Pros and Cons of Having a Home Office




If you are deciding whether to work from home or work in an office (and you are one of the lucky ones that have a choice), here are some the pros and cons to working from home and having a home office:


  • Save money on office rent
  • It is quick and easy to go from bed to desk
  • You can control interruptions from people and avoid distractions
  • If your home office isn’t too far away from the kitchen you can have food in the oven and eat out less
  • Taking breaks: whether you need a nap, or have to run an errand, having a home office can make it easier to get all the things done you need to during the day
  • Easier to keep family commitments


  • You don’t get to be around people as often
  • It can sometimes be harder to meet with potential clients or partners
  • You have to be more self motivated and learn switch gears from home life to work life
  • Harder to keep family commitments
  • Home wifi might not be as good as in the office

If you are working from home, dedicating a room in your house to use as an office is one of the most beneficial things you can do to help with your productivity. If you don’t have an extra room to use as an office, Murphybeds make it easy to create an office space that can be used as a spare bedroom on the spur of the moment when your guests need a place to stay.

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