Posted by Eric on November 15th, 2016

Reasons Why You Need a Wall Bed

Gone are the days when a bed was just a bed. We expect more from our beds than just a good night’s sleep. Given the limited space of a studio apartment, a wall bed can double as an office desk. In larger spaces, a wall bed enhances your storage capacity such by providing a discreet location for things like holiday decorations. When your furniture can perform more than one function, you save space, time, and most importantly, money.

When searching for the best type of bed for your room, first decide what you want your furniture to do when you aren’t sleeping in it. There are several options that will utilize your space for visitors or for daily use.

Wall Bed Studio DeskOur Studio Desk bed is perfect for small spaces that need to be used as both a living area as well as a bedroom. While the bed is not being used, a small desk can be a place for books, your computer and even a printer. The bed is framed by bookcases and stay in place whether the bed is being used or stored. When the bed is needed, simply pull down on the designated handle. You can leave your belongings on the desk because they will be neatly stored away. As the bed folds down, the desk moves down as well but stays level, as not to tip your work on the floor. Once the bed is completely down, the desk is parallel with the floor and hidden completely underneath the bed. When the bed is put away, the desk rises along with it and once again is usable. Price depends on which size bed you choose plus $499.

The Disappearing Desk bed works in the same manner as our studio desk bed, but the desk attachment has a larger work surface and provides more clearance when the bed is fully pulled out. This wall bed has the option of adding a light bridge, which is our light system that works for the desk and for the bed. We can include a power outlet as well so that your computer or phone remains plugged in. Prices depend on which model you choose and size of bed you want.
  • Original: $2599 - $2999
  • Scape: $2599 - $3549
  • Brittany: $2659 - $3699
  • Aspen: $2659 - $3699
  • Remington: $2659 -$3699
  • Mission: $2659 - $3699
  • Park City: $2659 - $3699
  • Paris: $2759 - $3799
  • Venetian: $2759 - $3799
For those who don’t need a bed that disappears but would like the bed to be used for something other than sleeping, we build a Hidden Storage Bed. Offered in Twin, Full and Queen Mattress size, this space can hold seasonal decorations, suitcases, sports gear, guns, and much more. With this convenient storage, you’ll have more space in your closets and garage and no one will know what they are sleeping on. With several options of woods and finishes, you are sure to find a match for your home.