Custom Home Office or the Desk Murphy Bed: Which Should I Choose?


Newport Murphy Bed Home Office In these crazy times many of us have found ourselves working from home due to government mandates and corporate initiatives. Most of these makeshift home offices were never designed to be a full time work station, but rather a small area for working on personal documents or surfing the web. Often the home office and the guest bed find their way into the same room. As a Murphy bed manufacturer Wilding Wallbeds constantly finds itself working out solutions for their customers to have both a spacious guest room, and a fully loaded home office. These solutions can come in many different forms depending on the layout of the room and the specific needs of the customer. Two of the most popular options offered by Wilding Wallbeds are the Custom Home Office, and the Desk Murphy Bed.

What is Wilding Wallbeds’ Custom Home Office?

Custom Home Office Wilding Wallbeds is the industry leader in all-wood custom home offices. The main word to take note of is Custom. Each Home Office sold by Wilding Wallbeds is entirely custom. The office furniture is design, and built for your available dimension and your specific needs. Wilding Wallbeds’ sales team members are masters at turning awkward rooms into useful productive spaces.  Wilding Wallbeds Custom Home Offices use 3 types of components. The first is the Desk Top. The desk top can be any shape and size. It can be free standing, or wall mounted. It can be a simple straight desk or it can wrap around the corners. Each desk top comes with either a Pencil Drawer or a Keyboard Tray. The 2nd type of component are the Pedestals. These are any cabinets that sit underneath the desk top. They can have shelves, doors, drawers, files, or anything else that you might like. The pedestals can be done in any size and any configuration. The 3rd type of component are the Upper Cabinets. These are the cabinets that mount to the wall above the desk. These upper cabinets can be open with bookshelves, or closed with doors. This allows you to display or to store items out of sight.  When designing a home office you simply need to measure your room and give those dimensions to any Wilding Wallbeds Sales Rep. They will use a computer design program to draw up your room and show how a Home Office can fit and work in your room. This drawing can be altered as much as needed until the design is perfect. The best part is that this service is free and with no obligation to purchase. Peruse our home office gallery.

What is the Desk Murphy Bed?

Original Style Murphy Desk Bed Unlike the Custom Home Office, a Desk Murphy Bed is a special type of Murphy bed that actually incorporates the desk onto the face of the bed. This unique option combines the space needed for the Murphy bed and the desk into one seriously functional cabinet. The desk stretches 85” across the face of the bed creating a large workspace with enough room for any amount of work. The bed is a side mount (horizontal) which means that the mattress runs parallel to the wall allowing the bed to take the smallest footprint possible. The massive benefit to the Murphy Desk Bed is that you can leave anything up to 17” tall on the desk even when the bed is in use. This means that there is no need to clean up your work or move your computer to pull the bed down. As the bed opens the desk rotates underneath the bed remaining level with the floor the whole time so no work is disturbed.  The Murphy Desk Bed is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL and Queen. You have your choice of style, wood and stain allowing you to design a piece of furniture perfect for your space and taste. Wilding Wallbeds also offers complimenting side cabinets with drawers, files, shelves, storage and any other functions that you might need.

Which should I choose?

Deciding between a custom home office and the Desk Murphy Bed can be a difficult decision. The main things to consider are the size and space that you have, and the way that you intend on using the desk.  The home office is a great choice when
  • You have available space on more than one wall in the room
  • You intend on using the desk as a fully functioning office
  • You have a lot of equipment or large monitors
  • You may have the need to use the office and the bed at the same time
The Desk Murphy Bed is a great choice when
  • You only have one wall to work with 
  • Your equipment is no taller than 17”
  • You never need to use the desk and the bed at the same time
  • You are working with a constrained budget
Regardless of which option you decide on Wilding Wallbeds is capable of turning your spare room into a workspace worthy of any business professional, and a comfortable welcoming guest room.

What other Home Office Options are Available?

Along with the Murphy Desk Bed, and the custom home office options mentioned earlier, Wilding Wallbeds has many more great options for creating a comfortable home office and guest rooms. These options include
  • Serta Mattress specifically design to fit and function in a Murphy bed
  • LED Light options for the desk as well as reading lights for the bed
  • Power Outlets in both the headboard of the bed and the desk top allowing convenient access to power
  • Under Desk Organizers to help store your equipment and cords
  • Drop Down Tables to add supplemental work surfaces
  • Locking file drawers to store sensitive documents
These items along with many other make Wilding Wallbeds the industry leaders in all-wood space saving furniture. Wilding Wallbeds has been working in the guestroom/office for more than 25 years and has the knowledge, experience and ability to turn your room into the perfect home office and guestroom. To get your design started simply call 866-877-7803 and speak with a member of Wilding Wallbeds professional sales team.
Brandon Wilding Written by Brandon Wilding St. George Showroom