Our Unique Bed Options


Innovation is a big part of what has helped Wilding Wallbeds become the industry leader in wall beds and Murphy Beds. Over the years, we have come up with several ways to create high-quality unique beds. We know that you want your home to stand out from the rest and our unique bed options will help it to do just that. Here is a look at some of the styles that fit perfectly into a beautiful and elegant home.


Sofa Murphy Bed

The Sofa Murphy Bed is a popular option that is commonly used in contemporary houses to create additional space and seating. Investing in a Sofa Murphy Bed will add a chic look to any room in your home — all while doubling as a sofa. This is an ideal option for smaller homes with limited space and those that could use some extra seating for guests.

Never again will the visitors to your home be dreading an uncomfortable night of sleep. The bed portion of the Murphy Bed comes down right over the top of the sofa which allows the user to take advantage of a true premium mattress. Our Murphy Bed mattresses have been designed specifically to be used inside of Murphy Beds by one of the largest and most respected mattress companies in the world

We recognize the importance of aesthetics of the furnishings in your home are also important — in addition to the quality and the durability. We offer several colors of sofa material so you will be sure to have something that makes a great match to your décor of your space.

Sofa Bed Details

  • Springs and frame. These unique beds are built with heavy duty springs and hardwood to ensure it has plenty of durability. The springs are spaced 5” apart to create uniform seating and they are doubled on the ends to prevent rolling by arms.
  • Cushions. These are made with a plush high-density foam. They are then wrapped in a hollow polyester fiber inserted in channeled casing to prevent bunching. They have wrap around self-healing zippers for easy access.
  • Fabrics and colors. Plenty of options are available here. Colors are mango, pecan, gray, and sky mist in the jitterbug fabric style as well as the color linen in the crawford fabric style.


Murphy Cabinet Bed

The Murphy Cabinet Bed is a recent addition to the Wilding Wallbeds line of unique beds. This option is different from our other Murphy Beds and wall beds in a couple of ways and is a great alternative to the traditional versions. The biggest difference is that the cabinet bed is freestanding. This means that it doesn’t attach to the wall or floor and no mounting is needed for the full functionality of this bed. This just might be the perfect option for anyone who wants the quality and functionality of a Murphy Bed without having to do much in the way of assembly and installation.

When the bed is not in use, it folds into a stylish cabinet — keeping your room both clear and attractive. Plus the top of the cabinet always stays in place so you can use it to store your TV or anything else without ever having to move it. So if you like to create some variety in your home and change things up, the Murphy Cabinet Bed gives you the ability to move it throughout your house. Rearrange to your heart’s content with worry! It is short enough that you can maintain clear visibility throughout the room without blocking windows, TVs, or interfering with ceiling fans. It is a great solution if you have low ceilings.

These beds are capable of withstanding weights of up to 600 pounds, which easily allows two adults to sleep comfortably. Speaking of comfortable, the triple-folding memory foam mattress is of the highest quality. The firm support helps prevent neck and back pain that can come from using poorly designed mattresses. This will ensure that your kids, grandkids, or any other guest will get a good night of rest.

We offer four styles of Murphy Cabinet Bed. The Poppy, Clover, and Sagebrush all come with flip-up nightstands, power supply (two 110v outlets and two USB outlets), and a functional under bed storage drawer (accessible in both the open and closed positions). The Cube is a simple fold-away bed with no extra bells and whistles. All four styles are available in a bunch of color and finish options. In addition, the smaller size and weight makes this unique bed much cheaper and easier to ship. And if you are looking for a great deal — let’s be honest, we all are — the Murphy Cabinet Bed is far more affordable than their traditional cousins because of simpler construction, fewer materials needed, and the shipping savings.


Murphy Bunk Bed

Anybody that has kids in the home or grandkids that come to visit, would benefit from installing these Murphy Bunk Beds in their home. They are perfectly suited for the kid’s room where play space can be utilized during the day when the beds are up and provides a fun place for two to sleep that requires only 45″ space from the wall when open.

Our Murphy Bunk Beds are made from the same highest quality furniture grade plywood and solid hardwood as our other Murphy Bed models. They operate with our dependable and “whisper quiet” piston lift system — it’s guaranteed for life! The little ones will be safe on the top bunk with our three-sided guardrail that is securely bolted to the bed box. It easily folds into the bed cabinet when moved into the closed position. You’ll also get a sturdy, hardwood ladder for easy access.

The hectic lifestyle that kids bring can be made that much easier when they’ve got unique beds that can fold out of the way and give them plenty of space to play in their own room. No more huge messes of toys all over the living room! And bedtime becomes easier when they have somewhere exciting that they love to sleep. Our Bunk Beds come standard as twin over twin but are also available in twin extra long for those tall guests. That’s right. These are not just for young kids. They can accommodate adults in comfort while freeing up valuable space during the day with a footprint only 17″ deep.



The Remington

What makes the Remington a unique bed is that it was designed through years of feedback from Wilding Wallbeds customers. There are some design features that make a Murphy Bed stand out and the Remington has them. This is also a likely reason why the Remington is so popular. It features a unique combination of a few classical styles with a modern twist. This Murphy Bed is thoughtfully crafted in an autumn haze finish on alder wood. It is a combination that gives you a versatile product that will match well with almost every pre-existing furniture style and color.

All four of the face panels are accentuated by raised shaker-style hardwood trim. This is where the Remington gets its characteristic depth. The thickness, width, and total length of the trim layout also adds the overall strength and uniformity in the Remington’s shaker design. On top of all that is a two and a quarter inch ogee hardwood crown molding. The classical ogee molding breaks from the typical shaker styling and gives the Remington a beautifully classy profile. Now you’ve got an instant eye-catching piece of furniture. If you’re looking to reclaim that unused space in an affordable and unique way the Remington Murphy Bed is definitely for you.

If you want some additional features, the Remington has got additional features. For instance — two shelving units on either side of the cabinet. It also features a three-drawer side cabinet and 20” door and drawer side cabinet. They both have slide-out night tables. When the bed is not in use, the cabinet, shelving, and drawers make a beautiful entertainment center that will make your guests jealous!


In Conclusion

Wilding Wallbeds is well-known in the industry as the manufacturer with the highest standards in products and craftsmanship. We are confident that you will appreciate the all real wood (NO particle board) furnishings that we have built our reputation on. These beds and the rest of our selection give you countless combinations of style, wood, color, finish, and cost. You are sure to find a unique bed that will be a perfect fit for your living space. And if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, you can always head over to our online bed builder. This feature of our website will allow you, as the customer, to design, quote, get dimensions for, and order a Wilding Wallbed in your very own unique custom configuration. This feature is designed to be easy to use, informative, and fun to experiment with. As always, if you have any questions, contact us today and let’s get your unique bed started!