Do King Size Murphy Beds Exist?

The Takeaway:

  • Yes, king size Murphy beds exist
  • King size Murphy beds provide the most sleeping space
  • A Murphy bed solves the floor space problem of a King size mattress
  • Wilding Wallbeds offers a variety of King size Murphy bed options


Murphy beds are a great convenient way to transform your guest room into a multipurpose room. When shopping for a Murphy bed you will find that most of them are queen size, some are full or twin size and it can be quite difficult to find a King size Murphy bed, but yes, King size Murphy beds exist. A king size Murphy bed is a nice way to give yourself maximum comfort and sleeping space without taking up your entire room!

Why are King size Murphy beds hard to find?

The goal of a good Murphy bed is to take up as little space possible, while offering the greatest comfort. A king size Murphy bed is the best way to achieve this. King size mattresses provide enough room for two adults to stretch out without being in each other’s way, but King size Murphy beds can be hard to find. The simple reason why is that Queen size murphy beds are easier to build. A king size mattress is heavier than a queen size, thus the mechanism for a King size murphy bed needs to be more substantial. Another difficulty is the sheer size of a king size bed. A king size mattress is actually bigger than a standard door frame, for this reason a king size box spring is made in 2 pieces. This means that a King size Murphy bed needs to be assembled once it is in the room and this requires quite a bit of engineering. Having enough support over the span of a king size mattress is also very important. Melamine and particle boards simply aren’t strong enough to support a king size mattress.

Even though designing and manufacturing a King size Murphy bed has some difficulties, king size Murphy beds do exist, and they are a great way to give you or your guests the comfort of a master bedroom without taking up the entire room.

Why choose a King size Murphy Bed?

When asking adults about why they chose to purchase a Queen size mattress over a King size, the main reason is that the queen size simply takes up less space in their room. This means that for the most part, they end up sacrificing comfort in the name of floor space. Thankfully a King size Murphy bed solves this issue. The Murphy bed takes up almost no floor space until it is opened. This means that studio apartments, and smaller bedrooms can now fit a King size bed without giving up the floor space. Guest rooms are another common place for Queen size mattress for the same exact reason. Many of us want to use our guest room for more than just the occasional guest. A Murphy bed makes that possible, getting the bed up out of the way and opening up the room to be whatever else you want it to be. Once again, the most comfortable way to do that is with a King size Murphy bed.

Murphy bed styles available in king size

How can I be sure my King size Murphy bed will be built right?

When buying a King size Murphy bed, you want to be especially careful of quality and construction. The main indicators of quality to look for are the materials used, the warranty, and customer reviews. You simply do not want a King size built out of anything other than real wood. Particle board isn’t supportive enough to hold the weight of a King size mattress and those sleeping on it. As for warranty, if the company is only offering a few years, you can know that the mechanism is only designed to last that long, and with the weight of a King size bed the wear on the mechanism will be worse. In regard to reviews, you really want to dig into the social proof of real people who are using the product to ensure it lives up to its promises. Wilding Wallbeds is a company that checks all of those boxes with all wood construction, lifetime warranty and hundreds of positive reviews. 

How do I get started?

At Wilding Wallbeds the first step is always selecting the design. King size Murphy beds are available in many different styles; modern, shaker, rustic, and more. Once you have your style picked out you also get to choose the wood and finish combination that best fits you style, and compliments your space. There are options from traditional hand-rubbed stains, to washes, to paints, giving you the freedom to design something you truly love. The options don’t end there, each bed is custom built individually for each customer, so you get to add any fun options that will add greater function to your room. The options include, lights, desks, sofas, cabinets, bookcases, drawers, wardrobes, and more!

The last important thing to remember is that the Murphy bed is going to be as comfortable as the mattress you put on it. Wilding Wallbeds’ king size Murphy beds are all designed to take mattresses up to 12” thick, so there are a ton of mattresses to choose from. The problem is that not every mattress will be able to spend its life standing on end in a Murphy bed without breaking down, sagging and slumping. Thankfully there is a great line of mattresses offered by Wilding Wallbeds which have been designed by Serta to perform in a Murphy bed. These mattresses range in comfort and quality so once again you get to choose something that works best for you.

Wrapping it all up.

To wrap it all up, King size Murphy beds can be a difficult item to find but King size Murphy beds do exist. Because of some of the difficulties in manufacturing a King size Murphy bed it is critical that you make sure you are making the correct, quality choice. Wilding Wallbeds has a nice selection of style, finishes, options and mattresses so you can rest assured that your Murphy bed is perfect for your space and your needs.