By Caden Wilding

5 Tips to Keep Your Murphy Bed Safe (With Infographic)

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1. Buy a high-quality Murphy bed from a reputable source

One of the most important things to consider in Murphy bed safety is the quality of the bed. Buying from a high-quality manufacturer will save you time and headaches while ensuring that you and your family are safe.

DON’T: Buy secondhand, buy a particle board, or buy from a shady source

2. Carefully follow all instructions or hire competent installers

Critical to the success and safety of your Murphy bed is the installation. Be sure to carefully follow all installation instructions. If you feel like the installation process is too difficult hire professional installers instead.

STOP!: Above all else, ensure your Murphy bed is properly anchored to the studs or similar structural components of your home.

3. Choose a high-quality lifting mechanism

The amount of weight you feel when you store your Murphy bed depends on the lifting capacity of your mechanism and the weight of your bed face and mattress. Ensure you have a good lifting mechanism or else lifting and lowering your Murphy bed could be like lifting more than 150 lb.

The mechanism also plays a major role in keeping the bed upright and stowed when not in use. Beds without lifting mechanisms or with low-quality mechanisms are more likely to sag open.

4. Pair your Murphy bed with a Murphy Bed Mattress

Did you know? Did you know that Murphy beds should only be used with an official Murphy bed mattress?

Using a mattress that has been specially engineered for a Murphy bed is always a best practice. However, failure to use a Murphy bed mattress can also increase the liklihood of the mattress getting pinched and adding strain to Murphy bed joints. This can also lead to the Murphy bed not closing fully.

5. Consider Murphy bed or wall bed locks

Murphy beds are designed to stay closed until you pull them down. They don’t “want” to open, so opening on their own is basically impossible (unless the mechanism is low-quality). However, if you are looking for total peace of mind, you can simply add bed locks or purchase a unit that comes with a locking system. Most Murphy bed manufacturers offer these features.

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