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Looking For a Chicago Murphy Bed Supplier?

Wilding Wallbeds is a southwest U.S. based company, and we take great pride in serving many midwestern states such as beautiful Illinois. Our Murphy Beds are the perfect addition to any home or apartment, especially in metro areas such as Chicago. As your Chicago Murphy Bed supplier, we understand how important it is to create a space that is not only clean and beautiful, but functional as well. It is our goal to help you create a living space that feels open and complete with a wall bed such as our Remington model.

While we do not have a storefront in the Chicago area, we offer many convenient shipping options for our customers who are looking for a Murphy Bed supplier in Chicago. Our team is highly trained to help with any customer service questions you might have such as shipping times, assembly, warranties, and which wall bed model would work best for your home and better suit your needs. We are here to walk you through every step of the way. We take our responsibilities as a Chicago Murphy Bed supplier seriously.

Why a Murphy Bed?

Murphy Beds are an excellent addition for any home, and provide many benefits.

  • Wall beds save on space.
  • They give you the ability to host guests such as friends, family, grandkids, etc.
  • They are the perfect solution for airBNB rentals, rental properties, or guest homes.
  • Our models look clean and are made with quality in mind.

So who should get a wall bed? While our answer is always everyone, there are some instances where contacting a Chicago Murphy Bed supplier like us is a no brainer.

  • People who have a small home or apartment could really benefit from having a large piece of furniture such as a bed hide away when it’s not in use. It will give you the space to exercise, do some yoga, put together a puzzle, or even play some Twister if that’s what you’re into.
  • Parents who are blessed with children but not blessed with space can gain some extra play room with a Murphy bunk bed. Our beds are sturdy and built with quality materials so your kiddos have a safe and comfortable place to sleep when playtime is over.
  • Dorm rooms are notorious for lacking in square footage. We have models that hideaway into desks, bookcases, and other storage. Our Murphy Beds do not have to be a permanent fixture in your space, so once you or your student graduates they can take it with them to their next adventure.
  • Do you own an airBNB or other rental space that has the perfect location, but no space? A wall bed is an excellent solution to your problem, and a smart investment for your property.
  • Retirees, grandparents, and empty-nesters often downsize to save on money, maintenance and time spent cleaning. However, downsizing often comes with the sacrifice of guest rooms or space to host family members.

If you meet any of these descriptions, consider reaching out to us today! We would be honored to be your Chicago Murphy Bed supplier.

Wilding Wallbed Models

The Remington Murphy Bed This style is by far our most popular, and for good reason. It includes storage, lighting, a slide-out table, and a classy design.

The Murphy Desk Bed Rest is so important after a good day’s work. This desk morphs into a queen size bed, and the best part is you don’t have to move your computer!

The Bookcase Bed Have you ever dreamed of a hidden room behind a bookcase? How about a bed? This bed provides excellent style and storage, with that extra secret something.

The Murphy Bunk Bed Perfectly suited to create more play space during the day and a fun and comfortable place for your kids to sleep at night.

The Studio Desk This Murphy Bed allows you to leave items on your desktop while lowering your bed.

If you, or someone you know, are looking for a Murphy Bed supplier in Chicago, give Wilding Wallbeds a call today!

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