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Your Georgia Wall Bed Supplier

Wilding Wallbeds got its start in the southwest U.S., and we are proud to supply Murphy Beds to many southern states such as beautiful Georgia. We aim to bring solutions to people who are lacking space, without sacrificing things like quality, function or style. As your Georgia Murphy Bed supplier we have put in the time, research and engineering to create an answer for your everyday problems. Our beds would make the perfect addition to any house or apartment, and are handmade by talented furniture makers using only top quality hardwoods and furniture grade plywoods.

Even though we do not have a store location in Georgia, we have great shipping options that are convenient and inexpensive. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide excellent customer service. You will feel like we’ve been in the neighborhood all along. We will be with you through the entire process from beginning to end. We will go over things like the needs for your space, your budget, the assembly of your bed, the shipping times and delivery options, warranties, our lifetime guarantee and any questions you might have about your Wilding Wallbed order. If we are your Georgia Murphy Bed supplier, we take your purchase seriously. We want to give you the best experience we can while helping your space feel clean, open and well thought out. If you are wondering how a Murphy Bed could improve your home, give us a call. We truly enjoy finding the answers to storage problems, organization issues, and the hassles that sometimes come with small square footage.

Perfect Areas For Wall Beds

  • Atlanta There are so many uses for a bed that disappears or transforms into another piece of furniture in the city of Atlanta. Small houses, small apartments, dorm rooms, businesses – all could benefit from the use of a Murphy Bed. With a population of almost 5.8 million people in the Atlanta metropolitan area, it is a hub for commerce, nightlife, education, and culture alike. Heavily populated areas make it hard to find living spaces with everything you need or want. A wall bed could be the perfect fit for those who are looking for more space, storage, or better options for organization. We have been a Murphy Bed supplier for Georgia businesses for years!
  • AugustaIn Augusta, more than 28% of the population has children under the age of 18 living at home. The area is great for growing families. For those living in Augusta, models like our bunk bed Murphy Beds are a great choice to give children more place to play.
  • Columbus Columbus is home to many museums and tourist attractions, making it a perfect place to own a rental property like airBNB. Our Bookcase Wallbed is the perfect piece to complete any room. It transforms from a beautiful bookshelf to a comfortable bed to give your renters the best use of their space, however they’d like to use it. If you have a rental property, reach out to us and we will gladly be your Georgia Murphy Bed supplier!
  • Athens Athens is home to University of Georgia, and is a beautiful college town with over 37,000 students. Our Murphy Desk beds work great for students, as they are a functional desk when it’s time to study, or a stylish bed when it’s time to get some rest. The best part about Wilding Wallbeds is they don’t have to be a permanent fixture, so they can take it with them wherever they go.
  • Savannah The oldest city in Georgia, Savannah features many historic homes and buildings. While these properties are attractive for many buyers, their construction and materials make it hard to change the layout to incorporate more space. More than 10% of the population consists of someone over the age of 65 who lives alone. Our Spring Lift or Piston Lift Wallbeds allow our customers to raise or lower the bed with ease.
  • Wherever you live is the perfect place for a Wilding Wallbed!-There is no one situation in which a Murphy Bed could be utilized. As your Georgia Murphy Bed suppliers, we have models that work for all types of households and living situations.

Our Wall Bed Models

The Remington Murphy Bed There is a reason why this is our most popular seller. It features LED lighting, a slide-out table, ample storage and comes in different sizes and finishes.

The Edge Style As one of the most affordable member of our series, this has been a best seller for our many years of being a Murphy Bed supplier in Georgia and other states around the country.

The Tuscany Wall Bed No detail has been spared with the design of this Italian inspired bed. To top it off, you can choose from 27 different hand applied finish colors.

The Brittany Wall Bed This bed is what happens when traditional style meets a modernized Murphy Bed. It also includes a drop down table making it perfect for a home office.

The Newport Murphy Bed Fashionable, contemporary, convenient and affordable are all words that can easily describe this eight-panel, solid wood trimmed and detailed Murphy Bed.

The Hideaway Desk Bed This model is a great choice for students or those who work from home! A stylish and functional desk by day, and a comfortable bed by night.

The Bookcase Bed The Bookcase Bed is the ultimate for storage solutions. It would make a great option for a living room or home office for when friends or family come to stay.

The Murphy Bunk Bed A complaint from parents we’ve heard frequently as a Georgia Murphy Bed supplier is the lack of play space, or room for another bed. This bed solves both of those problems.

The Studio Desk This add-on feature allows you to keep your items on your desk even when lowering your wall bed for use. The desk keeps parallel to the ground, eliminating the extra work of removing all of your belongings.

Interested in getting your very own wall bed? Reach out to Wilding Wallbeds today and let us be your Georgia Murphy Bed supplier.

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