When it comes to using your Murphy bed safely, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and use. This will ensure that you’re using the bed as intended and will help to prevent accidents. Second, make sure that the bed you are purchasing is made from quality materials. Third, avoid overloading the mechanism by getting the bed from a reputable Murphy bed manufacturer, and sticking to the recommended weight limits for your mattress. Fourth, look into locking features to see if it is the right call for your Murphy bed.

Finally, it’s important to maintain your Murphy bed properly to ensure that it continues to function safely. This means periodically checking the hardware and making sure that everything is tight and secure. It also means keeping the mechanism clean and unblocked to prevent it from sticking or jamming. If you notice any issues with your Murphy bed, such as difficulty lifting or lowering the bed or a strange noise coming from the mechanism, call the manufacturer immediately to get the issue diagnosed and remedied. 

At Wilding Wallbeds you can rest easy knowing that your bed has been designed, tested, and guaranteed to be the safest on the market. From quality of material, to ease of installation safety and durability is always at the forefront of our minds. See our whole Murphy bed selections or give us a call at (866) 877-7803.