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St. George Utah Wall Beds



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1509 South 270 East Suite 3
St. George, UT 84790


Mon-Fri: 8 am – 6 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 4 pm
Closed Sunday

St. George Utah is home to beautiful red rocks, breathtaking canyons, numerous hiking trails, and Wilding Wallbeds, America’s premier manufacturer of wall beds. Nestled several miles north of the Arizona Strip lies Wilding Wallbeds production plant, and headquarters.

In beautiful southern Utah they take raw hardwoods and furniture grade ply woods, and turn them into beautiful space saving solutions for every home. A few miles northwest on Riverside drive Wilding Wallbeds has a full showroom, showcasing many of their popular designs, and housing a team of representatives that are able to work one-on-one with you to design something specific for your needs.

Why Do I Need a Wall Bed?

Every home has a room that is either used as a multi-purpose room, or needed as a multi-purpose room. These rooms can serve a variety of purpose such as an office, craft room, study, sitting room, or exercise room. These rooms also tend to serve as an overflow room when you have guests. These are places where you need a bed, but don’t want one taking up valuable space. Wall beds are the solution for this room.

A Wilding Wallbed allows you to maintain the main functionality of your room, without compromising floor space for a bed, or comfort for your guests. You are able to use your room every day without having to share the room with a bed. On the occasions when you have guests, you can simply pull the wall bed down to have a fully functioning guest room.

Wilding Wallbed’s Products

Wilding Wallbeds understands that everyone is unique, and wants to have furniture to match their tastes and personality. With this in mind they developed over 15 different cabinet styles ranging from modern and contemporary to traditional and elegant. These styles come in your choice of 7 different woods and over 30 stains making your wall bed unique to you. Wilding Wallbeds offers 2 different series of wall beds: Studio Series and Homefront Series.

  • Studio Series: These beds utilize a Spring Lift Mechanism and is the only series that is available as a King size unit. These beds are constructed out of furniture grade ply and hardwoods with a metal mattress surround. Studio Series Murphy Beds feature both contemporary and traditional styles that are built by hand for each customer. The side cabinet options are constructed in the European design with full extension glides and all wood drawer boxes. The mechanism is commercially rated and has been tested to 2000 lbs and carries a Lifetime Warranty. Studio Series murphy beds offer a great deal of adjustability by allowing you to add or remove springs to tailor the ease of the lift to your comfort. Studio series also tend to have the less expensive styles of wall beds and cabinets.
  • HomeFront Series: These beds utilize a Piston Lift Mechanism These beds are constructed with a wood mattress surround and feature Wilding Wallbed’s patented locking leg design. The wall beds are constructed with furniture grade ply woods and hardwoods. They feature both contemporary and traditional styles that are built by skilled craftsmen. The mechanism has been tested to 4000 lbs and carries a Lifetime Warranty. The piston lift mechanism is extremely economical with space and is able to house standard sized mattresses in wall beds that require less space than anything else on the market. The patented locking-leg system ensures the safety of your loved ones, as they are not able to accidentally pull the bed down, as it is locked in the “up position” until the legs are deployed. The optional side cabinets are constructed in the traditional design with face frame, full extension glides and all wood drawer boxes. The face frame on the cabinets adds an immense amount of support and durability to the side cabinets.

Other Unique Options

Along with their wall beds, Wilding Wallbeds also offers countless complementary options to their products. These options allow you to further customize your furniture for your specific needs. Some of the most popular options for their wall beds are depths, lights, and mattresses.

  • Different Wall Bed Depths: Wilding Wallbeds offers 3 different depth options. The first is generally 16” deep and is the standard depth, featuring a ¾” headboard. The next option is the Deep design, which makes the bed 4” deeper, and features a 6” deep headboard which is a great place to store pillows when the bed is closed and your guest personal items when the bed is in use. The final option is the storage headboard, it adds 7” to the standard depth and features an 8” deep headboard that has storage for pillows, bedding, or anything else that you might need inside the headboard.
  • Lights Option: Wilding Wallbeds offers a custom lighting kit that gives you two lights in the bridgeboard of the bed, with a touch plate on the headboard to control the three brightness settings. The lights are available in incandescent or in LED, with your choice of light fitting color. The light kit also features a safety cutoff switch with automatically turns off the lights as the bed is closed.
  • Mattress Option: Wilding Wallbeds has teamed up with Serta Mattress Company in developing a line of mattresses specifically designed to function in their wall beds. These mattresses are designed and warrantied to stand on end for the majority of their without compromising the comfort or structure of the mattresses. They have a wide selection of mattresses ranging from child quality mattresses to high end, master bedroom quality mattresses. Wilding Wallbeds has a mattress perfect for your needs.