Modern Bedroom Design


Newport Murphy BedModern bedroom design can go a long way toward making an impressive home — just like a Murphy Bed does. Something that is sleek and current adds to your sense of tranquility and your ability to get a good night of rest. The bedroom is the place where people spend a large chunk of their time. It should be something that sets a good mood and looks great. It can be tough to find the right modern bedroom design for your home.

Just how can you fit everything you want to have in your bedroom while keeping it in neat, modern bedroom design? Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, the purpose of this article is to help you do just that. Let’s get this party started by discussing what modern bedroom design means.


What Is Modern Bedroom Design?

It’s not really a question that is easily answered with a quick Google search. Most of the search results you’ll find list are blogs that list various ways that you can achieve a modern bedroom design, without really defining what it is. We’ll get to some of the best ideas we found later, but first, this blog offers some insight into just what a modern bedroom design requires.

Basically, modern design is based around the modern art movement and there are several aspects and themes that are a consistent part of modern design. Here’s a quick look at some of those themes that are aligned with modern design.

  • The Lines — Modern design uses clean and straight lines without any details like curves (which would be a more contemporary design). Modern lines are more crisp and sharper.
  • The Metal — Modern design often includes chrome and/or stainless steel. A great-looking polished metal works well in this type of design. It can even be part of the furniture in your bedroom. Chrome and stainless steel are frequently used in furniture and other home accessories — especially in faucets, handles, and railings.
  • Minimalism This is just what it sounds like — less is more. Keep it simple and forget about any unnecessary “extras”. This would include things such as moldings, trim, or excessive colors. You basically don’t have anything in your room unless it is completely necessary.
  • The Clutter (Or Lack Thereof)Most of us don’t like clutter. In this instance, we’re talking about things like the accessories of a bedroom. A modern bedroom design likely won’t include things like vases, pottery, or throw pillows for example. The things that are kept in the room will have a specific place and might even be kept out of sight. A Wilding Wallbed would fit right in with this idea, keeping your bed hidden away eliminates a whole lot of clutter!
  • The Bold ColorsIf you stick with traditional modern bedroom design, you’ll be using neutral colors along with different shades of black and white. You can also throw in some bold colors to be used as an accent of the room. Don’t overuse these colors though. Some things you could try to use as an accent would be a rug, throw pillows, art, etc.


The Importance Of Sleep

senior couple sleepingEarlier this year, we did some research about sleep. People often think of sleep as a time when your mind and body can shut down and take a break. Those people are wrong. According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep is an active period in which a lot of important processing, restoration, and strengthening occurs. There are still some sleep-related mysteries like why we need so much sleep on a daily basis. But the one thing that is known widely known by us all — sleep is important.

Wilding Wallbeds has been building and shipping Murphy beds across the United States and internationally since 1997. So, sleep is a big deal to us — and not just because we are tired. We know you are too. The bed you sleep on is an important part of getting a good night of rest. Another important consideration for getting good sleep is the mattress you are on. Many people wonder about mattresses and Murphy Beds.

In fact, this is one of the most common questions we get about or Wallbeds and Murphy Beds. The answer to this question is yes, you can use your own mattress. Of course, it needs to be a compatible height and weight for your Murphy Bed. But it is not a simple yes or no situation. We believe that you need more information before you can make a decision about the mattress.


The Right Mattress

Have you heard of slumping? It is something you always want to avoid with your mattress. This is a problem that can occur when a mattress is used differently than what it was designed for. Your current mattress was likely designed to perform horizontally. With a Wallbed or Murphy Bed, you may prefer to use a mattress that is designed to be used vertically.

This is because Wallbed mattresses are stored in an upright (vertical) position except for when they are in use. That means it is vertical about two-thirds of the time for beds that are used every night. Slumping is what happens to a horizontally-designed mattress that is kept in a vertical position.

This is when the coils or foams that are inside the mattress begin to slide toward the floor because of gravity. This creates a lopsided mattress with a bump at the head of your bed. Not ideal! Plus, slumping is not repairable. Once that happens to your mattress, it is basically ruined.


The Slumping Solution

Over the years, Wilding Wallbeds has come up with several innovations for Murphy Beds and custom furniture. The mattress is another example of that.

We approached the Serta mattress company to design a mattress that would work in a Wallbed or Murphy Bed. They were able to make two big changes to the way mattresses are made for Wallbeds or Murphy Beds.

  • The Border Rod: The installation of a border rod solved one of the major problems. The coils inside a mattress are designed for back support and durability. In our Serta mattresses, the coil system is entirely surrounded at the top of the coil and at the bottom of the coil with a border rod. This is kind of like a little racetrack that surrounds the entire coils system at the top and bottom of the mattress. Next, Serta fastens its coil system to this border rod at the top and bottom of every single edge coil. Fastening the coils in this fashion ensures that the coil system can’t slump.
  • Foam: Mattresses are usually filled with layers of foam that are on top of the coils. This is what makes a mattress so comfortable. There are two sections of the foam. The quilt package contains 3-4 layers and is the top part of the mattress that you can easily see. This part of the mattress does not cause the problem when a mattress is standing in a vertical position. The upholstery package is where the slumping issues can happen. This is because the pieces of foam are loose-laid on top of the coils without being attached. So when a mattress is stood up on end, these pieces of foam will gradually begin to slump. Serta came up with a solution by doing a couple of things. Now the upholstery package is quilted together the same way the quilt package is. The upholstery layers are also attached to the border rod of the mattress. And they have attached the quilt package to the upholstery layers and the border rod. Nearly all mattresses contain a coil system that is designed to provide durability and back support. In our Serta mattresses, these coils are surrounded by a border rod. The coils are also attached to the border rod at the top and bottom of all edge coils. This layout ensures that the coil system cannot slump.

Problem Solved

With these improvements made to our Serta Mattress selections, the slumping issue is no longer an issue. We have gone to great lengths to make sure that these mattresses are the correct height and weight so they will not bind as the bed is open or closed, and they will lift and lower easily.


Taking Care Of Your Modern Bedroom

Making the BedYou spend a lot of time in your bedroom — and especially in your bed. If you are able to follow the suggested 8 hours of sleep a night — that’s a third of your life spent on your mattress. It better be a good one and you’re going to want to make sure you keep it in great shape. A good quality mattress will provide years of restful comfort and help you to wake in the morning rejuvenated and refreshed. When you protect your investment by keeping your bed and bedding neat and clean, your bed will provide a good night’s sleep for years to come. For more information about how to take proper care of your bed so your modern bedroom design stays great, check out our Ultimate Bed Care Guide for complete information. Below, we’ll cover some of the highlights from that guide.

Ultimate Bed Care Guide Highlights

Your bed may not be as clean as you think it is. Remember, we all sweat and shed dead skin cells when we sleep. Plus, accidents happen, things are spilled, kids or pets climb on the bed, etc. It’s part of life. But what this does mean is that changing your sheets regularly is just not enough. Your bed needs to have regular cleaning and maintenance. Here are some highlights from our Ultimate Bed Care Guide that you can use to keep your bed in great shape. And as with anything and everything bed-related, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you and provide you with the information you need to keep things clean and tidy.

General Mattress Cleaning And Maintenance

With our Murphy Bed mattresses, there is a definite top and bottom and they should always be kept in that position. But, if you have not yet converted to a Murphy Bed and you’re on a conventional bed and mattress, taking proper care of your mattress means turning and flipping it periodically in addition to performing some light cleaning. When you remove your blankets and sheets for washing, it is a good idea to use your vacuum for quick cleaning of the surface of your mattress. This will get rid of the dead skin cells, crumbs, lint, hair, and dirt that may be on your mattress.

When mattresses are constructed with coils on the inside, eventually those coils are going to wear out. This is especially true when you are sleeping on the same section of those coils night after night. This leads to the mattress sagging and losing its shape. This, in turn, can lead to uncomfortable nights of tossing and turning. What can you do about it?

This is why we recommend that you flip and rotate your mattress. This should be done at least annually. This can add years to the life of your mattress.

  • Flipping Your Mattress: This is an easy process. Although, you may need someone to assist if you have a bigger size of a mattress. All you need to do is flip the mattress over so the bottom is now the top.
  • Rotating Your Mattress: When you rotate your mattress, it re-positions the springs that are supporting the majority of your weight during the time that you are sleeping. This will help them to last longer. To properly rotate a mattress, simply spin it around so that where your head once rested is now where your feet rest.

We suggest setting and reminder in your phone so you don’t neglect to do this. Another way that you can help yourself remember to do this is to flip your mattress when the calendar flips (Jan. 1) and rotate your mattress when the earth’s rotation is halfway around the sun (July 1).

We want you to get the most out of your modern bedroom design — and that includes your bed, bedding, mattress, and pillows. Following these tips will help with your mattress. But no matter how hard you try, accidents happen that are going to require more than just some general cleaning. Check out our Bed Care Guide for more in-depth information about how to clean your sheets, comforters, pillows, and pillowcases. We’ll also provide pointers for how to clean your mattress and box spring. Because we know that whether you have a regular bed or a Murphy Bed if you take good care of it, it will take good care of you.


Modern Bedroom Design Tips

Power WallbedStyles are always changing. What was modern a few years ago has been replaced with some new concepts and techniques. Maintaining a modern bedroom design can be like shooting at a moving target. The goal here should be to make sure that your space is used efficiently and is functional. The following tips should help you to find something that will be perfect for your situation.

  • Keep It Warm And Comfortable — Some people don’t like a modern bedroom design because it may seem cold or uncomfortable. But there are ways to create a modern bedroom design that promotes a warm and comfortable environment. Things like proper lighting, a great mattress, and comfortable bedding can go overlooked while designing a bedroom. Getting these things right can ensure that you are getting the sleep you need. Some other possibilities you can try include using rugs and window coverings.
  • Use Architectural Elements — Things like wood floors, bare walls, and shelves can make excellent primary decorations in a modern bedroom design. Especially if you can use compatible accents like bedding, artwork, and lamps, etc.
  • Go Natural — Natural wood and light make for a great-looking bedroom. The natural wood can be floors, walls, or all of the above. You could also consider using recessed lighting in your ceiling which can create more space and light in your bedroom.
  • Simple And Colorful — A beautiful way to design a modern looking bedroom is with some simple decorations with your furniture and their colors. A brightly colored wall with bedding that matches can really make a room pop. Choosing the right color is vital to decorating a great-looking bedroom. This can be a daunting task and especially if you know that this is something that will be permanent or last a long time at the very least. A modern bedroom design will work with virtually any color. The important thing to do is to be careful with the placement of your colors.
  • Theater Lights — Theatre style lighting can create an amazing ambiance in a bedroom. Especially if you pair the lighting with furniture or floors that will give off a reflection.


Why Choose Wilding Wallbeds?

Our Murphy Beds are handmade by skilled furniture makers using only the finest solid hardwoods and top quality furniture grade plywoods available. We will match or beat any competitor’s pricing or services. Each of our Wall Bed and Murphy Bed selections has a Lifetime Guarantee. This phenomenal space saving furniture allows you to reclaim valuable floor space for daily living. We have been building and shipping Wallbeds across the United States and internationally since 1997. You can simply count on us. We are the manufacturer, so pricing is direct, saving you thousands of dollars on comparable products. Contact us today!