The New and Improved Bookcase Wallbed


Years ago Wilding Wallbeds developed its popular Bookcase Wallbed. The idea behind the project was to give customers useful access to bookcases on the face of the bed, then be able to move these bookcases out of the way to bring the bed down. Over the years the Bookcase Wallbed has become one of the most popular units that they manufacture. Owners Dan and Dennis Wilding are always in search of the best quality materials to use in their products. This drive led them a few years ago into switching from a conventional murphy frame, to the state-of-the-art NEXT BED Murphy frame for use in the Bookcase Wallbed. This drive once again has led them to innovating this creation, taking its function to the next level.

Customer Service

Wilding Wallbeds is well known in the industry for customer service. They bend over backward to ensure that their customers are completely satisfied. They have always valued customer feedback and during weekly management planning meetings, this feedback is taken into serious consideration. Recently Wilding has been getting some feedback concerning the gap between the mattress and the headboard on Bookcase Wallbeds. It was discovered that they were losing their pillows into this gap during the night. Another issue that they had become aware of was that if the floors or walls weren’t level, the bookcases could swing either open or closed depending on the room. With this feedback, Dennis Wilding took on the project personally and developed the new Pillow-Keeper Headboard and locking system.

The Pillow-Keeper Headboard

Wilding clearly understands how frustrating it is to lose your pillow off the end of the mattress especially while you’re trying to get some well-deserved sleep. From listening to the concerns of their customers, Dennis developed this unique Pillow-Keeper Headboard. The new Pillow-Keeper Headboard is a hinged headboard specifically developed to bridge the gap between the head of the bed and the wall, which completely eliminates the annoyance of losing your pillow in the night. Operating this unique Pillow-Keeper Headboard consists of grabbing the handles conveniently placed on either side of the headboard and pulling it forward from the wall; the headboard will conveniently lock in place…simple. When closing the bed you simply lift at the foot of the Murphy Frame, as usual. As the frame begins to raise up, the headboard automatically unlatches and swings back allowing the bed to close fully.

Messed up bed

During the developmental stage, Dennis had to take several design features into consideration. First was the needed adjustability in this special headboard to accommodate different mattress thicknesses and the varying distance from the wall. Adjustable parts allow Wilding Wallbeds to offer this unique headboard not only on new purchases but to all their previous customers as well. The next obstacle for Dennis was to allow the design of this new headboard to work in the existing space of older models. Not an easy feat with such limited space to begin with, but after a few hardware adjustments, it works perfectly.

Beginning in May of 2017, the Pillow-Keeper Headboard comes standard on every Bi-fold or Standard Bookcase Wallbed. Also, Beginning in May of 2017, this new Pillow-Keeper Headboard may be purchased separately so it is able to be added to an existing Bookcase Wallbed without having to remove the bed from the wall. So, if you have one of Wilding’s older model Bookcase Wallbeds, you are able to give them a call at 866-877-7803 and order this headboard for your existing unit. In Wilding fashion, they have also gone that extra mile and filmed a customer service video showing an easy step by step process of retrofitting the Pillow-Keeper Headboard into your existing bookcase wallbed all by yourself.

Bookcase Wallbed Locking System

Bookcase Wallbed string latch

The Bookcase Wallbed locking system was developed to accomplish two things. First, it locks the bed from being opened, so children or those unfamiliar with the system are unable to open the bed without the owner’s consent. Second, it locks the bookcases on the face of the bed in place when the bed is closed so they don’t swing open by itself if the floor is not level. The locks are located behind the face frame on each door at about chest height. They have a hidden pull cord which unlatches a door plunger at the top of the unit. The right door is opened first, then the left. This locking system now comes standard on every Bi-fold or Standard Bookcase Wallbed. This system requires so much modification that unfortunately, it is not available to add this to an existing Bookcase Wallbed.

Wilding Wallbeds also came up with a simple solution for the problem of the bookcases trying to shut themselves on the Bi-fold Bookcase Bed, due to an unlevel floor. They sourced magnets that are able to be attached to the back of each bookcase. These magnets connect to each other when the doors are open, keeping the shelving units in place and keeping them from shutting themselves. These magnets are easy to ship and install so they are available to be added to existing Bi-fold Bookcase Wallbed units. Just give Wilding Wallbeds a call to get yours ordered.

Optional Doors

Bookcase Wallbed string latch

The last new option that we would like to discuss is the new option of adding doors to the bottom of the Bookcase Wallbeds. These doors are great if you would like to use the bookcases for more than just displaying things. The doors allow you to store items that you don’t want on display. Adding the doors also improves the overall look of the Bookcase Wallbed. The doors come in the Brittany, Brittany Shaker, or Scape style and have decorative handles or pulls. The standard door option is Brittany style doors with Remington knobs.

Wilding Wallbeds Going Forward

Expect new things from Wilding Wallbeds. They are constantly working on new space-saving ideas and innovating existing products. Some of their newest products worth looking into include the Sofa Murphy Bed and the Hidden Storage Nightstands. All of these new products were developed based on the requests of customers for such products.

As stated earlier, Wilding Wallbeds is known in the industry for being customer service oriented. That being said, if you have any feedback for Wilding Wallbeds, please give them a call at 866-725-6401 or shoot them an email. They take their feedback very seriously, and discuss it weekly during management planning meetings to find innovative solutions to problems, and come up with the “next big thing”. Keep a close eye on Wilding Wallbeds, because they will continue to innovate the space-saving furniture industry.

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