2022 Furniture Color Trends


The Takeaway:

Pandemic living completely shaped the design trends of 2021, informing every aspect of interior design. Wall colors, decor choices, floor plans, as well as furniture color trends were all inspired by our collective home-bound state. As far as experts can tell, all signs seem to be pointing to the continuation of that effect into 2022. It seems sure that 2022 trends will continue to be inspired by work-from-home situations and the uncertainty of the world that’s being felt by all. However, the stress outside of our homes is creating serenity inside like never before–design in 2022 will continue in the cozy, comforting plane of 2021, however 2021 was the first phase of creating a home that works for a work-from-home life. 2022 seems to be about really fleshing out, exploring, and expanding upon that idea. Home design for comfort and sanctuary still reigns, but now we’re seeing what else that can mean. Let’s dive into what 2022 means for furniture color trends to ensure your home is in peak form, creating the environment that is exactly what you need this year.

Image Source: Ideal Home

Warm Neutrals

Coming back in 2022 and continuing to dominate is the strong presence of neutrals. Anywhere on the spectrum between white and brown, neutral will reign this year. However, unlike previous years, this year warm neutrals are king and cool tones are being tossed wayside. Think less stark, bright white and sad gray, which can leave a space feeling cold and sterile, and more beige, sand, cream, linen, taupe, etc. Warm neutral-toned furniture creates the perfect base for a room–a jumping off point that can go any cozy direction. This year, try swapping out your plain, bright white furniture for a warmer cream or greige (gray-beige), a change that still means clean and calm, but brings in more softness and comfort as well. With the heightened popularity of neutral-colored furniture, don’t forget to incorporate some necessary contrast here and there. If you’ve got a neutral-centric living room, try adding in a black stained end table or a dark chocolate bench. Even the most neutral-loving designers follow this tip for a grounded and ultimately comfier space.

Image Source: Destinations UA

Nature-Inspired Colors

You might think “natural” is basically synonymous with “neutral,” but in 2022 you’d be wrong. This year we’re discovering that a myriad of colors live in the “natural” spectrum, too. 2022 will see a huge swell in the realm of earthy, natural, organic-inspired interiors, including the neutrals already discussed, but also with the many colors we find in the wild. In 2022 we want to bring the outside in, and both bold and subdued colors will have a moment in 2022, as long as they’re earthy shades. The colors of the beach, like light blues, soft grays, and other stone colors, as well as soft pinks and oranges from the terracotta family will dominate the pastel range. Inspiration from the jungle, such as rich and bold greens, reds, and deep blues will enliven our homes from the darker range. The freedom to use furniture colored from both the pastel and dark ranges in your design will allow you to create interesting contrasts–indulgent, yet inviting, quiet, yet moody. Feel free to experiment and explore while staying tethered to the earth-inspired motif.

Stain trends

Now we know that furniture in neutral and earthy colors will buzz this upcoming year, but what about wood stains? Since this year is all about natural, organic design, there may be less painted wood furniture utilized and more stained, rustic pieces in use, so what’s going to be hot? It seems that natural, light-toned woods will continue to trend this year, fitting right in with the earth-inspired themes.  Light woods create a less busy base for a room’s design and allow you to build up while still maintaining minimalism, lightness, and comfort. If your large furniture pieces are naturally stained they will help you create the quiet, tranquil space you’re looking for this year as well as allow you to pepper in the colors you want in a gentle way. Also falling into the light-toned category is white-washed and bleached woods. White washing creates a natural look but with bright grains and bleached wood is a bright and often weathered-looking option. Both align perfectly with the design goals of 2022. If you’re looking to use natural and light-toned woods in your space but want to complement with accents of darker woods, lean toward the warm, medium brown tones. They will round out your design while still being perfectly in style themselves this year (as a nice medium brown will always be! It’s an old faithful). Either way, try adding in more stained woods this year as painted woods might be on the (gentle) decline. Stained woods, however, will never go out of style as long as trees grow and wooden furniture exists!

This year, we’re all striving to create calm interiors. Places of refuge where we can recharge from hectic lives, where we feel safe, grounded, and more comfortable than ever. This might seem remarkably similar to what experts predicted for 2021, and it definitely is, but since 2022 isn’t our first rodeo, we’re free to delve a little deeper into the theme. Switch out your basic whites for some warmth, mix in some indulgent, deep colors with your neutrals, fill your home with light colored woods, and really see where the natural, cozy craze takes you. Conveniently, a home designed according to the nature-inspired movement will have a longevity like other trends never have. This is the year the trends are going to be simultaneously quite timeless, so it’s a great time to lean in! Always remember, however, that personal preference and comfort transcends anything ‘trending.’ Take these tips into consideration, but ultimately create the space YOU love, whatever that may be!

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