Wilding Wallbeds introduces the Removable Side Mount Headboard


Removable Wallbed Head Board

Wilding Wallbeds is excited to announce another great innovation, the creation of the Removable Side Mount Head Board. This is a removable head board that attaches to the main bed box via an easy to attach sliding mount bracket. Our Side Mount Wallbeds are a real space saver. Sometimes the ceiling line in the room is low enough that a vertical Wallbed will not fit. For that purpose, we design nearly all of our Wallbeds in a Side Mount version. This lower height allows you to fit a Wallbed in nearly every room, however; because you sleep side to side on a Side Mount Wallbed, sometimes keeping your pillow with you at night can be a challenge. This Removable Head Board is designed to help keep the pillow in place as you sleep. Just think of it, no more waking up with your pillow on the Floor. What a great addition to your Side Mount Wilding Wallbed. Our Removable Side Mount Head Board sells for only $89 for any size Wallbed, in any of our standard wood selections, in any of our finish choices. This item is now available to order with your new Side Mount Wilding Wallbed, or add to your existing Side Mount Wilding Wallbed. This Removable Head Board can attach to either end of the Side Mount Wallbed.
Removable Murphy Bed Headboard