Drop Down Table


Have you ever needed that extra work space and you typically wouldn’t want to accommodate more than a card table, but wanted something more durable? Maybe something for a craft room for sewing?

The Drop-down Table will certainly help out in that area. You can watch the demonstration video for the run down. That aside, the table does provide an excellent, durable surface for whatever you would like to use that table for.

I myself utilize a Studio Series Drop-down table with an office and when it comes to my work, there are those time where I have a couple different projects going on and I just don’t have the space on the desk.

Among those many projects, I sort, assemble, and combine inserts into brochures for any of our walk-ins. I have four large stacks of different inserts and brochures that simply take up a lot of space.

The table is easy to use with the two thumb slides and the pressure clasp is a simple pull. If that is not easy I don’t know what is.

We design the Drop-down Table to match the style of the bed you choose, which include several different styles in both the Piston Lift, and the Spring Lift bed variations.

Written by Trent Alldredge
Sales Associate