Declutter Your Guest Room


If you are like me, different seasons of the year set off different feelings and emotions. Each season is an opportunity for growth and fun. Summer is for travel, fall is for gatherings and family. Winter is for hibernation and spring sets off feelings of productivity.

This year, as fall and winter passed, I became painfully aware of how many of my projects around the home seemed to pile up and close in on me. As time marches me toward spring, I feel a need to declutter both my home and life. I find it such a refreshing feeling, after having put a little effort into organization and cleaning, to walk away from one of those problem rooms in my home with the feeling an inviting open brightness.

In my most recent quests for help with my craft room / Christmas wrapping room/catch-all/problem room, I came across an idea from the past that has perfect application for me in my modern-day, busy life. I found Wilding Wallbeds! One leisurely stroll through the local showroom convinced me that their motto “Saving Space…Beautifully” is not just words. This showroom is filled with dozens and dozens of beautiful space-saving and organizational items for your home, and it’s not just Wallbeds. I was surprised to find items like a new set of hidden storage nightstands that they make. I think all of us love the idea of hidden spaces. They’re fun and functional. You would never know by just looking at these nightstands all the fun hidden space they contain. These nightstands have a secret drawer behind the base trim plus a secure magnetic latching secret hiding space in the top of the nightstand. This is a great space to hide things that you don’t want the kids to get into. Or items that you simply don’t want to be left out. There is enough room to store a book and candy bar, medications, flashlights, guns, and other items too.

Let me share with you my top picks for decluttering a guest room that I found at Wilding Wallbeds:

Disappearing Desk Bed

First is a fabulous Disappearing Desk Bed – Wilding Wallbeds recently added to their arsenal of wallbeds a new concept bed. This bed functions as a stationary, permanent desk during those days that you don’t have guests around. This desk is big too….two feet deep and seven feet wide, so it’s large enough for all of my office needs and this is just where it begins to get really good. As your guests arrive, you can convert this bed and into a beautiful bedroom in less than five seconds! That is right, all you do is lower the bed. As the bed lowers, all of your office items remain on the desktop and lower, horizontally to the floor. You don’t have to move your computer or books or printer. You don’t even need to close your laptop. There is even enough space for a desktop computer. You will absolutely love this Disappearing Desk Bed.

Bookcase Wallbed

My second pick is their Book Case Wallbed – Just think of this. A seven-foot-tall and five and a half foot wide bookshelf unit that is also a fabulous guest bed. All of this takes less space than the average dresser. As it turns out, this is also a very flexible item that you can use in many ways in your home or office or business. If you prefer not to have a bed for guests, this bookcase can function as an entertainment center where the TV is completely hidden out of sight until you want to view it. It can function as a computer center where all the clutter is hidden behind the bookshelves. It can also function as a way to hide the door of a closet or safe or storage room. When I was a kid, I remember reading mystery books where there was a set of bookshelves that concealed hidden passages or a hidden room. I have always wanted a hidden room in my home. The latest version of this bookcase unit with hidden space behind it is a gun hide. You can actually store dozens of guns or other items that you’d like hidden, all behind a beautiful and functional bookshelf. These can be collections that you view occasionally or items that you want completely out of view.

Disappearing Desk Bed

Number three is the Murphy Bunk Beds – These are not your standard bunk bed, they are actually a wallbed too. They take so little space when the beds are folded up that I could very comfortably put two sets in one room and sleep four kids in a normal 10 foot by 11-foot room. On one of those days that I’d rather spend time outside in the sun and fun, I wouldn’t even have to make the beds. Now don’t tell on me, but I could simply close the beds, and all that clutter hides behind beautiful handcrafted wood.


I found many more items that would help me with my spring home organization too. I recommend that you drop by and have one of the friendly and helpful staff members show you how this bed can save space in your home.