Deb M.


Oh my goodness. I am so impressed. My Wilding Wallbed will be delivered on Monday, but that’s not the really great part. What I am most impressed with (up to this point in time–can’t wait to see the bed) is your ‘pre-service’ email allowing access to complete installation instructions and the step-by-step video. This tool is such an efficient method of educating your customers on every tiny detail involved with the installation of the bed, and by doing so reduces the stress that accompanies the ‘some assembly required’ aspect of purchasing merchandise in kit form. I must say that this is the best customer service and company pre-planning that I have experienced–ever! Wilding Wallbeds has obviously received customer feedback over the years, has taken the comments and suggestions to heart, and has created an amazingly user friendly instruction and installation format. I’m so excited to put this bed together on Monday.