Debra C. Disputanta, VA


Incredible addition to his home office
I searched locally for a murphy bed, and after being met with blank stares, started an online search. After narrowing my search to get away from particle board, I found there are several sites that offer similar products. Wallbeds by Wilding was the ONLY site that displayed their pricing. I would have to call for estimates with all the others. I liked knowing ahead of time what I would be paying. My husband had some questions, but most of those were answered by watching the installation videos. When I called to place the order, I talked to Penny and she was pleasant and very helpful. Since this was a large purchase, I appreciate that they charged half up-front and the other half when shipped. There were some difficulties with the shipping company, so I called customer service and they were helpful in getting those difficulties ironed out. The Studio series bed was easy for my husband and I to assemble with the directions provided and the video instructions available online. The side cabinets were already assembled except for the crown molding. It is an incredible addition to his home office. Attractive and comfortable, then out of the way when not in use. I was a little surprised when “the hubs” wondered out loud if we could afford another one for the spare bedroom/sewing room. There are already bunk beds in there and having a regular bed in there would just take up too much room when no one is visiting. Again….extremely nice and helpful service when I ordered the second one. They honored my request to use a different shipping company for delivery. I actually installed this one by myself because I just couldn’t wait until the weekend. Probably not recommended, but doable. If I ever need another, I will call Wilding.