Los Angeles Murphy Bed Installation

When living in large cities, like Los Angeles, making the most of what little space you might have is essential for comfortable living. Murphy beds have been one such tool used by many over the years, but installing one can be complicated. If you are looking to get a Murphy bed installed in your Los Angeles home read this article to see how Wilding Wallbeds can help you to transform your space stress free.

By: Rich


You live in the Los Angeles area and have been thinking more and more lately about getting a Murphy bed. You know that a Murphy bed could practically change your life by virtually creating more space in your small, expensive Southern California home, but you also know that a Murphy bed is unique. No other piece of furniture uses stored energy to raise and lower a heavy wooden frame and mattress and keep itself in place against a wall and it is essential that the installation be done properly. However, thinking about installing it yourself gives you a combination of the willies and the heebie-jeebies.

Deep breath. Time to relax. Wilding Wallbeds offers installation services in all 118 cities and unincorporated areas in Los Angeles County.

Murphy Bed Installation in Los Angeles

With us doing the job you can be certain your new Murphy bed will be installed properly. Thanks to Wilding Wallbeds’ simple wall-mount system, we mount your bed securely to the wall, causing no more harm to the wall than hanging a picture or two. And it won’t damage or affect your floor in any way.

You will need to accurately pre-measure the wall space to ensure that your bed plus any other components you’ve selected will fit the space. And you’ll need to move any furniture or other items out of the way so there is unobstructed access to the wall. Also, it will be appreciated if you make sure there is adequate parking nearby for our installation truck. 

A typical installation takes 60-90 minutes and involves inserting a few small wood screws into three studs in the wall. But keep in mind if you are a renter, it’s a good idea to talk it over with your landlord before going forward with the installation.

What if you need to move the Murphy bed after it’s installed? Easy. Wilding Wallbeds are portable. Simply take out the wood screws, disassemble it, take it to the new location and reassemble it. If you are relocating within Southern California, we can handle the whole move for you. What’s the value of a lifetime warranty on the bed’s lift mechanism if you can’t keep your bed with you for a lifetime?

Murphy beds and Wallbeds

We install all 17 models of our Murphy beds and wallbeds. The basic difference between a Murphy bed and a wallbed is that a Murphy bed uses a spring lift mechanism and a wallbed uses a piston mechanism to raise and lower the bed. Also, a Murphy bed is delivered in several smaller pieces, so it’s easier to get into a tight area or carry it up a flight of stairs. A wallbed comes in bigger pieces, so maneuvering it into a tight space can be an issue. However installation and assembly of a wallbed is simpler compared to a Murphy bed.

Home Office

The ultimate space-saver in a smaller home is a combination office and bedroom. You can turn your spare room into both a productive workspace and a comfortable bedroom. Wilding Wallbeds offers many styles and options for creating the perfect home office.

Murphy Bunk Bed

These are great space savers for a kid’s room or anywhere sleeping space is tight and multiple beds are needed. Murphy Bunk Beds optimize space in any room, taking up just 17” when closed. The Murphy Bunk Bed comes standard as twin-over-twin but is also available in twin extra-long – so they can accommodate adults in comfort while freeing up valuable space during the day. They are sturdily built and will last a lifetime.

Bookcase Wallbed

This specialty bed provides the convenience of a Murphy bed and the storage of an integral bookcase in one unit. The bookcases simply swing out to either side revealing the hidden Murphy bed within.

Murphy Desk Beds

The exceptionally useful Murphy Desk Bed is another solution to the problem of limited space. The Murphy Desk Bed allows you to turn any space into a bedroom and home office simultaneously. There is no need to clear the desktop of anything less than 17” high to convert the desk to a bed. There is a choice of a twin-, full-, or queen-size bed. The desktop for the queen is 25” deep and 80” wide.

Sofa Murphy Bed

This is a combination Murphy bed and sofa. The sofa can be up to 91” wide. The Sofa Murphy Bed gives you a comfortable sofa to sit on during the day and a spacious king- or queen-size bed to sleep in at night. Sofa Murphy Beds use high-quality Serta mattresses and are a wonderful alternative to traditional convertible sleeper sofas and their thin, uncomfortable mattresses and metal frames.

Where to see a Wilding Wallbed

Wilding Wallbeds has two showrooms in the Los Angeles area.

Wilding Wallbeds El Segundo
446 Main St
El Segundo, CA 90245

(424) 277-0063

Wilding Wallbeds Chino Hills
42020 Chino Hills Pkwy, Suite 660
Chino Hills, CA 91709

(909) 680-4141

Both of these showrooms have over 15 models on display giving a great sample of the various styles, options, and colors. They also have all of the mattress options so you can lay on each bed to determine the bed mattress that is best for you.

No appointment is necessary, the showrooms are open Monday through Saturday for walk-ins. If you are more comfortable setting up an appointment, that is no problem, just give us a call and schedule a time with us. At each of our showrooms, we have a trained staff of Murphy bed experts, who are at the ready to answer any questions you can think of.

Let’s Wrap it all up

So, in conclusion, go ahead and get that Murphy bed. Make that investment. It will reward you for a lifetime. Living in Los Angeles is expensive. According to Zillow the average home price in Los Angeles in 2023 is $890,194. According to apartments.com the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $2,225. With such expensive space why not make the most of it? Buy from Wilding Wallbeds and your experience will be stress-free. We’ll build your Murphy bed or wallbed and install it for you, and you’ll have it for a lifetime.