Larry C.


I received my Wilding wall bed last week and installed it myself with no problems. The instructions were thorough, clear, and well illustrated. More impressive, though, was the excellent quality of the materials and workmanship. I was delighted to find no flakeboard, perfectly fitting parts, and a very high quality of finish throughout. It’s very unusual to find reasonably priced furniture today in which the manufacturer hasn’t deployed the cheapest possible material under the veneer. My one disappointment is the mountain of styrofoam you used in shipping. It’s a prodigious disposal problem, and I urge you to try a biodegradable solution, or at least collapsible air bags. But I’m thoroughly pleased with the product itself, and I hope you’ll continue exactly what you’re doing. Don’t outsource, move production to Mexico, or cheapen the product to save a buck. There aren’t that many manufacturers like Wilding left in the U.S., and we need your example