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Two convenient Murphy bed showroom locations serving the greater LA area.

With floor space at such a premium, many Angelenos are finding the comfort and convenience of a Murphy bed the perfect solution for west coast living. Wilding Wallbeds has been helping Los Angeles residents make the most of their space with the best Murphy beds available for over two decades. Not only do we install and service our Murphy beds throughout all of Southern California, but we also have a beautiful showroom showcasing our Murphy beds and Wall beds conveniently located in El Segundo right on Main Street. Wilding Wallbeds has years of experience working in Los Angeles homes and is certain to have the right solution for your space.

  Murphy Bed Showrooms

El Segundo Murphy Bed Showroom

  446 Main St. El Segundo, CA 90245

  (424) 277-0063

  10am – 5pm M-F, 10am – 4pm Sat


Chino Hills Murphy Bed Showroom

  4200 Chino Hills Pkwy Ste 660, Chino Hills, California 91709

 (909) 680-4141

10am – 5pm M-F, 10am – 4pm Sat


What Makes Us Unique?

You have surely found that there are many companies that sell Murphy beds, so weeding through all of the information can be tricky. Simply put, Wilding Wallbeds is where high-quality meets affordability. This is the case because we are not just a retail outlet, we are also the manufacturers. This means that you aren’t dealing with a middleman with basic training on the beds. You are working with the actual makers of the furniture. Not only do we know our products inside and out, we are also able to offer the best pricing because all of our Murphy beds and Wall beds are built out of real wood. We use solid wood and furniture grade plywood. Walking through our wood shop in St. George Utah you would find that we don’t have a single piece of particle board, melamine, or any other laminate in the whole building. We love the natural beauty and the superior quality of real wood. Along with the quality of woods, we also use the best mechanisms available. All of the mechanisms come with a lifetime guarantee and are capable of handling the rigors of daily use.

The final difference at Wilding Wallbeds is that each item is custom made for each customer. This means that you get to choose all of the options that you want, and then we make it specifically for you. You get a piece of furniture that is tailor made for your space, needs, and style.

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Get the Most out of Your Space.

As we all know, in LA square footage is pricey, that means that we need to be smart with the way we use our valuable space and getting multi-function out a single space is a very effective way to accomplish that. That is why some of the most popular murphy beds in Los Angeles are beds that do more than one thing. These beds are generally broken down into 3 categories: Desk beds, Bookcase beds, and Sofa beds.

Murphy Desk beds

The Murphy desk bed is our most popular desk bed option. With this ingenious design you have a large desk that runs the entire length of the bed that can be used as a home office.  As you open and close the bed there is no need to move your computer, monitor, printer, papers, coffee mug, and anything else left on the desk. There is 17” of clearance on the desktop at all times, so you can fold your bed down without disrupting your work.

The Newport Murphy Desk Bed with an FC-747 power outlet. Shown in paint grade wood with white finish. Price as shown: $4,891

Bookcase beds

The Bookcase bed feels like a call back to a classic spy movie. This entire face of the bed is hidden by the bookcases which have a hidden latch. These bookcases when unlatch can swing out to either side allowing the Murphy bed to pull down from inside the cabinet. This bed is great for a room that you need a bed in, but you don’t want to lose any style or storage.

Biford Bookcase Wallbed Shown in Alder Wood Grand Harbor Finish

Sofa Murphy Beds

The Sofa Murphy bed is a great solution when you want the convenience of a sofa sleeper, but you want the comfort of a traditional bed. This Murphy bed comes with the sofa which has removable cushions. Once the cushions are removed you can simply fold the Murphy bed down over the frame of the sofa. This gives you both a comfortable place to sleep and a quality sofa.

Sofa Murphy Bed

What makes all of these 3 popular options similar is the way they allow you to use your space for more than just a comfortable guest room. These options are a fantastic way to reclaim your floorspace and to get the most out of it.

Murphy Beds and Wall Beds

In addition to the great dual-function beds listed above, Wilding Wallbeds also has a huge selection of standard Murphy beds and Wall beds. The terms Murphy bed and Wall bed can be used interchangeably but there are some small differences to be aware of. Murphy bed indicates that the bed uses a spring lift mechanism with a metal frame. Wall beds use a piston lift mechanism and have a wooden bed frame. Both of these systems are of the highest quality and carry lifetime warranties. We offer both because they each have advantages depending on your space.

Our bed styles include traditional, ornate, shaker, mid-century modern, contemporary, beachy, formal, and so much more. With this wide range of styles there is sure to be something to fit the décor of your Los Angeles home.  As with any of our products you get to choose the style, the wood and the finish, and all of the options. Wilding Wallbeds offers beds in all sizes; Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, and King. This customization allows us to build you something perfect for your space and style. 

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To sum it all up, Wilding Wallbeds has been in LA for over 2 decades and has built the highest quality Murphy beds and Wall beds for thousands of Southern California residents. With us you don’t only get the best quality, we are also the most knowledgeable about our beds and have the most options out there. Purchasing a bed from Wilding Wallbeds is sure to be a good experience and will help you make the most of your space.